Do Rats Eat Mice? A Concerning Matter for Your Pet Rodents

Rats and mice are by birth enemies. But rats are giant in size and power, so they can surely beat mice. 

But do rats eat mice after beating them? Yes, they will eat the mice. 

Do Rats Eat Mice

A rat can eat a mouse when they do not have enough food or scraps to eat. They will target the mouse and make a meal of it.

This article discusses how rats kill mice, why they do that, and how mice avoid rats to save their lives.

Do Rats Eat Mice?

Rats and mice are never friendly neighbors. It can be a concerning matter for the mice because as rats are more significant, they create a dominant behavior. This is like taking advantage of an easy meal.

Scientists were studying this and called this theory “Muricide.” Rats and mice are almost related because of their biological and behavioral quirks.

And when talking about natural enemies, Norway and the roof rats come first. A conflict will occur if they come into contact with mice. 

The Norway rats are way more muscular and aggressive than other types of rats. So, if you see your pet mouse clashing with these rats, you should keep your mouse away from them, or they will surely eat the little one.

Rats can attack mice when they are in sleep. So, you should take note of the sleeping time of your pet mouse rodent.

Now, when do pet mice sleep? Do you have a hunch? 

How Do Rats Kill Mice?

Rats try to kill mice with their first bite. This is not just a tale; scientists have done studies and researched rats. 

 How Do Rats Kill Mice

In a clash between a rat and a mouse, the rat will try to bite into the mouse’s head and neck area. 

This will make the mouse numb and unable to fight back. Sometimes, the rats can bite on the upper back where the mice can not defend themselves.

But they will always choose the first approach, by biting on their head and neck area.

Now you know how rats can kill mice instantly. But do you know what can kill a hamster instantly?

Why Would Rats Kill Mice?

Have you ever heard about potential sources of food? Rats look at the small rodents like that. They will dominate over the mouse and others smaller than them as superior.

Why Do Rats Kill Mice

This has been the reason why a rat always kills a mouse. But sometimes, a rat may not kill a mouse.

This reason can be applied when the rat has a lot of food. But when the food is unavailable, they will take advantage of eating the mice instead as a food source.

Mice Avoiding Rats 

While rats have instincts to eat smaller rodents than them, the mice also have instincts to avoid them. 

Mouse Hiding from Rats Not to Get Killed

This instinct can be known as fear. When they get the rats’ scent, they will quickly run away from that place.

The mice will jump up and down, it may be a reason to get rid of the rats.

Sometimes, it may not occur in mice. But most of the time, mice will vacate the place as soon as they get the smell of rats.


Do Rats and Mice Live Together?

Rats and mice are territorial-based rodents. If you have an excellent remittance for both rodents, the rats will survive more than the mice.

Rats and mice can not live together as they are born with enmity instincts.

Are Rats Worse than Mice?

There is no better or worse between rodent animals. Both rodents are taken as pets in the house or can be strays that create a stir.

So, if you consider taking mice or rats as rodent pets, you can. But it is a noticeable fact that rats are more giant and aggressive than mice. But you can decide whether you want to take them or not.

Final Words

Rats and mice are small rodent animals with an enmity instinct from the time they are born. But do rats eat mice? Because of their large body structure and intuition to take small rodents as their prey, rats will surely kill mice.

If you have a pet mouse, ensure the rat’s house is around. Because if they see the little guy, they will surely not let it live a good life.

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