How Long Can Hamsters Be Left Alone?

You’re planning to go out to rejuvenate but worried about keeping your hamsters alone? Well, that’s something that most hamster owners are bothered by!

So, how long can hamsters be left alone? A week at max, but experts recommend not to keep them completely alone for more than 2 days even with proper water and food supply. And if you have young hamsters, frequent human contact is a must.

Here in this blog, we’ve listed the factors you need to consider and the worst mistakes many hamster owners make before leaving the hamsters alone! Without further ado, let’s binge on then. 

How Long Can Hamsters Be Kept Alone? An Overview

Typically, it’s alright if you leave your hamsters alone for a week at max! However, experts suggest it’s not wise to leave the hamsters alone for more than 2 days. At least have some sort of human interaction if you’re gone for a long time. 

In this case, you can always ask a friend or even take the assistance of professional pet sitters to look after the hamsters during your absence. This way, there are no chances of your hamsters getting untamed. 

How Long Can Hamsters Be Kept Alone

Plus, you can rest assured that the hamsters are safe and will also get proper food and water. You can also request them to regularly clean the cage, as hamsters hate living in dirty and congested spaces.

Hamsters are solitary rodents by nature. Therefore, it’s obvious that they’ll have a hard time mixing with other rodents or pets. Even it can take a considerable amount of time to tame them and make them feel comfortable. So, leaving them alone (without any human presence) can reverse the whole process. 

Although, it’s not true for all hamster breeds. For instance, Syrian hamsters, once properly tamed, you can stay that way for a long time. But when it comes to dwarf hamsters, they can easily get untamed if you’re not present for a couple of weeks or more. 

However, there are more such factors (mentioned in the later section) that you really need to look forward to before leaving your hamsters alone. 

Factors to Consider When You Leave Your Hamster Alone

Here are some of the major factors that you need to consider before leaving your hamsters alone. Our experts list all the points mentioned below.

When You Leave Your Hamster Alone

Proper Food and Water Supply 

No matter how long you’re away (even for a day), you must ensure that your hamsters have sufficient water and food access. Take proper calculations of the amount of food and water your hamsters take in. 

The best solution would be to use food dispensers (that release small food portions with time) and gravity water bottles. 

Note: You can also ask someone trusted to provide your hamsters with food and water during some specific times of the day. 

Your Hamster Type

Different hamsters have different characteristics! Some are more playful, and others may be picky with their diets. So, knowing the hamster breed and its traits is a crucial factor before you can just leave them alone. 

Your Hamster Alone

For instance, Syrian hamsters are pretty territorial in nature, so they love more space and toys. Therefore, before you leave, ensure you have a checklist of your breed’s requirements!

Below are the hamster breeds and some of their care requirements:

Hamster TypeCare Requirements
Syrian hamsterProper Diet 
Larger living space
Proper grooming
Chinese hamsterSimple hamster diet and food will do
Needs constant attention (proper spacing and toys will do the trick)  
A separate bathhouse to groom themselves
Roborovski hamsterSmall fresh food portions daily 
Needs individual toys as they hate sharing 
Dust baths to keep them clean
Campbell’s dwarf hamsterStrict diet with high protein content and no extra sugar (as they’re prone to diabetes
A well-ventilated home
Simple grooming is fine
Winter White hamsterA balanced diet will do
Plenty of interactive toys
Simple grooming will be enough (dust bath is fine)

Environmental Factors

The environmental factors can play a vital role in your hamster’s overall well-being and health. Ensure the space you’re keeping them in is suitable and properly ventilated. 

You also need to be aware that when you’re not present, the outside noises don’t disturb them. This is because hamsters can get stressed and frightened when they hear loud noises. 

Your Absence Duration 

Hamsters are social creatures, and they usually love being around people. The social interactions, care, and nourishment keep them healthy and prevent depression. 

That’s why it’s always recommended that you aren’t away for a long time. And if you can’t help it, you can consider asking a pet sitter or a trusted friend to be with your hamster during this time frame. 

