Hamster With Red Eyes Meaning – Should You Be Worried?

Eyes have the power to indicate the common signs of any disease. Similarly, in hamsters, red eyes can also occur either because of genetics or as an indication of further disease. 

So, hamster with red eyes meaning – should you be worried? Perhaps not, as the hamster’s eye can be red since birth. If the red eyes appear out of nowhere, there must be a different reason behind it. It can be an indication of any disease or a recent injury.

Now, do you need to take your hamster to the vet? Do you need to treat them? Hold your cup of tea! You might find a way while going through this article. Let’s get into it.

Summary: Hamster With Red Eyes Meaning

A variety of reasons have been observed over the years for causing red eyes in hamsters. All these causes refer to the different conditions in hamsters, which are briefed below.

Hamster With Red Eyes Meaning
Colored EyeGene mutation
Genetically obtained
InjuryTaken a blow
Sudden attack by others
AllergyAffected by surrounding
Lack Of VisionAppearance of the disease condition
Beginning of impairment
InfectionAffected by environmental conditions, or bodily condition

Hamster With Red Eyes Meaning

Hamsters can have eye colors of red, black, brown, and even pink. So necessarily, hamsters having a red eye does not mean it is dangerous. Rather, it can be a simple eye color with which many of us might not be familiar. 

Hamster With Red Eyes Meaning

Moreover, there are other reasons for a hamster with red eyes, which are included below to enrich the view.

Colored Eye

As hamsters can get their red eyes genetically, they are not dangerous in that case. Generally, it occurs due to the absence of the pigment melanin. As a result, the eye appears red. This type of hamster is also called albino, as the condition occurs in mostly pure white hamsters and Syrian hamsters

Nevertheless, they might look a bit scary but are harmless. Instead, those require more care as they are sensitive to various conditions. However, their immune system is not considered as strong as other hamsters. That’s why they are more prone to disease.


A slight injury in the eye can also result in making it appear red. The reason can be anything, like fighting with other animals or getting hurt in the eye while playing. Even sticks poking in the eye can also cause red eyes.

That’s why always keep a check on the hamsters when they are playing around. The eye injury should be treated immediately to reduce the pain.


Dust allergy is a common cause of red eye. Dust can get into the eye of a hamster easily and irritate the eyes. Apart from that, the eyes of the hamsters can also be sensitive to light. In that case, the eye may turn red. These are just common allergic reactions that you should be aware of. 

Lack of vision

One of the major reasons that can lead to red eye is the lack of vision. Sometimes, it can affect the vision partially or even indicate blindness. In these circumstances, the eye can also appear red or can become red with time.

Well, hamsters would show specific symptoms like not reacting to things and less movement when they are blind. However, the vision might get reduced with time as well. It is not a big deal as this can occur throughout their lifecycle. Perhaps, awareness is required.


Infections can also lead to red eyes in hamsters. Generally, dirt and environmental pollution can cause inflammation in the eyes. Which later may turn into an infection. It’s one of the common causes of red eye, which should be treated instantly without any delay.

Well, the infection may take at least 1 week to recover or can take even more depending on the treatment. Better to consult a vet and use the possible treatment for infection sooner.

To learn more information about the red eye in hamsters, you can check out this youtube video.

Are Hamsters With Red Eyes Dangerous?

No. Hamsters with red eyes might seem a bit weird, but they are not dangerous at all. Moreover, many find red-eye hamsters attractive. 

Are Hamsters With Red Eyes Dangerous

Apart from that, if the red eye indicates illness, treat them faster instead of worrying. Otherwise, waiting can result in more dangerous conditions for the hamster.

What To Do If The Hamster Has Red Eyes?

As there are multiple reasons for hamsters having red eyes, the treatment also varies. The red eye doesn’t need to be a disease unless symptoms appear. Instead, take them for treatment according to the symptoms. 

What To Do If The Hamster Has Red Eyes


Well, the red eye if caused genetically, can also disappear with time. It’s also a rare mutation occurring in hamsters. 

What to do?

You should rather notice the eye color of the hamsters while bringing them home. As there are no treatments for the genetically occurring red eye. 

Infection Or Inflammation

As it is known, infection in the eyes can lead to swelling of the eyes. Certain signs would show that the hamster’s eyes are infected. Such as reddish eyes, watery discharge, and swelling. You need to monitor these symptoms to make a decision.

What to do? 

To treat the hamster primarily, Pick a saline solution and dip the cotton into it. Softly go through the surrounding eye with the cotton. Remember not to rub your eyes. It is just a cleaning process. 

Besides, do not be late to consult a vet as proper medications are also required for the treatment.


Even though the hamster does not have a red eye since birth, the eye can turn red in a lifetime.

Sometimes, it indicates problems in vision or even blindness. There are also other symptoms associated with blindness, like less interaction and no sense of direction. 

What to do?

It rarely happens as well. So, no need to panic. The best way to treat the hamsters is to take them to the vet. Perhaps, you would not be able to handle them by yourself. 

Hamsters With Red Eyes Bite

Hamsters often bite people. Not only red eye hamsters but also black-eyed hamsters can bite. You just need to be careful. 

Hamsters are not normally aggressive pets. Rather, they are just tiny pets who try to bite everything for fun. 

Hamsters With Red Eyes Bite

When people try to pamper them a lot, they might get tired of it and bite. Sometimes they can also feel threatened. This might result in hamsters biting people.

So, even if the hamsters had any other color eyes, they would still bite. Not necessarily; only red-eyed hamster does it. So, do not need to be racist against red-eye hamsters.

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Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions to help you out. 

Q: Are hamsters with red eyes rare?

Yes. Hamsters with red eyes are very rare as it occurs because of the absence of a particular pigment. It is also a result of a mutation in hamsters. On the other hand, red eye can also be a sign of injury or illness. 

Q: Do hamsters have eye problems?

Hamsters are really prone to eye problems. Especially, eye infections would always follow them around. Even a slight injury can also lead to eye problems. Moreover, their eye can result in swelling with a watery discharge when infected.

Q: What breed of hamsters have red eyes?

Mutant breeds, Syrian hamsters, and even dwarf breeds might have red eyes. Moreover, it is just in their gene, not because they are ill or aggressive. 

Bottom Line

Overall, a hamster with red eyes meaning – should you be worried? If the red eye is only the general color of the eye, you should not worry at all. Moreover, any slightest injury or infection can also make the eye red. Well, other associated symptoms will also appear with red eye in that case. 

If infection occurs, worrying is not an option. Run to treat them. You should look for a vet beforehand who treats hamsters. Everything will get sorted out once you reach out to the vet.

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