Red and White Giant Flying Squirrels | Astonishing Facts to Know About Them

Just think if you are not familiar with this phenomenon, a squirrel is flying over your head. Amazing it is! And this is real. 

The red and white giant flying squirrel is a rodent species belonging to the Sciuridae family. They may be found in a variety of locations around China. They reach a maximum altitude of 3000 feet.

Red and White Giant Flying Squirrels -Astonishing Facts to Know

Although the red and white giant flying squirrel’s flight is impressive, many people are drawn to its bright blue eyes. By the way, the flying squirrel actually does not fly, rather they glide. 

You may have even assumed that enormous squirrels only came in one species. The Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel is the biggest of the tribe’s 44 members.

Scientific Classification

Common NameRed and White Giant Flying Squirrels
Scientific NamePetaurista Alborufus Lena
SpeciesP. Alborufus

Where Do Red and White Giant Flying Squirrels Live?

Red and white Giant flying squirrels live in China’s and Taiwan’s woods and, man, they can glide.

This remarkable species may be found in China’s deep highland forests and rocky outcrops. It is extensively dispersed throughout the continent and is not endangered.

 Red and White Giant Flying Squirrels Live in China and Taiwan. They Glide!

They live in the hardwood flooring and coniferous forests of Taiwan, roosting high in tree holes. In other nations, the condition of these creatures is unknown.

They mostly are found in the northern Mainland of China, South Asia, and north-eastern South Asia.

They live in the woods of Shaanxi, Gansu, west Sichuan, Hubei, and other parts of Southern China. 

This lovely-looking rodent may also be spread over the northern Mainland, Southeast Asia, and Northeastern South Asia in large numbers. North Thailand and Nepal are home to the red giant flying squirrel subspecies.

These flying squirrel species may be found at elevations ranging from 800 to 3,500 meters. Coniferous woods, rocky outcrops, and thick montane forests are the most common habitats. They make their homes in rainforest rock crevices, tree holes, and cave ledges.

This lovely devil can be found living alone or in a group. Within communities of their type, these squirrels’ attitude is largely calm. Their temperament is normally possessive, and they grow much more aggressive during the breeding season.

See, how they glide:

Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel’s Appearance 

They have a body that is a mix of red and orange, white, and straw in appearance. Because these animals are diurnal, they are safe from raptors and hawks. They are, however, threatened by owls. 

Red and white giant flying squirrels are mixed in color with red, orange and white

People chase these squirrels for their meat(!). The mass of this rodent species is unknown. Their weight is estimated to be approximately 1000 g, according to a study. A layer called a patagium helps them glide.

In a strict sense, it glides, but in practice, they are exceptional at it. It appears to glide through the woods to its target after launching itself into the sky. As you might expect, filming them is quite tough.

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Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel Diet 

Herbs, seeds, nuts, stems, timber, wood, petals, berries, wooden parts of the plant, bugs, green plants, insect pests, and eggs are all part of this species’ diet. Bulb, timber, roots, larvae, and other tiny creatures are also favorites.

They produce a tiny litter of about one or two babies and eat a wide variety of nuts, fruits, and plants. They also consume insects and larvae and have been seen attacking bird nests for eggs on occasion when food is scarce.

Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel Behavior 

They attack only when disturbed, aroused, or once they are hungry. Because of their fluffy coats and large curly tails, this species is quite adorable. They are huge flying squirrels; therefore, they aren’t petite.

Touching, scent, and hormonal release are all used by these creatures to interact. They would be terrible pets. Also after their rescues, it is recommended that they be returned to the woods. Trees are preferred over human habitation.

When these creatures are frightened or irritated, they bite. Furthermore, they are unable to distinguish between both the meal and your hands during eating. It is never a good idea to feed these wild animals. The bite of any squirrel can transmit illnesses.

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Specific Type 

The gigantic flying squirrel (Petaurista Alborufus) is busy at nighttime, hunting, and hunting for food. They are members of the Rodentia order. During the day, these Petaurista genus species slumber in hollow stems and branches of woods.

The Mammalia class of mammals includes these flying squirrel species. The precise number of the population of these flying squirrel species is unclear.


In raised in captivity, these flying squirrels may survive up to sixteen years. The length of time they survive in the forest is unclear.


At any one moment, these creatures only have one partner. They achieve a breeding age around the age of two. Males fight for females from fall until summertime. Winter and summer are their breeding periods. 

Facts About Red and White Giant Flying Squirrels

There is just a small amount of information known on how these flying squirrels reproduce. Each mating season, the females produce 2 – 3 baby squirrels. 

Until they achieve sexual maturity, the little ones remain with the female. These creatures’ offspring leave the nest after 59 days or longer.

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Conservation status

The community of these flying squirrels are classified as Least concerned in terms of preservation. Forest destruction and loss of habitat are the most serious risks they face.


When I first see this cute devil, I have just thought wow! Such a nice and unreal animal it is. This made me studied of it in a long run. 

Red and white giant flying squirrels are the largest and heaviest of all flying squirrels. Flying squirrels have the ability to illuminate at night. And it elevates them to new heights.

By the way, if I have a chance of getting it personally, I would be just flattered to pet it, though I think this will remain a dream. 

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