How to Catch a Groundhog with a Milk Jug?

Killing groundhogs are easy than catching it- read that again. When the groundhogs are running all the crops and plants of your yard, you have to get rid of it by hook or crook. But it hurts a bit when you kill such cuties, right? 

So, here is a way to catch the groundhog. Laying live traps is incredible but why would you waste so much if you don’t need to? Here, we will discuss how to catch a groundhog with a milk jug without any live trap! Take look

Step by Step Catching Groundhog with a Milk Jug 

In some areas have specific laws on not killing groundhogs like squirrels and others. But you can’t let them damage the entire yard! Well, in that case, you can plan to catch it and not kill it! Read the step-by-step process, it’s a go for the single holes! 

Step 1: Prepare the Milk Jug 

The thing you need to do when it comes to learning how to catch a groundhog without a trap and with a milk jug is to get the jug ready. Well, often, this method is called catching the groundhog with a water jug. 

It’s because the milk jug is filled with water! Yes, now that you know it, we will help you prepare the jug properly. First of all, get your hands on a regular milk jug. 

The best thing you can do is pick up a jug that’s not very much transparent yet you can see from the outside what’s inside. 

A darker shade of milk jug will trap the woodchucks better because they will think that it is a part of the hole. Once you have got the milk jug, fill it up with water. Yes, you heard right, you have to fill it with water. 

Step by Step Catching Groundhog with a Milk Jug

Step 2: Find the Hole 

Now that you have prepared the jug for the operation, you have to place it right. But before that, you have to search for the hole of the groundhog. As you know, groundhogs are smart; your move should be smarter here. 

If you settle for this method, you must know that this method will work for single holes. Well, they often say that there is no such thing called a single hole. In that case, you have to search for one. Check the ground and observe it. 

Find a hole in the groundhogs. Once you find it, plan to put the milk jug there. However, if you want to keep them away and not take the hassle of catching them, check out what smells do groundhogs hate. Use them and keep them away from your crops and plants! 

Step 3: The Placement 

You have found the hole and got the right woodchuck bait for live trap. All you need to do now is get close to the jug first and make sure the cork is closed. Now, it’s time to turn the jug upside down. This method is generated with the idea of making an extension of the hole. 

Here, you have to place the jug upside down on top of the hole. Make sure that the mouth of the hole is through the mouth of the jug. 

In this manner, when a groundhog comes out of the hole, it will not be on the ground. Instead, it will be on the jug. While placing, make sure that it is filled with water already. Without water, the process won’t work. 

Step 4: Wait and Trap

Once the water-filled jug is placed properly, it’s time to let the method work. For this, you have to wait. You cannot hope for the method to work swiftly. For your information, we should tell you that this method takes time. 

When you placed the jug there, do you know what will happen? The water from the jug will get inside the holes and reach the groundhog’s burrow. When it sees the water or feels the wet hole or ground, it will start searching for the reason. 

In this manner, following the water and the hole, it will reach out of the hole. And there you go! You have to be ready for it to come out and trust us; it will! Get the cork of the jug ready to lock it. 

Right when the cute thing comes out, all you need is to get your hands on the jug and make it straight and seal it with the cap by twisting it. Make sure you are quick when you do it. Also, be firm when you switch the bottle straight from the upside-down position. Otherwise, the little mammal will get out. 

Step 5: The Disposal 

If you wanted to kill the groundhog, you wouldn’t be following this method. In this case, we already know that you intend to catch the little animal, keep it alive and dispose of it somewhere else. For killing it, you can rely on poison though. 

A very talked-about method is the Antifreeze method. Will groundhogs drink antifreeze- check out before you try it! Alright, let’s get back to the disposal, friends. While disposing of, make sure you have selected the right place. 

At times, govt. has laws on where you can dispose of the groundhog and where not. Also, certify that the place you are selecting is at least 10 miles or more away from where you have caught the groundhog. 

While traveling with the groundhog for the disposal, make sure you cover the whole jig with a piece of cloth. In this way, the animal won’t be afraid of moving. Now, all you need is to take the jug close to the ground, open the cap of the jug, and set it free. 

Wrap Up 

The bait is perfect for single holes. However, if there are a lot of groundhogs, you might not be satisfied with this method, and catching them one by one is tough. But if you have time, you can use this method. It is inexpensive and easy!

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