How To Care For A Dying Hamster – A Full Tour

Caring for the hamster in its last moment can be difficult for the owner. They might want to keep themselves away to grow no attachment anymore. But it hardly happens. Instead, you should try taking care of them to make them feel at ease.

So how to care for a dying hamster? You can only be better to them and make them happy. If you still have things left to enjoy with them, make a bucket list and go for it. Also, make them feel comfortable and joyful.

Now, how to know if the hamster is dying? Is there any prior sign? Well, slow down a bit. You would get all the answers to your desired question in this article. Let’s dig into it. 

How To Care For A Dying Hamster

Well, when death comes close, the hamster itself can realize it and you can do nothing but spend some more time and apply these treats.  

How To Care For A Dying Hamster

Play with them

Make their leisure time better. They can become a bit silent in their last moment and would do less activity. You should make them feel at ease by playing with them in that situation.

Treat them

In daily life, everyone would want their hamster to have only protein-rich foods. Moreover, foods that can provide nutrition are a must. 

But in later days, treating them with their favorite foods would only make them merrier. 

Let them sleep

Hamsters usually require sound sleep for a long time. In that case, they do not like noise or distraction at all, so it is better to let them fulfill their sleep. 

Make their living comfortable

In their last days, they should rather enjoy their time. You can make the environment warm and even change the cage and make it cozy. Moreover, letting them roam around freely can also be helpful to make the hamster feel comfortable.

Consult a vet

You should definitely take your hamster for a regular check-up. Following the instruction of the vet can help to treat the hamster sooner. Or it can also reduce the pain of the hamster. 

How To Tell If My Hamster Is Dying

There are specifically no signs that can indicate a hamster is dying. However, only signs of an illness and less activity can give a clue, including

How To Tell If My Hamster Is Dying

Low in energy

It would seem like they hardly have any energy left. They would not be as playful as before. Even would become less interested in their surroundings.

The more time passes, they would hardly participate in any activity. Soon, there would be less chance of interacting with them.

Low appetite

In their last days, the hamster tends to feel sad. This sadness can often lead to a loss of appetite. 

Low activity

Though hamsters love alone time, their activity can become very low with time. They might feel no interest in playing and not even in moving. Their body would inform them beforehand if something is wrong. They would rather be disinterested in anything. 

You can follow the below youtube video to know more about the dying hamster.

How Long Does It Take For The Dying Hamster To Die

It takes almost 2-4 days for the dying hamster to die. It can also take longer depending on the severity of the disease. If it is a natural death, you would hardly know any possible time. 

Death can come at any time without prior notice. Generally, if the condition is severe in the hamster, it can hold up to 4 days. 

How Long Does It Take For The Dying Hamster To Die

Furthermore, it depends on how the hamster is dealing with the disease. You can only guess the possible death time but can not be sure of it. 

What Illness Cause Sudden Death In Hamster? 

Though hamsters can live up to 2-3 years, death can also be caused by disease. Sudden death is hard to detect unless the illness behind is known. Some of the diseases which can cause sudden death in hamsters are given below. 

What Illness Cause Sudden Death In Hamster
Diseases Causes 
MalnutritionNot feeding proper nutrients
Lack of vitamins and minerals
Cancer Improper lifestyle
In contact with germs
Environmental condition
Infection Bacterial infection
Virus infection
Exposed to microbes
Heart disease Stress
Improper food intake
Too much fat consumption

How To Deal With The Loss Of A Hamster

Well, it fully depends on the owner. No one can feel the loss unless they go through the same. Only you can handle what you are going through. 

How To Deal With The Loss Of A Hamster
  • Take time instead of forgetting your hamster. Forgetting is not the solution. You can not forget something if you have become attached to them. You can not escape the feeling. 
  • Do not even try to escape it. Cherish their memory.
  • Make as many memories as you can, and later these will help you to overcome the pain. 
  • Better to keep yourself busy. This would help you somehow to sort out your mind. 
“If you’re concerned about your hamster’s health, you may find our articles on whether hamsters can die from mites and whether hamsters can have heart attacks useful. Our article on whether hamsters can die from mites explores the potential health implications of mite infestations in hamsters and how to treat them. Meanwhile, our article on whether hamsters can have heart attacks discusses the causes, symptoms, and potential treatments for this condition in hamsters.


Check these frequently asked questions. These might give you some other clues to help clear your mind.

Q: My hamster is dying, should I set it free?

No, it is not necessary to let them go. Instead, let them roam around freely. Letting them escape is like leaving them in a dying situation. Be good to them. 

Q: How do hamsters act before they die?

They look too sick and feel fatigued. Even their activity becomes slower with time. They might also develop breathing problems. Moreover, they can become less interested in doing anything and only spend time in the corner.

Q: Can hamsters cry?

Hamsters do not cry. Instead, they only express their sadness by screaming or squeaking. They would also be upset and show it later by throwing tantrums.

Bottom Line

Overall, how to care for a dying hamster – you can now have a complete idea of this. Yet, there is no limitation to learning more. You can only learn by being with your hamster.

The more they would feel cheerful, the better. Even though they might not be active in those days, they can still enjoy plenty of things. Treat them as if your best friend and they would return the friendship in the best possible way. 

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