Can Capybaras Be Potty Trained? Tips for Housebreaking Your Pet

People are now trying to domesticate capybaras. To maintain hygiene and cleanliness, potty training is important for pets. Since being wilder and less domesticated, can capybaras be potty trained? 

Baby capybaras can be potty trained. But it is quite difficult for the young one and almost impossible for the adult and old capybaras. The process of housebreaking a capybara for potty training is similar to the other pets. For a few weeks, you have to take it to the pan and order to excrete it. If it is finished, then praise it.

Here, we will discuss and give tips on how you can potty train your baby capybaras. Read on to learn and train your capybaras in effective manners. 

Can Capybaras Be Potty Trained?

Young capybaras can be potty trained. The adult or old capybaras can be trained, but that will be harder to habitat them. The Capybaras are intelligent animals. They can easily understand what you are trying to say to them. So, if they are used to your company, they will obey your instructions.

Capybaras are wild animals. So, you can find difficulties in training them. But do not lose your patience. Try to train them three to four times a day. The potty training of a capybara is similar to the dog or cat potty training.

Can Capybaras Be Potty Trained

At first, they could not understand what to do. They might exert around the pan. It will be helpful for them if you have another pet, like a dog or cat. They can easily understand the process by seeing them. But if not, keep trying to excrete them on the pan.

The adult or old capybaras will not easily understand your instructions. They are habituated to excrete in grasses, water, or on a rough, uneven surface. The capybaras do not like to excrete in slippery places like tiles. Rather they can make your carpets dirty.

If you can potty train your pet, you can use these capybara potties as biofuel or fertilizer. But if it is not trained, then you have to clean the places frequently, and that is hard to do. For getting a well-maintained pet, you should buy a baby capybara. They can easily adopt the methods.

How to Potty Train A Capybara?

How to Potty Train A Capybara

Housebreaking a capybara is not so hard. Follow the same steps which you used to train your pet dogs and cats. Follow the steps given below to potty train your capybara.

  • Step 1: Give your pet both a wet and a dry pot or a combined one.
  • Step 2: Place the pan in a suitable or particular place. Take your pet in that place every time it poops.
  • Step 3: You should take them to the designated area you selected. Then instruct your pet by uttering words like ‘toilet’ or ‘poop’.
  • Step 4: When it finishes, give it a compliment like ‘good boy’ or ‘good job.’ You can treat or play with them as a reward.
  • Step 5: If it does not excrete, do not panic or behave harshly with your capybara.
  • Step 6: Repeat this process every two hours for the first week.
  • Step 7: Do not yell or shout at your capybara if it excites you in the wrong places.
  • Step 8: If you find them excreting at the wrong places, then call their name. Take them to the right place. Then repeat the mentioned similar manners.
Capybaras Be Potty Trained

Remember to fill the wet pan with water. Change the water after it is finished. If it uses the dry one, dispose of the excreta and clean it with water. Capybaras are intelligent enough to understand the process. For the next two weeks, repeat the process every three hours.

In Which Places Do Capybaras Prefer to Exarate?

Capybaras prefer to poop both on the land and in the water. They are often seen to excrete in the uneven lands in the grasses. They also poop in the water, where they love to take baths.

Find out in which place your capybaras love to poop. Give your pet both options. Find out if it poops on a wet pan or in a dry pan. If you find that it likes both places, then give both options every time.

In Which Places Do Capybaras Prefer to Exarate

Cleaning the place where they excrete is important. If you leave the excreta, it can cause many diseases. Research shows that the feces of capybaras contains many microorganisms

The diseases that arise from these microorganisms can cause an outbreak. It not only affects your pet capybaras but also affects the other pet and humans as well. So, clean and dispose of them very well.

If your pet is not well potty trained, it is very risky to keep it in your house. There will be a high chance of disease outbreaks in your place. Also, though it is potty trained, try to keep the playground and swimming pool clean. Change the water in the swimming pool frequently as they need fresh water. Maintain the hygiene of your pets.

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These are some commonly asked questions about Capybara potty facts. 

How many times do capybaras poop a day?

Capybaras poop multiple times a day. As they eat a lot of food throughout the day, they excrete frequently.

Does Capybaras poop smell bad?

Capybaras poop smells, but that can not be said to be bad. Other pets, like cat or dog poop, smell bad. But in comparison to them, capybaras poop does not contain that pungent odor.

Can capybaras be trained like dogs?

Capybaras can not be trained like dogs. They are mainly wild animals, and people recently show their interest in domesticating them. You can train them on certain things but not all the things, like a dog. Also, the outcome will not be similar to a dog.


To housebreak a capybara for potty, you need a lot of patience. Capybaras are like babies. They can easily adopt the techniques. But you need to try hard to teach them. If they are answering your call, then it is the right time to train them.

Call their name and take them near the pan. Instruct it to excrete. The task will be easier if you have another trained pet. They can easily learn by seeing them. Practice this process every two hours a week. Remember one thing, never shout at them. They easily get disheartened or depressed by this type of behavior.

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