How Fast Do Mice Reproduce? Clear Conception About Reproduction!

A mouse is an unpleasant and uninvited guest in our house. If anyone finds a mouse, they become worried about their household substances. Also, if one is present, it can bring more. 

Hence, coming to the question, how fast do mice reproduce? Mice can reproduce very quickly. Only 4 to 7 weeks after birth, they can again conceive immediately. They can give birth to up to 10 litters a year. At a time, a mouse can give birth to 1 litter or 3 to 14 pups.

The counting does not stop at this number. The offspring pulps again can reproduce in the same year. To get a clear idea about their reproduction, go through the whole article.

How Fast Do Mice Reproduce?

How Fast Do Mice Reproduce

The reproduction rate of mice is very high. 

  • Their reproductive age starts 4 to 7 weeks after birth. This process of reproduction continues till death. 
  • The gestation period of the mouse is 19 to 30 days. It varies according to the race. 
  • But mice from each of the races can reproduce immediately after giving birth. So, after their body develops for reproduction, they can reproduce frequently in a year.
  • A mouse can give birth a maximum of 10 times a year. It is a very frequent rate in comparison with other animals. 
  • A female mouse gives birth and within a few weeks, their babies are prepared to reproduce.

How Long Mice Live?

Indoor mice live longer than outdoor mice. An indoor mouse can live up to two to three years. In between these three years, its offspring will mature, and they will give birth. Indoor mice can multiply in every season. Thus, like other seasons, they can easily give birth in winter.

On the other hand, outdoor mice can hardly survive up to 1 year. Their reproduction rate slows down in the winter season. That is because of the hostile environment, bad weather, less food supply, and absence of a proper living place. 

How Long Mice Live

However, the survival rate of the offspring is less during winter for both the indoor and outdoor offspring. Although mice are little creatures and seem harmless, they can transmit many infectious diseases. Infected fleas are the main cause of this disease and mice act as the host. 

Overall, if there is one mouse in your house, it can multiply more. A mouse can multiply a maximum of 30 times in its whole lifetime. Mice are not useful for human beings in day-to-day life, but they are used for research purposes

How Many Pups Can A Female Mouse Give Birth To In A Year?

How Many Pups Can A Female Mouse Give Birth To In A Year
  • The maximum ability to give birth to a female mouse is ten times a year. 
  • At a time, it can carry up to 1 litter. It means it can give birth to a maximum of 14 pups. If all the babies survive, one mouse can multiply into a huge number.
  • But mice can not get a proper environment to survive. They face many difficulties throughout their lifetime. At the end of the year, only 30 to 50 babies can survive from one female mouse.
  • Overall, it is not wrong to say that, in one year, three to four generations can arrive.
  • In a suitable place, the survival rate of newborn mice increases. But in the case of the outdoor mice, the survival rate is very poor. Bearly 4 to 5 babies remain alive after every delivery. 

Signs Of Having Mice In Your House

This animal has no benefit without humanizing mice for research on many infectious diseases. However, if there is a mouse in your house, you can get the following signs:

Signs Of Having Mice In Your House


While there is a mouse in your house, it will continuously search for food. They are mostly seen at night, mainly in the kitchen area.


You will notice the screaming of the mice. The high-pitched noise sounds like chirps, squeaks, or thrills. Whenever there is a mouse in your house, you will hear these types of noise frequently.


You can find mice dropping mostly near their living place and in the kitchen if there are mice. Their droppings are dark in color. Thus, if you find a huge amount of waste products, there must be many mice in the house.

Signs Of Having Mice In Your House Dropping

Scratches And Teeth Mark

A clear sign that it is a mouse is their nail scratches or marks of teeth on furniture. They often cut the cables and cloth and you will find chewing marks in it. Also, the mark can be found in many plastic materials, wooden furniture, and household materials.


Mice excreta and urine emit an intolerable musky smell. If a mouse dies in your house, it will emit a strong rotten smell.

How Do You Stop Mice From Reproducing?

How Do You Stop Mice From Reproducing
  • You can stop mice from reproducing by destroying their nests. They comfort giving birth at their nest. So, if there is no nest, they will search for another place outside your home to give birth.
  • You should block all the entry paths of the mice. By this, they will not be able to enter your house. And ultimately, they can not multiply at your house.
  • Mice like to stay in dirty places. If they get a dirty house with lots of dirty utensils, it is the perfect place for their living. A clean environment will discourage them from living or reproducing at your house.
  • Remove the waste materials from your house.
  • Call for pest control. It will help you to remove all the mice and insects from your house.
After familiarizing yourself with the rapid reproductive rates of mice, you may be concerned about their nesting habits, especially if you suspect an infestation. Mice are skilled nest builders and choose specific locations to ensure the safety of their offspring. To gain more insight into their habitats and the types of materials they use to construct their nests, head over to our comprehensive article about mice nests. And if you’re wondering how these nimble creatures are entering your home in the first place, we’ve got you covered. Learn the intricacies of their infiltration techniques and tips on how to locate and seal these entry points by reading our guide on how to find mice entry points.


These are some commonly asked questions by people about mice reproduction.

Q: How many times a year a mouse can get pregnant?

A mouse can get pregnant 5-10 times a year. In some cases, the count increases and stands at 15 times. But the count will never extend this amount.

Q: Why do mice breed so fast?

Mice breed fast because of their quick maturation process. So, they have to leave their offspring on earth in between the short lifespans. And it is only possible for their early maturation of the reproductive system.

Q: How long are pet rats pregnant?

Pet rats can remain pregnant for 19 to 30 days. The time can differ as rats can belong to different variations.


It should be known to every housekeeper how fast do mice reproduce. Without any disturbance, a mouse can give birth to 3 to 14 pulps. They can continue this process in an interval of 19 to 30 days.

If all of the pulps survive, they will start reproducing after 4 to 7 weeks. At the end of a year, the total count will be uncountable. So, never allow a mouse to stay in your house!

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