Beaver Woodchuck | Learning The Key Differences

Woodchucks and beavers may appear almost identical. They indeed are of the same kind, Rodentia. But there are some differences between these two.

Woodchucks or groundhogs are of the Sciuridae family, consisting of squirrels and other such rodents. But beavers are of the Castoridae family consisting of two rodent families, both beavers. Apart from this, there are some more differences noticeable between them if looked at carefully. 

Beaver Woodchuck

Beaver woodchuck can be hard to differentiate. But they are not the same. From appearance to the place they usually originate from, and the way they behave has many differences. 

So let’s dive into it and learn about the differences and uniqueness between these two rodents.

Beaver Woodchuck Overview

Beavers have bulky and bushy bodies covered in fur. They are semiaquatic animals, hence they like to build their dams around water bodies like ponds and rivers. 

Beavers And Woodchucks Are Of Different Rodent Families!!

On the other hand, woodchucks are not that keen on water. They usually make holes in yards and are known to live deep inside woods and forest areas. 

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Although their bodies are almost identical, there are some differences that add to their lifestyles. Woodchucks have claws, while beavers have different feet, more suitable for their aquatic lifestyle. You can also tell them apart by their tails and teeth. 

So if You’ve been wondering are beavers and woodchucks the same thing then well, the answer is pretty much a big no. 

Let’s see their differences in detail to differentiate between them and identify them accurately. 

Woodchuck VS Beaver: Main Differences

Woodchuck VS Beaver


The first apparent and easy way to tell these two rodents apart is by noticing their tails. If you ever want to point these two species out then without any confusion, then go for a short woodchuck vs beaver tail. Their tails are always different.

Woodchucks have the usual rodent tails. These are soft and furry. On the other hand, beavers have flat and rubbery tails.


Beaver tails are flat, rubbery, and wet, are the perfect tool for these water lover animals to paddle well. It helps them to swim with better balance.


You can also tell apart woodchucks and beavers by their teeth. Like every rodent, these two species also have two sharp, long teeth in the front of their mouth protruding out.

Beavers have comparably longer teeth than woodchucks. You can see them very easily from the outside, hanging out of their mouth. Usually yellow, they come in handy for all the wood-cutting stuff that these rodents love to do. 


On the other hand, woodchucks have white teeth. Their teeth are not that visible from the outside. They are quite normal in size.

Feet and Body 

Woodchucks have claws, which help them make holes in the ground, usually yards. On the other hand, beavers have webbed feet. It helps them with swimming and staying longer in water easily. 

As mentioned before, beavers are the second-largest rodent, they can weigh around 50 pounds (22.68 kg). Meanwhile, woodchucks weigh around 10 to 25 pounds (11.34 kg). 


By the way, ever wondered who’d win if they were to fight? This video might help answer that exciting and maybe a little bizarre question! Woodchuck VS Beaver. Who Will Win The Fight?: 


Beavers are typically found in North America. But they are also found in other European countries like Canada and also in Asia. 

Beavers Live Around Water Bodies And Woodchucks In Forests, Woods, And Yards!

Even so, these animals are now an endangered species, and it is illegal to keep them as pets in the US. They are usually around water bodies, and they like to live in harmony with other beavers 

Woodchucks are also rare, only found in North America. They are often found in dryland, and forests, and make their holes in yard-like areas. They like to live alone.

Woodchucks usually live for around 3 to 6 years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do woodchucks eat wood?

Regardless of their name, they don’t eat wood. They typically go for plant leaves, cherries, and similar food. 

Do woodchucks eat wood

2. What is the difference between woodchuck and beaver?

Woodchucks and beavers are from different families of rodents. Apart from that, there are differences in what they eat, where they live, their body parts, and how they behave.

3. Are beavers and woodchucks related?

Beavers and woodchucks are both rodents. Apart from that, they are not related.


Beaver woodchuck are both wild animals and have quirky perks. Their unique and cute traits and appearance make them interesting for the curious ones among us. 

But make sure that their similarities don’t end up making us think that they are the same animals. They rodents alright, but they have different traits, characteristics, and features. 

So while handling these animals, make sure you have the right information about them.

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