Can I Use Toilet Paper For Hamster Bedding? Are There Any Alternatives

Hamsters adore digging in their bedding. If you live in a region where hamster bedding is hard to get, or you are trying to save money, there are alternatives to regular hamster bedding.

Every hamster owner wonders “can I use toilet paper for hamster bedding?”

Can I Use Toilet Paper For Hamster Bedding

When it comes to hamster bedding, toilet paper works just fine. Toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, tissues, and serviettes may be used in the cage. Many people use toilet paper or paper for their hamster’s nesting place, but it is also good to use as bedding or cage substrate.

Is Toilet Paper Safe for Hamsters?

Unscented toilet paper is fine for hamsters.

If your hamster swallows any tissue, it will not create any health concerns since its digestive tract will break that down.

 Unscented Toilet Paper Is Fine For Hamsters.

Only a big quantity of tissue may harm your hamster, which is unlikely. If your hamster puts tissue in its mouth, it is probably storing it in its pouches to transport it.

How to Use Tissue in Your Hamster’s Cage?

Many People Use Soft, Warm Tissue For Hamster's Cage

Many people use soft, warm tissue for their hamster’s nest.

There are a few things to consider before using tissue in your hamster’s cage.

Tissues Do Not Have Odor Control

In fact, tissues lack odor control, therefore your hamster’s cage will smell worse and start smelling sooner than usual if you use tissues. So spot-clean your hamster’s cage every day.

Tissues Do Not Burrow Well

Tissue is not a suitable digging material for hamsters, so purchase them a dig box or cover one part of their cage with Aspen so they can practice.

You may also use Aspen substrate on the bottom and tissue on the top of the cage.

This will help warm your hamster’s cage, regulate odor, and let it dig in the substrate.

How Do Hamsters Use Toilet Paper?

To be honest, you have undoubtedly seen him go a little insane every time you give him a toilet paper square. Basically, everything soft and cuddly that may be utilized as a nesting material is immensely beloved by hamsters.

Because they may harm or get their teeth trapped in fleece or cotton, you should keep hammies away from such materials.

In this case, your pet may pack as much toilet paper inside his cheeks as he can before he rushes back to his home. There is always room for improvement in his nest, no matter how full it is now.

Your hammy will use all the toilet paper and paper towels you offer him to beautify its abode.

Toilet paper and paper towels are used by hamsters to embellish their nests. Because of this, give it paper towels as his nesting material. Toilet paper is more absorbent than paper towels. Thus, it tends to build up more.

In addition, since it is less durable, it will require more pieces. Regardless of what you offer it, it will squander it all.

Burrowing into their bedding is a favorite pastime for hamsters. It is possible that you are looking for an alternative to hamster bedding if you reside in an area wherein hamster bedding is scarce, or if you are looking to save money. You and your hamster are going to appreciate these ideas.

5 Effective Hamster Bedding Alternatives

Toxicity is the most significant consideration while choosing a hamster bedding option. Your hamsters must be able to live with whatever you decide. Non-toxic bedding options are available, including these:

5 Effective Hamster Bedding Alternatives
  • Shredded paper towels
  • Shredded paper
  • Coconut fiber
  • Fabric scraps
  • Shredded toilet paper

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Hamsters Have Toilet Roll Tubes?

It is typical practice for hamster owners to give their pets rolls of toilet paper. They are practical, simple to get, and just the right size for your hamster to make use of. It is totally fine to use as long as the roll of toilet paper does not include any colors and there is no glue that is adhering to the roll.

2. Is Toilet Paper Ok For Hamsters?

Hamsters may use toilet paper without any concerns. Even if your hamster manages to eat any of the toilet paper, it will not become sick from it. 

The composition of today’s toilet paper makes it possible for it to break down quickly when submerged in water. This also ensures that when it enters your hamster’s stomach, it will disintegrate into smaller pieces, allowing him to expel it without any difficulty.

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Final Thoughts

Therefore, the most straightforward response to the inquiry, “Can you use toilet paper for hamster bedding?” is going to be “yes,”

You may save money by making your own paper-based substrates, but they are not great at keeping smells under control.

Aspen substrates are more costly, but they reduce smells, and hamsters enjoy digging in them.

You have the option of selecting both, which would provide your hamster’s habitat with a more varied surface and provide you with the most benefits possible.

Whether you select paper or wood, make sure it is safe for your hamster and you.

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