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Who are we?

From Flushed Away to Deadly Eyes, Stuart Little to Ben, you have seen rodent movies startle you every time. But we are here to take that curtain off your eyes!

We are a group of acquaintances merged so that we can tell you the actualities of rodents. Here, the facts will be true, unlike the screens you have seen.

We are promised to deliver you information about this animal from top to toe. The data we provide here is a combination of prevailing science, acknowledged practices, and profound research.

A Piece of Disney at your Home

Yes, yes, how cute these mammals look in Disney! But wait, are they actually cute? Do they bite? How do they behave when you try to pet them? Are the rodents on your lawn dangerous? How smart are they?

Tons of questions on their taste and character! What if you get all the information about rodents in one place? Incredible! That’s why we are here.

From what they eat to what they hate, how you can keep the wood safe from them to how to keep them away- we have all you want to learn!

Oh, Rodents!

From the fun facts that you can share with your kid to the killing the rodents of your yard to save the crops- we never missed anything about this animal. If you go through this living being, you will find 1500 species of them!

You might know about rats, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, squirrels already. But not every rodent can be petted. Woodchucks, chipmunks, marmots, voles, gerbils and a lot other protracted families of rodent is still not vastly known. Well, we all know how important economically they are.

Do you know that rodents usually cost a billion-dollar loss every year when it comes to crops? Do you know they can carry diseases? Looks like there’s a lot to talk about them! So, we start from here! We will tell you all we know, yes, everything!

Why Rodent!

The question remains- out of all the other things, why did we choose Rodent! Why not any other mammal? The character of rodents made us fascinated about it. And as humans, how do we deal with such small creatures is what we describe.

No, not everybody likes rodents. And there are enough reasons to hate them too. We will also disclose the details on how rodents can be harmful to you too!

Rodent can respectively be a pet, a bearer of disease, a threat to your crops and plants, a provider for fur, a vital role in the food web, and a lot more! Each species has a different character and job. And if you desire to absorb about it, here you go!