Can Squirrels Die from Falling? | Know The Real Facts

Squirrels are daredevils when it comes to heights. They are significantly larger than mice and can readily survive being knocked down. But, can squirrels die from falling in a long run?

Squirrels are rodents who do not perish from falling. They can resist severe falls and injuries, yet they remain. So how far can a squirrel fall?

Squirrels are mammals with unusual physical characteristics that allow them to fall from great heights with little damage. They can survive falling from 100 feet or more. 

Can Squirrels Die from Falling

But, more height could bring injuries or even death to them for logical reasons. 

This article will teach you all there is to know about squirrels and heights. I’ve discussed how big a squirrel can get before it gets hurt and how a squirrel differs from other rodents in terms of intellect.

Is It Possible For Squirrels To Die If They Fall From A Tree?

Squirrels are great climbers, therefore it’s hard to believe that a squirrel may perish by falling from a tree. So, can squirrels die as a result of a fallen tree? 

No way!

When a squirrel falls from a tree, it does not die. They are natural and great climbers, and it is also difficult for them to fall from a tree.

Their sharp claws grasp into the tree bark, making it hard for it to fall apart. When they climb a tree they move in a sporadic, swift, and accurate manner. All of these skills enhance their natural ability to climb a tree quickly and safely. 

Is It Possible For Baby Squirrels To Die From Falling?

Now that we know squirrels are great climbers and can’t fall out of trees, what about baby squirrels? Is it possible for newborn squirrels to die from falling?

Baby squirrels are survival from falling due to their inherent ability

No, no, no! Squirrel babies do not die when they fall. Their mothers look after them, and they have a low risk of falling due to their inherent ability to climb a tree efficiently.

How Far Does a Squirrel Have to Fall to Die?

Squirrels are natural and exceptional climbers, and we know that their physical prowess aids them in surviving falls from great heights. But how far can squirrels fall without getting hurt?

A squirrel may fall from heights of up to 100 feet and not be damaged. What about a distance of 200 feet? Is it possible for a squirrel to survive a fall of 200 feet?

Squirrels have a lower terminal velocity because of their lightweight and low gravity. So, the higher the height, the lower the chance of injury. Because, by this time they adopt themselves with lower terminal velocity.

Let’s see a squirrel jumps from a high-rise building. 

What Is A Squirrel’s Terminal Velocity?

The squirrel, like rodents, is tiny and has a low center of gravity. A squirrel’s final velocity is 10.28 m/s and 23 mph, according to calculations. The explanation for this is that squirrels have a huge area to-mass ratio, which means gravity does not exert too much force on them.

As a result, when falling from a higher height, it can lower its falling velocity due to its lighter weight. This helps it to skip injury on falling from a height. 

A curious question could be raised, can a squirrel survive a fall from a plane? 

 Squirrel shouldn't fall from plane (Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!)

The answer is NO. The pressure, temperature, and lack of oxygen would kill it, but let’s pretend this squirrel wears a special suit.

Then no, its velocity would be far too high for its little wings to withstand, and it would only survive if it landed in water (where it would still drown) or on something extremely soft.

Are Squirrels Intelligent?

Yes, squirrels are intelligent. They are well-informed. Different vocalizations and smell markings are used to communicate with one another.

Squirrels also use their tails as a signaling device, twitching them when they are in danger or feel nervous. Furthermore, they are masters of adaptation and can live practically everywhere. Here are some facts about squirrels that distinguish them from other rodents:

They are quick at learning

Squirrels are quick to pick up new information. They are able to learn by watching others.

Excellent Remembrance

Squirrels have incredible memories. As a result, they bury their nuts in the ground so that they can retrieve them later. They may learn new things this way because of their excellent memory.


Squirrels are distinguished from other rodents by their ability to remember things and their ability to live anyplace.


→How high can a squirrel jump from the ground?

5 feet is a natural jumping ability of a squirrel from the ground. But, it also can jump up to 7 feet from the tree, or from the upper of the houses. Sometimes this reaches 9 feet. 

So, keep your birds feeder at least 10 feet high, and 10 feet away from trees so that the squirrels cannot reach them out. 

Wrapping Up

So, can squirrels die from falling? As a highly lightweight animal, squirrels naturally withstand falling from high. Also, the lower terminal velocity helps to disperse the impact of falling as well. 

Though the general answer is “no”, there are things to consider. Since you may find a squirrel surviving 100 feet falling, or more height, it could be damaged, or die if it fall in front of a running car, falls on its back, or on something sharp. And please, don’t expect a squirrel will survive falling from the planes.

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