Capybaras as Pets: Understanding If They Make Good Companions

People nowadays are interested in owning uncommon pets. Capybaras are one of the most uncommon pets but are famous in the world for their shy and friendly nature. But, being uncommon, can capybaras be pets, and are they, good companions?

Capybaras can be pets and be good companions if they are in the hands of the right person. If you can fulfill all its needs and give it proper time, then it will be a good friend of yours. But to maintain this pet, you have to pay a lot and take better care than other pets.

Capybaras always remain with their colony in the wild. So, if you do not give it the proper time it will be depressing. Stay tuned to learn how to raise capybaras.

Can Capybaras Be Pets?

Both the young and adult capybaras can be pets. But it needs proper care with a lot of attention. Research shows that capybaras can adjust themself in anthropogenic environments. They can also adjust to your place.

Can Capybaras Be Pets

But you have to be careful with their living place, their diet, playground, regular checkups, and company. You can get a clear concept about all these below.


Capybaras need broad space for resting. So you have to provide a larger place for them than other pets. Also, the passage of air should be adequate and it should be suitable for movement.


Capybaras are vegetarian. Also, as they are huge, they need a large amount of food. You have to give them a variety of foods like grass, vegetables, and fruits. All these things will cost a lot.

Capybaras Diet


Your pet needs a large playground for daily exercise and rooming. You have to give it time in the playground. Only resting and being detached from exercise can make it obese and invite many diseases. So to keep it healthy and fit you should take it for exercise daily.

Special Requirements

Capybaras need company all the time. Mostly they prefer to remain in groups with their species. Also, you should give it more time. It will help them to remain happy.

You should provide a pond or swimming pool as it loves to remain in the water. So, you must ensure a source of water where it can bathe anytime.

Now the answer of can capybaras be pets is clear to you. You can have it, but you have to maintain all the above things properly. Also, keep in mind that they should never be alone as they love to remain in the colony in the wild. Loneliness can make your pet depressed.

Are Capybaras Good Companions?

Capybaras are good companions. They are good companions because of their social nature. They enjoy their time with other animals. The birds, turtles, monkeys, and ducks are often seen around or playing with capybaras. Capybaras also love other pet animals like cats and dogs.

While living with a capybara, you have to give it enough time. Also, if you have other pets, let them play together. The capybaras rarely bite or harm anyone. 

Are Capybaras Good Companions

So, until it feels disturbed or triggered by anyone, it will not attack. If you have experience owning a guinea pig or rodent, it will be easier for you to understand the capybaras’ nature.

If it was dangerous or aggressive, the other animals would not be seen chilling with capybaras. Capybaras are good swimmers. The animals even use the capybaras as a transport. Capybaras remain alert of predators while swimming. If you are the right person, then this pet can be your best friend.

Humans-influenced changes by capybaras can be possible. So they can easily adjust themself on the owner’s place. Capybaras also like cuddling by their owners.

Though capybaras are good companions, we never suggest having one. Because you have to pay about $1000 to $3000 to buy one, also, the maintenance cost of a capybara is higher than other pets.

Challenges Of Owning A Capybara

Challenges Of Owning A Capybara

With any type of pet, you will face some difficulties. So, while you are owning this uncommon wild rodent, you will face some problems as well. 

  • The capybaras demand your full attention. Also, you have to spend a lot of time looking after them. That can not be possible daily.
  • Besides your attention, they need a partner. Otherwise, they easily get depressed. So you have to bring at least two capybaras if you want to have one as a pet. Also, they spend half of their time in the water. It is almost impossible to pet them without a large source of water.
  • Capybaras are not available in many countries. For that reason, the breeders demand a huge amount to sell them. Also, you have to issue a license if your country does not permit you to own it.
  • Though they rarely bite or harm anyone, if it attacks you then it will be difficult for you to handle such a giant one. So, you have to go according to their mood. Also, in both the city and wildlife, capybaras are good hosts for ticks. The ticks can affect other pets as well.
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These are some commonly asked questions by people about capybaras.

Can capybaras harm humans?

Capybaras can harm humans intentionally or unintentionally. They are gifted with long teeth. While playing, they may harm you unintentionally. Also, they can intentionally bite you if they are aggressive or feel disturbed by you.

Are capybaras aggressive toward each other?

Few male capybaras are aggressive toward each other. By observing the social groups of capybaras, only a few, like 3 out of 10 capybaras, are found aggressive.

Do capybaras love their owners?

Capybaras love their owners. They love to spend a lot of time playing or sitting around their owners. If their owner provides them with a source of water, then swimming time will be dearest to them.


Owning a capybara is not an easy task. You have to pay more than $1,000 only to buy a capybara. As it can not live alone, you have to buy another one to keep it away from depression. Also, you have to manage a pond or swimming pool and a playground of its own where it can be accessed anytime.

The maintenance cost is high to raise a capybara. You also have to give it a lot of playing time with your company. If you can manage all of these, then the capybara is a good pet for you. Otherwise, you will suffer, as well as your pet. 

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