Are Capybaras Dangerous? Exploring the Safety of Owning These Pets

Capybaras are not commonly seen as a pet worldwide. Only a few countries have permitted keeping it as a pet though it is not harmful. But they are so big that people at first glance get confused about their nature. So, are capybaras dangerous?

Capybaras are not dangerous animals until they are extremely disturbed. Rather they are known as friendly animals with calm natures. It is friendly with other animals, and they are seen to be relaxing with many animals. They are also friendly with humans. But as it is a wild animal, it can harm you. But this is a rare scenario.

Raising a capybara is quite difficult than other pets because of its huge shape and the nature of keeping a company all the time. You can get some tips on how you can keep it as a pet.

Are Capybaras Dangerous?

Are Capybaras Dangerous

Capybaras are wonderful animals. People easily adore capybaras because of their enchanting eyes and calm nature. As they are so large, they may seem unfriendly at first. But it is not an aggressive one.

Capybaras are not dangerous. They are called giant rodents. Some also call it a large version of Guinea pigs. Capybaras are friendly and rarely harm anyone. 

Capybaras Are Friendly With Other Animals

Capybaras Are Friendly With Other Animals

These giant animals are often seen chilling with other animals. They are seen with cats, monkeys, turtles, and birds. Some animals use capybaras as transport. 

They are also seen resting around the predators. But in that time they remain alert. Capybaras show responses in varying levels of predation by different predators.

Capybaras Are friendly With Humans

Capybaras are also friendly with humans. For this friendly and harmless behavior, many countries have given licenses to keep it as a pet. This animal is never seen to harm people unless it is disturbed. You will get the same vibe of owning this pet as a guinea pig or a squeal.

If they are not in contact with a company, they feel depressed and unhappy. No animal remains in contact with an aggressive or dangerous one. As the other animals feel safe and secure around the capybara, it means they are not dangerous.

But at the end of the day, they are wild animals. So, they can be triggered or disturbed by their surroundings due to any unwanted events. At that moment, they might harm you. But they never harm without any reason. 

Are Capybaras Good As A Pet?

Are Capybaras Good As A Pet

Though capybaras can be pets, they are not so good as pets. They need a lot of things to be happy.

Time Management

You have to give it enough time. Also, it needs company all the time. Other pets like cats, hamsters, and birds can spend time alone. But the capybaras prefer to spend all their time with others.

If you leave it alone, the capybara will feel depressed and unhappy. At that moment, it can be restless. By remaining depressed, it can harm you as you are giving it less time. Also, keeping two pets will be quite difficult as they need a lot of attention and care, and the cost will be high.

Residence And Diet

You need to give more effort while owning a capybara. As they are big as a dog, they need a large space to rest. 

You have to follow a special diet chart to make it healthy. You have to treat them with a lot of grasses, fruits, and veggies daily.

Managing A Source Of Water

Capybaras love to stay in the water as they are semi-aquatic animals. So, you have to provide them with a large source of water along with permission to access it anytime.

Their skin gets easily affected by the heat of the sun. So, bathing can improve and heal their skin. You have to change the water regularly and fill it with clean water. It is quite impossible to do only for a pet.

As capybaras are wild animals, they can get aggressive with anything in a new place. Controlling a capybara is difficult as they are large. So, they can harm a lot if they get triggered. Only a few countries have given licenses to keep a capybara as a pet.

Safety Measures Of Owning Capybaras

Safety Measures Of Owning Capybaras

The behavior of capybaras within their colony is similar in all countries. They can adjust themself to humans while domesticating. To keep a capybara, you need to follow some facts. The following tips can let your capybara remain calm and harmless.

  • Give it a large space for rest, and that should be comfortable
  • Give it a friend for not being alone. You can keep another capybara or another pet along with it
  • Give your pet proper time. Play with it as much as possible
  • Provide your capybara with a source of water for chilling
  • Give it a large playground for regular exercise
  • Give sufficient food and clean water to drink
  • Let it remain alone when you find it growling. It is an indicator that it is feeling disturbed or triggered
  • Do not bother the capybaras when they are not responding to your call. Frequently calling them can trigger it and might cause harm to you
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These are some commonly asked questions by people about capybaras.

Do capybaras bite humans?

Capybaras may bite humans, but they never do it purposely. They have a nature to bite trees with their elongated teeth. It is necessary for them for many purposes. But still, they need to use their teeth while living with humans. They either bite, find no chewing particles, or while disturbed.

How long do capybaras live?

Capybaras can live about six to eight years in the wild. But their lifespan can be extended with proper care. They can live up to 12 years as a pet.

Do capybaras enjoy being pets?

Capybaras enjoy being pets. They love human company and being cuddled by humans. Though it is a wild one, it can be easily petted if you fulfill its requirements.


Capybaras are not aggressive or dangerous. But that does not mean it can not harm you. As it has wild nature, it can attack you rarely if it feels unsafe. Keeping a capybara as a pet is not a good idea. It needs high maintenance, and you have to pay a lot to keep it happy.

Like other animals, it also needs proper care and food. It is mandatory to give it a large source of water for bathing and a suitable playground for playing. It also needs company all the time. So, at the end of the day, you have to own two capybaras to keep away from depression.

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