What is the Best Bait to Trap Groundhogs?

Woodchucks don’t only damage the yard but they can also damage the foundation of your house! Yes, if there are a lot of groundhogs building their too-long burrows under your house, the foundation won’t be as strong as you expect it to be!

And so, you should plan on getting rid of the groundhogs. If you don’t want to poison them for the state law or just because they are cute, you can lay a trap with bait to catch them! What’s the best bait to trap groundhogs easily? Let’s have a look!

What is the Best Bait to Trap Groundhogs?

The Best Baits for Groundhogs

To talk about what is the best bait that you can use for trapping a groundhog, first, you must know their eating habits. So, what do groundhogs eat every day! In short, they love veggies. Along with vegetables, they love fruits too. You can simply go for the store-bought options too! It’s completely your choice!

A. Fruits

Here are some fruits that are handy and you can get them anywhere. These will help you get rid of the woodchuck and that without hurting them!

1. Cantaloupe

Whenever the conversation is about the best bait for woodchucks, cantaloupe is the first name on the list. To make this work, all you need is to cut the cantaloupe into 2 inches cubes. And then you have to rub the juice and rind both the inner and outer portion of the trap. And you are free!

2. Strawberries

Among all other successful baits for groundhogs, you surely have heard about strawberries. All you need to do is leave them inside the trap. Keep it in a way that the animal comes in and triggers the trap and you have already caught it!

3. Breaches

Just like strawberries, breaches do the same work for groundhogs. Use them as you would have used strawberries and within the new few hours, your prey will be inside the trap. They will each breach like they are born for this!

However, have you planned of adding wood in the trap for the woodchucks? But before you judge, have a look at – can a woodchuck chuck wood to know more about it!

B. Vegetable

As we know, groundhogs love veggies and that’s what they eat, you can easily catch the groundhog with the smell of the vegetables.

1. Sweet Corn

If you want to provide a harmless treatment to the groundhogs and want to catch them without killing them then, one of the best ways is to get your hands on sweet corn. This comes in handy. Rub the juice of sweet corn around the trap along with the inner portion.

2. Peas

Keep peas on the trap and let the groundhog trigger the trap. Peas are the absolute favorite of groundhogs. If you have peas in your garden with a groundhog underneath, you are in danger!

3. Lettuce

Woodchuck bait for live traps that you can also use is lettuce. They love lettuce and can’t resist the smell of this veggie. And this is why they get inside the trap without thinking about it!

Note: There are several other fruits and veggies that you can use as baits for the groundhog that’s destroying the yard. We have done only a few, very common and noteworthy mentioned. Check out the other veggies and fruits if you want!

C. Store-bought Baits

We have talked about fruits and veggies a lot because vegetables and fruits are the favorites of groundhogs. But you might not like to go for veggies directly if you want something more powerful. And this is where we talk about the store-bought baits to catch groundhogs.

Well, now, different companies have come with several pre-made baits for catching these creatures. From sweet corn to salad, vanilla extract to apple, you can buy any bait you want and check if it works on the groundhog in your yard.

Here are some recommended baits in Amazon that will help you catch the groundhog within a few hours! Take a look and thank us later!

Note: If you want something store-bought but you don’t want to waste so much money, get into the kitchen, get your hands on the peanut butter and use it as bait! So, do woodchucks like peanut butter as their food? Yes, they do!

Also, Check readymade Peanut Butter Scented Glue Board Mouse & Insect Traps on Amazon

The Right Trap

Well, no matter if you settle for the best bait, if your trap is not perfect, you are anyway going to fail. So, can you catch a woodchuck in a live trap? Yes, you can, In that case, having a basic idea of the trap is necessary.

The traps that are designed from 32 inches to 42 inches are perfect for groundhogs in your garden. In this way, the rodent can easily get inside the trap without any obstacles. There are two different models available as traps. Check them out!

1-Door Groundhog Trap

If you are catching any large animal or the groundhog is too big, this one will be the best deal for you. On the other hand, it is loved by the professionals too. When it comes to bait protection, it gives you the best outcome.

2-Door Groundhog Trap

The 2-Door groundhog trap will afford you a dual-entry option. As a result, if you opt for higher results, this is the key for you! With this one, you will have the opportunity to take a look through the trap.

This will calm the cautious animals. Also, you can keep both doors open when it comes to catching the groundhog. It will increase the chances!

Trapping Groundhogs without Bait

Yes, we have discussed the best baits for trapping the woodchucks. But can you use only a trap to catch the animal? Can you catch a groundhog without a trap? Are woodchucks hard to trap without bait? Let us tell you, you do not always need bait!

The best bait will surely help but if you want, you can do the work without it too! In this case, you need a sturdy cage trap. Along with this, go for one-door traps if you are a newbie.

All you need to do is take the trap close to their burrow or hole and keep it there. It will eventually come out and mistakenly press the trap and will be trapped! On the other hand, check out what smells do groundhogs hate so that it doesn’t go away from the trap.

Wrap Up

When you are planning to trap a groundhog, it is not only about thinking about what food they would like or what smell will attract them. It’s also necessary that you understand what they do not like. From food to taste to smell, they have different choices. When you settle on a plan to catch them, you have to know their ins and outs!

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