Capybara Size: How Big is a Capybara?

Being a member of the Rodent family, capybara carries the cuteness. But what doesn’t match with the regular rodents for this species is the size! If you have already seen a capybara, you know they are large! But how big is a capybara? 

How much do they weigh? What is their height? Are they taller than humans? Well, most of these questions have been raised and so, here, we will try to answer all your queries one by one! 

How big is a Capybara

The Weight of a Capybara 

Whenever the name Capybara comes in, we mention them as giant rodents. But do they look like imaginary giants? Well, not in terms of face, maybe in terms of their size. 

Yes, they are large-sized rodents living in South America mostly. You can learn more about where do capybaras live here! It will help you locate these cute animals! The weight of a capybara gives us a clear idea of how they look. 

The biggest capybara found weighs around 201 lbs

So, how big is a full-grown capybara? A full-grown or adult capybara is BIG! The capybaras weigh about 60 lbs. to 174 lbs. This is the average weight of an adult capybara.

While they look similar to a guinea pig, the guinea pigs are very small in size. They weigh 900 to 1200 grams only when they are an adult.

However, in the case of capybaras, the female ones weigh a little more than the male ones. Also, the females have a larger size than the male capybaras. 

So, what is the largest capybara ever recorded? Well, it is a female capybara and it was found in Brazil. This one weighs more or less 201 lbs. You can already think how big they are! 

Let’s see how big the capybara is.

Capybara’s Weight in Captive 

The size or weight we have mentioned above is for the capybaras that live in the wild. But what are your thoughts on capybaras that are held captive? Are there any changes in the weight of this species? 

Well yes, if you keep a capybara as a pet or if this species is kept captive- they will weigh about 110 lbs. to 132 lbs. There are reasons behind the capybaras in captives being heavy-weight. 

It’s because they eat better food. They don’t need to struggle for food; instead, they get ready-made food without any competition. Along with this, their nutrition is kept in mind by the owners. As a result, they get healthy. 

You might be interested in knowing their diet, right? If you are planning to learn about ‘what does a capybara eat’, check it out here!  

The Measures of Capybara 

We call capybaras to be large for a reason. And yes, with the weight, the size or the measurement is higher too. If you see an adult capybara, the length of their body will be at least 39 inches. 

Aveage length and height of capybara is around 39 inches and 20 inches

And they can be as long as 51 inches too! On the other hand, if you measure the height from their foot to shoulder, it will be close to 20 inches. 

This is the measurement of an adult capybara. For the children, the measurement will be less. In this case, too, female capybaras have a longer height than male capybaras. 

The Body Shape 

We have discussed the weight and length of a capybara. But how does it make them look? Well, capybaras are big and by big, we mean BIG! They have heavy bodies. 

If you want to learn about their shapes, you can simply compare them with barrels! Yes, yes, they have barrel-shaped bodies. They look exactly like cavy. 

Capybara has heavier body

Their legs are short. In short, almost all of their body parts are short- just like the rodents. After all, what’s the reason to be a rodent if you can’t carry the attributes! 

They have small ears compared to their body. And most importantly, they have no tail. However, no matter how small their body parts are, they have a heavy physique. 

The Lesser Capybaras 

When we can make the average of the weight and height of the capybaras, the Lesser Capybaras are not on that list. Instead, these are smaller compared to the regular capybaras.

The weight of this type of capybara is only 62 lbs. So, you can already see that they fall in the category of a small capybara. 

Also, the same thing is maintained when it comes to the height of the Lesser Capybaras. They are only 1 meter or 3 ft. in length! 

Wrap Up 

So, now you know how big a capybara looks, you might be already planning to cuddle them! Well, you can go to zoos to meet them. 

Or else you can keep them as your pets. With proper training and grooming, they can be cute pets in your house just like the cats and dogs of your house! 

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