Emergency Plans

An emergency plan is a must to consider before your hamsters are left alone! There can be sudden mishaps like power outrage or natural calamities. So, to ensure your hamsters stay safe and sound, leave contact information and instructions for anyone who’s in charge of looking after the hamsters. This way, your hamsters will be safe during any emergencies! 

Common Mistakes Many Hamster Owners Make When Leaving Their Hamster Alone

Here in this section, we’ve shortlisted some common errors that many hamster owners make when leaving hamsters alone. 

Common Mistakes Many Hamster Owners

Leaving the Cage Unhygienic

Cage hygiene is one of the common mistakes that many hamster owners make when leaving their fluffy friends alone. Not maintaining the cage can spread bacteria and even lead to severe diseases

So, you must always clean the cage with proper cleaning solutions before leaving hamsters alone. 

Not Having Proper Ventilation

Hamsters are fragile animals, and without the right care, they can easily get sick when you’re not present. So, leaving the hamsters with no proper air circulation can prove fatal! 

Therefore, ensure that the room or space you’re keeping your hamster in has fresh air. Also, check that their cages have suitable ventilation to eliminate harmful gas build-up. 

No Entertainment in the Cage

Keeping your hamsters with no entertainment is a huge mistake many hamster owners make! Hamsters are known to be active and fun-loving creatures. And without entertainment, hamsters can get bored, leading to depression. 

So, next time you leave your hamsters alone, provide them with toys, a running wheel, or even tunnels to play along. 

Note: Make sure you don’t overcrowd the cages with toys and goodies, as this can leave no space for the hamsters to move! They need enough space to roam around and make themselves feel at home!

Keeping the Cage in an Unsafe Location

Before you leave, it’s a must to place your hamster cage in a place where your hamsters will be safe. 

Keeping the Cage in an Unsafe Location

For instance, don’t keep them in specific spaces where they get direct sunlight or may be attached by other pets. Plus, ensure that the cages are perfectly secured and there are no chances of toppling over. 

Leaving the Hamster Without Exercise

As mentioned before, hamsters are active creatures, and they need regular exercise to stay healthy. Without exercise, your hamster can get obese, resulting in different conditions.

Leaving the Hamster Without Exercise

So, next time before you go away, ensure to put a running wheel or a large playpen to keep your hamster active. You can also ask someone trusted to take the hamster out of its cage and supervise it during playtime. 

As a hamster owner, it’s important to know how to take care of your pet’s health and well-being. If you’re wondering how to tell if your hamster is pregnant or whether hamsters are deaf, we have the answers for you. Our article on how to tell if a hamster is pregnant offers tips and tricks to help you identify this condition in your pet. Meanwhile, our article on whether hamsters are deaf explores the hearing capabilities of these animals and provides insights into how they communicate. By reading these articles, you’ll be better equipped to provide your hamster with the care it needs. So, go ahead and check them out!


Read this frequently asked section for more information in this regard. 

Q: Do hamsters get bored when alone? 

No, hamsters don’t get bored when left alone. With some small toys and a running wheel, you can rest assured that your hamster won’t be bored. 

Q: How long should the pet sitter play with the hamster? 

Gentle and often sessions of 10 to 15 minutes will be good enough. This will actually keep the hamsters active and will aid them in staying healthy too. Moreover, they’ll be in continuous human contact and won’t feel uncomfortable when you return. 

Q: Will your hamster miss you when you’re not around? 

Well, hamsters won’t actually feel lonely as long as they’ve certain entertainment and toys to play with. And since they’re solitary rodents by nature, they won’t actually miss you when you’re not present. 

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog, you should now know how long your hamsters can stay alone. Plus, the possible factors that need to be considered and the mistakes you must avoid before leaving. 

Hamsters are solitary creatures by nature, so boredom won’t actually be an issue as long as they’ve some entertainment around. But it’s the supervision and proper care that matters. Therefore, ask a friend beforehand or a pet sitter to look after your hamster during your absence. 

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