How Much Does Gopher Removal Cost? – What Influence The Service Cost?

Gophers are a significant threat to your beautiful and dreamy lawn. They are a threat for digging tunnels on the ground, which damage your lawn, crops, vegetation, and even your home foundation. Hence you should take action immediately if you spot a gopher tunnel.

But how much does gopher removal cost?

It’s a bit tricky to answer as many factors influence the price, like infestation level, treatment procedures, repair cost, and the company’s reputation. Generally, you should expect to spend between $100 to $1000.

Hiring a professional helps will complete the removal job quickly and more efficiently. But you can also apply some DIY methods. Keep reading to learn about the gopher removal costs, the DIY methods and more.

Factors that Influence Gopher Removal Cost

Generally, the overall cost of the removal process of these backyard pests is influenced by a bunch of factors. Here are some key factors:

Gopher Removal Cost

Infestation Level

In the early stage of infestation level, it may cost you as little as $30. But the gopher removal service may cost you more when the infestation level is serious or you need to remove multiple gophers.

Generally, you should consider paying around $140 to remove a pocket gopher by placing bait into a tunnel. And removing the entire family of gophers from a vast tunnel system may charge you between $200 to $300.

Consider adding an additional $70 to $100 to remove dead gophers from the tunnel in a follow-up service.

Size of The Property

Your property or yard size plays a significant role in influencing gopher removal pricing. The bigger the area, the more chemicals it’ll need. Generally, the gopher removal process charge between $20-$30 for every 1000 square feet.

The Difference of Cost by Treatment Type

Depending on the treatment type, the overall cost of the pest prevention process may vary. For example:

Difference of Cost by Treatment Type
  • Baits

The average pest control bait for moles and gophers costs around $17. This poisonous solution contains rodenticides like strychnine or zinc phosphide. However, keep your pets away from the yard when using poisonous bait solutions.

  • Traps

Two types of traps are popular for pest control methods, such as humane and lethal. You can find different shapes and sizes of these traps according to your convenience.

Generally, gopher trapping costs between $15 to $30. However, if you choose humane traps, you don’t have to deal with dead gophers, and you can also reuse the trap later. Besides, this humane method is completely harmless for gophers.

  • Smoke Fumigation

This is one of the fast methods to eliminate gophers from your yard. In this smoke fumigation method, lawn care professionals pressurized aluminum phosphide (phostoxin) directly inside their pit to force gophers to leave or die.

Gopher Removal Cost

However, depending on the number of caves in your yard, you may need to pay around $250 or more. 

NOTE: Smoke Fumigation ingredients are quite harsh and toxic. Hence, you should remember it before putting it in the soil.

  • Electronic Devices

Electrical extermination equipment can also be used for removing pests from your yard. Many ultrasonic mole and gopher repellers are available in the market, which cost between $30 to $60. 

You don’t need any direct electric connection to use them as repellers are powered by solar panels. A repeller can cover a 7,000 to 10,000 square ft. area.

Mechanical Exclusion

This is another method for pest control is using underground fencing. The professionals bury steel mesh or hardware cloth to prevent gophers from digging tunnels.

However, you need to hire a landscaping service for mechanical exclusion, which costs between $100 to $300.

Repairing Expense

To repair your yard after rodent removal, professionals remove the soil from the tunnel, fill an inch with a gravel layer, and then replace the soil. This step is necessary for reseeding in the yard. 

Depending on the damage and size, lawn care professionals may charge you between $200 to $600.

Different Pest Control Companies

Companies charge a different amount depending on their work experience and reputation. 

If the company you want to hire is popular for its work quality in your town, you should expect a high gopher pest control cost. Similarly, if the company is new and still growing, they would charge you a low price.

Average Cost of Gopher Removal

You now know what factors influence the overall cost of gopher removal service. Now let’s put some light on “how much does gopher removal cost?” on average.

The average cost of gopher removal services ranges from $100 to $1000 or even more. In most cases, professionals assess your yard, infestation condition, and possible methods to determine the service price.

Average Cost of Gopher Removal

However, you also need to remember that some cities don’t allow certain methods; for example, using baits isn’t permitted in California. Therefore, pest control regulations of states also influence the average cost.

Here’s the chart of the estimated cost range for gopher removal services according to methods, infestation severity, removal frequency, and companies:

Cost According to Removal Methods

Removal MethodsCost (One-Time Visit)
Baits$50 to $150
Traps$150 to $500
Fumigation$300 to $800

Cost of Gopher Removal According to Infestation Severity

Infestation SizeCost (Per Treatment)
Small$100 to $450
Medium$350 to $700
Huge$500 to $800

Cost of Gopher Removal According to the Removal Frequency

FrequencyAnnual Cost
Once$300 to $650
Seasonal$450 to $700
Quarterly$550 to $900
Monthly$700 to $1000

Gopher Removal Cost According to New Vs Popular Companies

Company ConditionCost
New$400 to $800
Popular and experienced$600 to $1200

Average Damage Repair Cost

You should also consider summing repair costs with the average cost if the damage is severe. It’s because you need to repair your yard before planting seeds and trees. 

