How to Lure a Chipmunk out of Hiding?

Setting traps for chipmunks to catch it instead of killing it is what animal lovers prefer. No doubt these ground squirrel-like rodents are not healthy for your property and of course the indoor.

But what if you don’t want to scare the chipmunk and yet get rid of it? We have researched and found out a way how to lure a chipmunk out of hiding and send it outdoor without catching it or hurting it. Here’s how to do it!

How to Lure a Chipmunk out of Hiding?

Steps to Lure a Chipmunk out of Hiding

This method will cover how to catch a chipmunk in your house and how to send it outside without hurting- both! Check out the steps and follow the rudimentary instructions.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

First of all, your job is to collect all the necessary ingredients or elements that you need for catching the chipmunk. In this case, the first thing we will suggest to you is the traps. And next, you have to settle for grains. Once you are done with these two, go for some peanut butter.

Along with peanut butter, make sure you get your hands on some dried fruits. And whenever it is about luring a rebel chipmunk out of your house, you have to be patient. You need determination more than anything.

Step 2: Placement of the Trap 

Once you are ready with the ingredients, you have to start setting the trap. But where will you set the trap- on your kitchen countertop or near the corners of the living room? Well, for this, the best thing you can do is check out where do chipmunks nest.

Here, you will get to know about- where do chipmunks live, both indoor and outdoor. And in this way, you can track down where you need to place the trap. The easiest way to say it is you have to position the trap near the chipmunk.

If you are unable to find where the chipmunk is, you can simply settle for the place where you have seen it last. You can depend on your instincts too. If you see signs of a chipmunk’s activity in any place of your house, you can place the trap right there.

Now, which trap are you going to use for luring the chipmunk out of hiding! We will vouch for box traps and wire mesh models. Also, you can rely on the mouse traps to find out the chipmunk that’s destroying your house.

Step 3: Adding Food

Now, it’s time to outfit the trap. Here, we will recommend you to go for foods that are loved by the chipmunks. Chipmunks are rodents and so, they love what almost all the rodents like! They love nuts and seeds.

You can feed those fruits and veggies. Go for dried fruit if you want! It might be easy to trap the chipmunk with the food because unlike other rodents, they are omnivores. So, get your hands on the trap and add dried fruit to it.

With this, go for some breakfast cereal. You can settle for raw oatmeal instead of cereal. And don’t forget to mix them up with some peanut butter- rodents’ love it! And with these foods, you can lure the chipmunk effortlessly away from your house!

Step 4: Let it Eat  

So, all you need now is to let the trap do its trick. But wait, that’s not going to happen in minutes. As you are trying to track down and catch a rebel chipmunk, it’s going to give you a hard time. Rodents are mostly smart so, they won’t fall into your trap so easily.

This is why you have to be patient and wait for the trick to work. You need to leave the trap oven. Make sure there is plenty of food there. Keep it open for several days. However, keep in mind that you should set the trap to shut.

There is a chance that the trap will go off automatically even before it catches the chipmunk! You don’t want to scare the chipmunk from entering the trap, right! You have to keep the trap door open and fix it in that manner. Let it not get triggered by the chipmunk.

After a while, you will see the chipmunk coming and eating the food. In case you don’t see the chipmunk, check the food. It will surely disappear after a while! Now, here’s the trick.

Step 5: Start the Trick

Once you see that the chipmunk is eating from the trap, you have to start doing the job. Here, you have to take the trap closer to the outside door of your home. No, don’t take it to the door the first day. Instead, each day, you have to move it close to the outside door.

Little steps are required here. With every day passing, you will move the trap a little close to the door. And slowly, take it outside of the door. Don’t take it too far because the chipmunk will notice. Little by little, you have to trick the rodent.

Step 6: Lure it Outdoor

Now that you are doing so well taking your trap out of the house step by step, you are almost there. Here, you have to take the trap outdoor and set it there. You have to keep it just outside the door.

And in this way, you can lure the chipmunk outside of your home. Now, the best part is if you see the chipmunk or startle it from the indoor, it will start running outdoors.

So, it won’t run back indoors anymore! Congrats, now they will make a hole outside and live there! Know more about how chipmunks live outside and how many chipmunks live together in their holes!

Note: You can apply an alternative method here. You can keep the trap indoors too. And there, you can set it so that the trap closes right when the rodent enters the trap. You can simply take it and remove the animal after you have caught it.

Step 7: The Disposal

This step is only necessary if you follow the alternative method. If you are luring the chipmunk outdoor, it is easy to let them live outside of your house. But if you have veggies and fruits out there, that won’t be a good idea to go for!

So, instead, set the trap and fix it in a way that when the chipmunk enters, it will shut. This is the alternative method we talked about in the previous step.

After catching it, you can kill it (check the state law and if it is legal to kill chipmunks or other rodents in your state before you kill it.) If you don’t want to kill it, take it at least 10 miles away from the house and let it free!

Wrap Up

Luring a chipmunk outdoor is surely a better way to serve the animals than to kill them. But before you begin with this, make sure you are adamant because it takes time, effort and, awareness. If you have no garden outside to protect, you can lure it outdoor. But it’s always better to dispose of it somewhere else if you want to protect your property!

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