What Insects Do Hamsters Eat? | Proper Nutrition of Your Hamster

Hamsters, the little cute rodents look adorable when they run. But to run, they need proper nutrition which they get from insects. Now, what insects do hamsters eat?

There are several insects a hamster can eat like grasshoppers, bloodworms, crickets, mealworms, and many more. But it is important to learn more about these insects and where to find them.

What Insects Do Hamsters Eat

So, in this article, you will learn what insects hamsters eat, where you can get them, and whether you can feed them live insects or not.

What Insects Do Hamsters Eat?

The cute and adorable rodents can be vicious when eating insects. There are several insects a hamster can eat. Here is a list of them-

  • Grasshoppers
  • Bloodworms
  • Crickets
  • Mealworms
  • Dried Earthworms
Insects That a Hamster Eat

It is important for your hamsters to eat insects because it maintains their dieting structure. The above-given names can provide your little champion with good protein.

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Where Can I Get Insects From?

Hamsters like to eat different insects as their diet, but not all. There are two places where you can get insects for your adorable rodent pet. 

  1. Pet shop
  2. From earth.

Now, you need to learn and understand some criteria before getting insects for your hamster’s diet. If you do not be cautious about what your little buddy is eating, it can create a bad situation for it too.

Learn 5 reasons why hamsters die so easily. You can be cautious after learning about it.

Pet Shop

There are many pet shops that specialize in reptile feeds. You will find Cricket, and mealworms which are bred to be the food of small lizards, and rodents for this purpose. 

 Getting Insects from a Pet Shop for Your Hamsters

One of the best things, why you should get insects from a pet shop, is they do not have any contact with insecticides or other harmful chemicals.

If you are getting insects from the pet shop for your hamster, you can get them prepared with proper diet nutrition and packed in boxes or bags. But these bags are needed to be stored properly.

Without proper storing, the insects can become rancid and lose their nutritional value. Also to be added, they can promote obesity too for their oil-rich items.

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From Earth

Getting bugs and insects from the earth is the freshest thing that you can feed to your cute and adorable hamster. To gain 100% nutrients, this is the best method. 

Capturing Insects from the Backyard for your Hamsters

Hamsters are small and they do not get nutrients that much because of their main body. So, giving them a proper diet and providing the best nutrients is a must. That is why if you provide them with the insects directly from your backyard or soil, they will be healthy. 

Now, how to find these worms and insects in your backyard? You can find them in these places-

  • Near bodies of water in the mud
  • Underneath anything that is damp or moist(eg, logs, rocks, and rotten stuff)
  • Near kitchens, heaters, and fireplaces(to find crickets)
  • Woodpiles, mulch

Have a close look in these special areas and you will definitely find insects that will provide juices of nutrition to your small buddy.

Now, hamsters can not go and find their food in the backyard because they see the world differently than us. Do you know how hamsters see the world?


Can I Feed My Hamster Cockroaches?

Yes, you can definitely feed your hamster cockroaches. Because cockroaches are a bag of proteins for your rodent pet. So, if you provide them with cockroaches, you do not need to worry about their dieting nutrition too.

One of the experiments you can try is, do not to provide food to your little buddy and give one roach to it. It will later on definitely feast on the roach in hunger.

Can I Give My Hamster Mealworms?

You can definitely give your hamster mealworms. Mealworms are a pack of nutrients for your little pet hamster. What you can get from a mealworm-

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Fiber

Final Words

Hamsters need nutrition for their growth. And providing them with insects can fill their diet nutrition for them. Depending on “What insects do hamsters eat?”, you can provide them with the proper meal.

Sometimes, you need to check whether your little cute rodents are getting proper nutrition or not. As they are small and can not express what they want, it is your duty to provide them with the best in a reasonable way.

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