What Happens if You Touch Your Hamster’s Babies Important Facts to Understand

Most pet owners also know that hamsters can be difficult to care for. But when it comes to baby hamsters, the story is different.

There are a wide range of adorable little critters running around—often in pouches within the mother hamster, and leading to the question, “What happens if you touch your hamster’s babies?”

What Happens if You Touch Your Hamster’s Babies

You leave your aroma on the infants if you touch them. The mother may get confused by this and fail to identify the babies as her own, or she might suddenly judge them as unsuitable.

She has the option to reject and kill them in any scenario. 

Don’t hold or even touch a baby hamster at all, lest his scent is compromised.

Can I Touch My Hamster’s Babies?

Despite your intense want to hold these little newborns, avoid doing so during the first two weeks of their lives.

The mother hamster may resort to extreme methods to protect her offspring from any alleged threats, including you. 

A mother hamster may kill and consume her young pups under extreme stress. The death of a hamster can be caused by a number of factors.

How Soon Can You Touch Baby Hamsters?

For the first few days after they’re born, it’s best to leave the baby hamsters alone so they can bond with their mother.

After that, you can start handling them gently. Be sure to wash your hands first so you don’t transfer any oils or dirt that could harm the delicate hamsters. 

As they get older, you can handle them more frequently. Hamsters have an unusual manner of seeing their surroundings. In fact, learning how hamsters see the world is pretty fascinating.

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What Should You Not Do When Your Hamster Has Babies?

There are a few things you should avoid doing when your hamster has babies. First, don’t try to handle the babies too much. They are delicate and can easily be injured.

Second, don’t put the babies in with the mother until they are at least 3 weeks old. Third, don’t feed the babies solid food until they are at least 4 weeks old. 

Finally, don’t put the babies in with other hamsters until they are at least 6 weeks old. By following these guidelines, you will help ensure that your hamster babies are healthy and happy.

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When Can I Touch Baby Hamsters?

On one hand, you want to handle your hamsters as little as possible during the first few weeks of life. This is because handling can be stressful for baby hamsters and can even cause them to die.

Touching the baby hamsters with hand could be stressful for them

On the other hand, you don’t want to wait too long to start handling your hamsters. If you wait until they become adults, they may never learn to trust you and may even bite you.

In the following video it shows the growth of baby hamsters:

How to Handle a Baby Hamster

When you get a new baby hamster, your first instinct might be to take it to the vet or buy a pet cage. But don’t! Here are some tips on how to handle a baby hamster:

  • Get a hamster wheel: A hamster wheel is the best way to keep your baby hamster safe and entertained. It will keep the hamster active and stimulated, and it will help to teach the hamster basic skills like balance and movement.
  • Handle the hamster gently: When you’re handling your baby hamster, be gentle and slow. A hamster’s delicate body is easily injured.
  • Feed the hamster a variety of foods: Make sure to give your baby hamster a variety of food to eat, including fresh vegetables and fruit, and hay.
How to Handle a Baby Hamster

Frequently Asked Question

When do baby hamsters’ eyes open?

The answer to this question depends on the hamster’s breed and the age of the hamster when they are first born. In general, baby hamsters’ eyes generally open at around seven to eight weeks old.

Final Words

What happens if you touch your hamster’s babies finally? Usually, experts don’t recommend touching hamsters’ babies.

Hamster babies are probably the cutest creatures on the planet, but touching them can be a bit dangerous. You should never touch a newborn hamster! When you touch the newborns, you leave your own aroma on them. 

This may confuse the mother to the point that she does not recognize the infants as her own, or she may think them suddenly flawed. In any instance, she may reject and kill them.

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