Do Hamsters Fart? Does It Smell Very Bad? Answered with Insights!

Hamsters are definitely one of the cutest creatures that we pet. But they are really sensitive and their actions can be a bit unusual at times. Now, an important and weird thing that you may need to know about them is if they fart!

So, do hamsters fart and does it smell very bad? Yes, hamsters fart, but it is quite a rare thing to experience. Although a hamster may fart at times, there is no noticeable smell of the gas. Thus, it neither smells good nor bad that you need to be worried about.

Now, this gives a straightforward answer to your concern. But to know more, you need to read along to understand everything about it in detail.

Does A Hamster Fart? How Bad Is The Smell?

Hamsters are really sensitive and a lot of things are rare for them to do. In the list of that, passing gas is also one of them.

  • That means hamsters do not usually fart! Yes, it is actually a very rare thing for a hamster to pass gas. However, that does not mean they do not fart at all.
  • A hamster would pass gas about once in 2 weeks or even less than that. Even if they fart more than that, it is hardly noticeable. This is because their farting sound is as low as the size of their body.
Does A Hamster Fart

So, that is one of the reasons for people not being able to understand that they actually pass gas.

  • Now, you may wonder, does the gas of hamsters smell or not? Well, there is almost no smell when a hamster farts. This is because they are small and eat too less to give much output.
  • Due to this, they do not actually produce much gas when they are farting. As a result, you do not smell anything when they are farting unlike the smell of rats farting.

Does it smell very bad?

Now, if you ever smell anything out of a hamster passing gas, it would be like a stale nut. Note that you may also smell something similar to the food you just fed your pet.

Hamsters smell very bad

However, it is extremely rare to smell something when your hamster is farting unless it has got some issues. 

So, in a nutshell, hamsters fart but in a rare condition and the smell of it is absolutely negligible.

Why Do Hamsters Fart?

A living thing passing gas or farting is something very simple. However, it is not always just like that but alarming at times. 

A hamster can fart without an issue. But sometimes, you may need to look at it closely as this can alarm you. So, take a look at the reasons why do hamsters fart!

Hamsters Fart

Overeating of A Food Item

If you feed your hamster more than it actually needs, it may pass gas. This is because when food is consumed, it needs to break down.

During the process of breaking down, there are bacteria that release gas that needs to go somewhere. As a result, the hamster gets more gas and has to pass this gas.

Lack of Food

As overeating is not something recommendable, a lack of food is unhealthy too. So, if your hamster is not fed on time and has a lack of food intake, it would have issues.

Due to this, the stomach of the hamster would start producing gas. As a result, your pet has to fart to pass out the excess gas formed inside.

So, these are the main reasons for a hamster to pass gas.

Is It Something To Be Concerned About When Hamsters Fart?

Passing gas or farting is natural and common for a living creature. However, if it is something like a small hamster, you may have to give it a second thought.

As a hamster does not fart too often, you have to notice how often it passes gas. If you see it is rare, that is okay, but if it starts getting usual, don’t overlook it!

Is It Something To Be Concerned About When Hamsters Fart

This could be a symptom that your pet is having issues with digestion. The hamster might have an upset stomach which could have led to this.

Note that if you smell anything when the hamster farts, you need to take a note of it. You must consult a vet regarding this issue.

Does Any Food Influence Hamsters To Fart?

Not all people know that some food items can affect a hamster’s digestion process. But there are actually a few food items that can influence a hamster to fart.

  • There is a class of food items that are responsible for this named as FODMAPS. In detail, these are fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols.

However, these are not the only ones that would pressure a hamster to fart. Some other items would affect its digestive system too.

Does Any Food Influence Hamsters To Fart
  • Any type of dairy product would be responsible for increasing the chances of a hamster passing gas. 
  • Other than this, kidney beans are also bad for hamsters and more prone to passing gas.
  • Grains and apples should also be maintained properly in a little amount as these create gas in a hamster.
  • You can consider having nuts for your hamster as a treat at times instead of making it regularly since it produces gas as well. 

So, these are the food items you need to be careful about when you want to ensure your hamster does not pass gas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some further askings left, have your eyes here.

Q: Does a hamster have digestive complications while farting?

No, it does not necessarily mean a hamster has digestive complications while farting. However, if your hamster is actually having any digestive issues, you would understand it by the change in its appetite and the smell of its stool.

Q: What happens if I overlook the fart of my hamster?

It is actually perfectly fine for any living creature to fart and that is what hamsters do sometimes too. So, you can actually overlook the fact of your hamster farting. However, if it continues for a long period of time, you have to consult a vet about this.

Q: Can I treat my hamster by myself?

Yes, you can treat your hamster by yourself at times. However, if you diagnose a problem for the very first time, you better take the help of a vet to cure your hamster on time. Or else, the condition may deteriorate and could even cost your pet.

The Final Words

Now you know do hamsters fart or not! We believe your concern about it is clear now. So, that brings us to an end, but we have got a small tip before we wrap up. Keep your pets on regular check-ups for their healthy lifestyle.

Besides, you must always change the food of your hamster. Some people feed them the same food over and over for a couple of days which can upset their stomachs! So avoid doing this and make sure they stay healthy and sound. 

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