However, repair costs are really expensive; that’s why lawn owners should remove gophers as soon as they’re spotted on the lawn.

Soil Aeration $100 to $200
Sprinkler damage $120 to $380
Yard repair $120 to $500
Seed and tree plantation $150 to $1200
Soil fertilization $200 to $450
Reseeding $700 to $1500
Foundation Repair$4000 to $9000

DIY Gopher Removal Methods

You can follow some DIY methods to get rid of gophers and save money. Whereas professional gopher control costs around $400 to $1000, you can complete the task for between $20 to $100 using DIY methods.

DIY Gopher Removal Methods

Here are some DIY methods to remove gophers without harming them:

No-Kill Traps

Live trapping is an ideal poison-free method for your lawn and yard. These traps range from $15 to $20 and are quite easy to set. Most gopher species are active during spring and fall; you can use these traps throughout the season.

Place the live traps in front of the tunnels with lettuce, peanuts, or carrot in it. Once you catch the gopher inside the trap, release it far from your home. Consider filling the tunnel to prevent another gopher from taking shelter.


Some effective organic and chemical ingredients, like castor oil and natural detergent, make your lawn or yard unappealing to gophers and force them to evacuate. These ingredients cost between $2.50 to $12.

Gopher Removal

You need to plan the exit route for gophers before applying this method. Place the repellants around the burrows and extend to the exit point to guide gophers. These DIY extermination techniques can take a long to complete.

Exclusion Fencing

You can also install exclusion fences made of metal mesh to keep gophers away from their food sources. Exclusion fencings prevent pests from digging into your lawn. You should consider buying exclusion fencing between $15 to $30.

To set this DIY method, place fences near your garden by digging a trench, or leave the fencing below the sod of your lawn.

Kill Traps

Above mentioned DIY methods are time-consuming and less conventional. However, a kill trap is convenient if you’re looking for a stronger method.

This type of method kills gophers instead of catching them alive. Therefore, wildlife management agencies don’t recommend this method for regular use. However, if you’re going to use this inhumane method, you should follow the below instructions:

  • Step 1: First, set cinch traps outside the burrow and go into 6-8″ of the tunnel.
  • Step 2: Get a small shovel and dig around the burrow to expose it.
  • Step 3: Make sure you tie a string with the trap and attach it to a stack above the ground. This way, you can locate and remove the trap easily.
  • Step 4: Set two traps in the opposite direction of the primary burrow.

That’s it! Consider checking the traps in the morning and evening. However, these traps are a little expensive, ranging from $20 to $70.


This method is also not humane, and it harms gophers. Bait substances are made of chemicals, such as zinc phosphide. These poisonous substances are formulated with a range of tasty treats.

The sweet smell attracts gophers, and they die immediately after consuming it. Baits range from $15 to $20. However, the remaining substance in your yard can also kill your pets, birds, insects, and other wildlife.

Choosing a Gopher Removal Service

Choosing a Gopher Removal Service

While choosing the extermination services in your vicinity, you should remember two things: how to pick and what to discuss. Here are more details:

How to Pick?

The best way to pick the best service is by communicating with the people or reading reviews about the pest control company on Google or Foursquare. 

Search for pest control and lawn care services in your area. Then check their review and prices to decide whether you want to hire them.

What to Discuss With Professionals?

Here are a few important things to discuss with gopher removal or property management companies:

  • Ask for a license and previous working proof from the pest control company
  • Which method between humane and inhumane is ideal for the gopher removal operation on your lawn?
  • Whether their decided operation for gopher removal is safe for your family and pets.
  • Ask whether they offer a written quote to clarify that there’s no hidden charge.
  • Discuss how many visits they need to get rid of the gophers and when you should expect the return of the gophers.
  • Usually, reputable companies offer a money-back guarantee if their operation fails to remove gophers. Ask if they have the same facility.
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Here are some frequently asked queries people ask about gopher removal. 

What should I expect during a gopher removal service?

Once you hire professionals, you should expect them to give you proper instructions during the gopher removal service. For example, when to lock your pets and what to do when they leave after setting the methods. You can also expect them to finish the task within time.

Can I negotiate the price of gopher removal services?

Yes, you can negotiate the service price. However, if you negotiate during spring and fall, you are likely to lose the chance to hire them, as gophers are mostly seen during this time. Consider negotiating during winter and summer to cut a few bucks from the price.


When it comes to removing gophers from your yard, you should concentrate on the company’s performance instead of how much gopher removal costs. Ensure the company has a license, insurance, and insured in your state. By the way, the cost may vary anything in between $100 to $1000 for gopher removal. 

However, you should also remember the mentioned factors that influence the overall cost. This way, you can cut unnecessary expenses from the demanded price by professionals.

After professionals complete their tasks, you can install a fence, remove food sources, and use natural repellents to prevent further infestations. Study more on gopher prevention to safeguard your lawn and garden from these pesky rodents’ burrowing habits

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