How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia?

Well, groundhogs are cuties that some people love to pet. But if you are the one that loves to grow veggies and plants on your lawn, you surely don’t have a bond with these woodchucks.

Yes, you can always kill them. But if your state has a law against killing them or you just don’t want to do it, it’s better to settle for a way that shows them the way out! How to get rid of groundhogs-ammonia solution for the rescue!

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia?

Will Ammonia deter Groundhogs?

It’s very tough to say which solution works for animals like the groundhogs and which doesn’t. But naturally, if you use the ammonia solution on the woodchuck holes, the mammals will not stay in your property anymore, they will leave.

In the case of ammonia, it is nature’s defense. If you go for Sudsy ammonia, it will be the best deal for you. Also, there is Cloudy Ammonia which can help you in this situation. You can easily get this solution in the market ready for you.

Try this one and see how groundhogs leave the area. On the other hand, you can also make your solution in very easy steps. If the solution doesn’t work for the first time, you can add some added ingredients to make the solution even better. For almost all the groundhogs, the fluid will work

How to Use Ammonia to get Rid of Groundhogs

Here is a step-by-step process on how you can use ammonia for keeping away the plant-enemy Groundhogs! Stay tuned!

Step 1: Safety First

The first step for making an ammonia solution to get rid of the groundhogs of your property is to protect your body. No matter what but you have to protect the hands along with the eyes first. As ammonia is a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen there’s always a chance of reaction when it comes to using this chemical.

For your safety, you will require gloves to protect your hands. Don’t forget the goggles for safeguarding the eyes. If you do not wear protection, there’s a chance that your skin will burn. Without goggles, your eyes will irritate too.

Step 2: Make the Solution

Once you are done with the protective gears, your job is to get sudsy ammonia. However, at times, you might not get sudsy ammonia. If this happens, there’s a way to go for the DIY method and create your solution.

For making the ammonia solution, first, you will need a part of ammonia and three parts of water. All you need now is to mix the two ingredients. But ammonia and water are not the only solutions. For this, you will need dishwashing detergent too.

Go for a squirt of this ingredient. And mix it up once again. Make sure that the components are properly mixed. Once you are done, move to the next step for making the groundhogs go away.

Step 3: Pour the Solution

So, you are ready with the solution, It’s your job to pour the solution to keep the groundhogs away. In this process, you have to get the ammonia solution down the holes of the groundhogs. For this, first, you have to find the holes of the groundhogs in your property.

It’s of no use if you don’t know where the burrows are. Pour the whole solution into the holes now. After pouring this, there will be fumes. The best part is the groundhogs are not able to face this fume. Well, some people use antifreeze instead of ammonia. But, will groundhogs drink antifreeze and die?

Step 4: Spray the Solution

On the other hand, there’s another way to use the solution on the groundhogs. After you have created the solution, search for a spray bottle. Your job is to get the solution inside the sprayer bottle of your choice. And then, the easiest part-spray the ammonia solution!

Search for the holes of the groundhogs and take your spray bottle there. Check the entrance of the groundhog holes and start spraying the solution on the entrance of the woodchuck holes. Also, check for the exits if you can find them.

In short, spray all the holes you can find so that no matter which burrows the groundhog use, they face the ammonia solution. If your state allows you to kill groundhogs, the method of killing groundhogs with gum might be helpful too! 

How to Use Ammonia to get Rid of Groundhogs

In addition to Ammonia Solution

At times, groundhogs are tough to get rid of only with ammonia solution. But first, we recommend you try the ammonia solution on the groundhogs that are staying on your property. If you see that the solution is not working, you can simply settle for making the solution even more potent. If you want this, follow the next steps.

  • Here, first of all, you have to create the ammonia solution the way we have mentioned above. With one part of ammonia, add three parts of water. The 1:3 ammonia and water will do the job. Add some detergent to the solution and you are ready to go for the next steps to make the solution more potent.
  • Take the ammonia solution you have now and start adding some castor oil. Groundhogs are having a good sense of smell. And they hate castor oil. There are a lot of smells that they hate, my friend!

Have a look at what smells do groundhogs hate and take steps wisely! Another thing that the woodchucks hate is cayenne pepper. They don’t like anything spicy. Adding these two ingredients to the whole spray solution will make it work better.

  • Just like before, all you need is to spray the solution around the burrow’s entrance. Also, you can plan on pouring the solution inside the holes. The odor will reach the groundhogs as there will be fume. They won’t take time leaving the hole if they feel that it’s not safe anymore!

How does Ammonia Solution for Groundhogs work for Plants?

Ammonia will keep away the groundhogs from the property that’s something we have already told you. But have you thought about how this solution is going to help your garden or yard? We all know that ammonia works as a fertilizer.

So, when you use ammonia for keeping the groundhogs away, you can do both works together. Spray the ammonia and water mixed solution on the grass and see how green the grass becomes!

With the tint of ammonia on the grass and veggies of your yard, the groundhogs will not dare to go near the plants. In this way, you can safeguard your lawn even more than before!

Wrap Up

We have mentioned one regular method for ammonia solution that can help you get rid of groundhogs. Along with this, we have added another potent method for the groundhogs that are tough to leave your property. From now on, there will be no ammonia, instead, the grass will be green, and the veggies will be untouched!

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