How to Get Rid of Chipmunks with Cayenne Pepper?

Are chipmunks giving you a hard time taking care of the plants of your garden? Are you tired of keeping the fruits and nuts of your house covered in the fear of the chipmunks? Well, you can always remove them.

No, we are not talking about the complicated traps or expensive repellants. Only a few bucks to buy cayenne pepper and that’s all you need! We will tell you how to get rid of chipmunks with cayenne pepper solution- it’s inexpensive but worthy. 

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks with Cayenne Pepper?

Can Cayenne Pepper Deter Chipmunks of my Garden?

The first question that comes up in removing chipmunks or other such animals is if the cayenne pepper method works on them or not. Well, being honest, homeowners and gardeners have used cayenne pepper to deter small animals from their property and it absolutely works like a magic.

You can rely on cayenne pepper sprinkles or you can mix it up with boiling water and spray it. No matter it’s the yard, garden, or indoors, it works terrific.   

Will Ground Cayenne Pepper hurt my Plants?

This is a very common question regarding using cayenne pepper on your garden or the plants to remove the chipmunk or other rodents. But fear not- ground cayenne pepper isn’t going to hurt your p-plants or veggies.

If you are tired of the small animals in your garden or even near your indoor plants, you can settle for ground cayenne pepper solution. Spray them after every few days. You can sprinkle cayenne pepper directly on your plants- it won’t hurt them.

Cayenne Pepper Solution for Chipmunks

We have covered the cayenne pepper solution methods for both your garden/yard and the indoors. Keep your indoor and outdoor safe with this DIY repellant!

Method 1: Using Cayenne Pepper in Garden

Chipmunks are mostly found in the garden more than in other places or indoors. It’s because they love the nuts and veggies of your garden. So, if you see the fruits and veggies of your garden ruined, a chipmunk is hiding there.

So, how do you kill chipmunks with cayenne pepper in your garden? First thing first, cayenne pepper doesn’t kill a chipmunk; it just keeps the mammal away. We have a step-by-step process to get rid of it with this pepper solution! Take a look-

  • First of all, you have to get your hands on a trap. Any rat trap or squirrel trap will do the job here. Once you settle for a rat or squirrel trap, set it on your garden.
  • Before setting it in the garden, you must know where the chipmunk is hiding. If you have close eyes on your garden for a day or two, you will know about the holes. Even if you don’t know where the chipmunk hole is, you can set the trap in the position where you have seen the rodent last. Use their favorite food for trapping them.
  • Once the chipmunk has fallen into your trap, you should be ready to remove it. Right after you catch or remove the chipmunk, it’s necessary to spray your garden with something so that the chipmunk doesn’t come back again. This is when you use cayenne pepper.
  • All you need is to create a repellant with the help of cayenne pepper. These rodents love some specific odors but they are also not fond of some of them. They hate the smell and taste of hot pepper. Spraying foliage in your garden can be helpful to keep them away.

To make this repellant, you will need water and cayenne pepper. Go for some water. In this case, we recommend you settle for 1 quart of water first.

  • Now, get the water to boiling. Yes, you need to boil the water to make sure that the cayenne pepper is mixed in the water properly. With the 1 quart of boiling water, you have to add 2 tablespoons of ground cayenne pepper.
  • Once you have added the ingredients, you have to let it cool down. After a while, when the mixture is cool, get your hands on a spray bottle. The size of the spray bottle depends on the size of your garden. The more veggies or greens you have in your garden, the more spray you will need.
  • Now, go to the garden and start spraying the homemade repellant on your garden. Make sure you cover the whole area. And this is how when the chipmunk will smell or taste the veggies or greens, they won’t like it. Eventually, they will leave.

Note: Yes, you can use the repellant only to keep the veggies safe but if you do not remove the chipmunk, they might come back. So, we highly recommend you remove the animal before you use the repellant.

If you don’t get to catch it, only using the cayenne pepper will also help you keep your garden safe for a few days. But you don’t want the chipmunk to come back, right? For an inexpensive way to catch it, check out how to catch a chipmunk with a milk jug!

Method 2: Using Cayenne Pepper in House

Chipmunks don’t really like human habitation. So, mostly, we like to tell you that they won’t get inside your house. But that doesn’t mean they will never get indoors. Well, if you find that chipmunk is the one that’s destroying your house; you can use cayenne pepper solution there too! Here’s how to do it-

  • First of all, you must find out which rodents are ruining your indoors. No matter what it is, most of the rodents hate the taste and smell of cayenne pepper. So, you can use it on any of the rodents including the chipmunks.
  • Let’s face it- we don’t want to kill that innocent animal; after all, all it is doing is to survive! So, here’s the deal- you have to give it enough space to get out of your house. It’s great if you take a look at how to get rid of chipmunks bucket method and catch it.

However, if you can’t catch it, the first thing you do here is to keep the doors and windows open. This will give them a fair chance of fleeing from your house. Who will waste time catching it if it leaves the house itself!

  • After you have kept the doors and windows open, you have to start making the cayenne pepper solution. Just the way we have mentioned earlier, you have to get your hands on 1 quart of water. Get it to boil. Once it starts boiling, add 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper.
  • When you are done adding it, you have to let the mixture rest for a while. Wait till it gets cool. When it is cool and ready, you have to search for a spray bottle. Fill up the spray bottle with the repellant you just made. Make sure you are keeping the pets and children away from the place where you are going to apply the solution.
  • Now the solution is ready. Go to the place where the chipmunk is often seen. If you know where it’s hidden, that’s even easier. Even if you don’t know, just go through the areas where you often see ruins by a chipmunk.

Use your best judgment of where it can be and what are the places it usually moves. And then, all you need is to spray the solution. Cover every place that you are suspicious about.

  • When the chipmunk will smell cayenne pepper or taste it everywhere, it will not like to stay indoors anymore. Instead, it will go right out of the door leaving your house behind. That’s all you wanted, right? See, it isn’t tough! Also if you have flower pots indoors, you can take a look at how to keep chipmunks out of flower pots– it works like a charm!

Note: Don’t forget to give your house a nice cleaning session after you get rid of the chipmunk. The solution on the ground isn’t healthy for you, kids, or pets.

Wrap Up

So, getting rid of the chipmunks in a cost-saving way isn’t that tough right? We have told you that both cayenne pepper sprinkles and the DIY spray work- but we recommend you to go for the spray method. This one can cover up all the plants and also the smell stays for a long period. It means you can keep away the chipmunk more from now on!

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