What To Do If Your Hamster Bites You And Draws Blood?

Biting and chewing things is the natural behavior of hamsters. Once you bring a hamster home, be prepared to get bitten. And there is no exception.

But what to do if your hamster bites you and draws blood? Simply clean the area where the hamster has bitten. After that, stop the bleeding, you might need antibiotics to heal. Moreover, keep checking if any infection occurs or not. You need to rush to the doctor if there is any infection.

Now, what is the reason behind the hamster biting? How to stop hamsters from biting? Hold on for a second. You will find all the information regarding the hamsters biting in the following article. Read on to know.

What To Do If Your Hamster Bites You And Draws Blood?

Hamster biting is actually common and not a matter of worry. But you need to treat the wound carefully. 

First, clean the wounded area with cold, clean water gently. Do not rub the area. Sanitize the area properly with cotton.

What To Do If Your Hamster Bites You

Furthermore, put antibiotic cream so that the wound heals quickly and cover it with a bandage.

Lastly, change the bandage every now and then and check if any infection is occurring or not. You need to check on the wound repeatedly. As the infection can lead to zoonotic disease as well. 

If any signs of infection are observed, immediately visit the doctor. Do not let the infection spread and take care of the wound.

What Happens If Hamsters Bite?

Well, nothing happens if the bite is small and is not bleeding. It can just put a small scare and nothing more. You only need to sanitize the area and make sure no further infection occurs.

What To Do If Your Hamster Bites You

Apart from that, if the hamster carries the rabies virus, you would need proper treatment. However, bacterial infection can also occur if not treated properly.

There are also other diseases, such as peritonitis, and tularemia can also occur in humans due to the hamster’s bite. 

Disease Associated With Hamsters Biting

Though there is a lower chance that the hamster’s bite would lead to disease, better to know thoroughly beforehand. Well, cases of the disease are very rare.

Hamsters Biting

A list of diseases associated with hamsters biting is given below.

Disease Affects 
Rabies, Weakness, fever, abnormalities, and even death
Lymphocytic choriomeningitisMeningitis, drowsiness, and headache
Peritonitis Swelling of abdomen, bloating and fever
Tularemia Fever, diarrhea, pneumonia, and headache

Why Do Hamsters Bite?

Hamsters can bite habitually or a variety of reasons might act as the precursor for nature. It depends mainly on the environment of the hamsters and also their psychological state. 

Why Do Hamsters Bite

Stressed Condition

Stressful conditions often lead to the hamsters being violent. This can result in biting the people around them. However, stress may occur due to the environment and because of crowded spaces. Also, if the hamster is kept in the cage for a long time, it can also make it furious.


Hamsters often bite aggressively when they sense a threat. A stranger suddenly approaching them would perhaps make them cautious and scared. Resulting in biting and taking actions to get rid of any threat. Moreover, they can assume that humans are a threat. 


Plenty of breeds are present in the case of hamsters. Some breeds such as dwarf hamsters can be really aggressive and bite people. It is their nature to bite. Better to choose the right breed to not get bitten by a hamster. Though, getting bitten is quite common.


Often, biting can be a sign of ill health. It can be a way of expressing their pain. So check out your little hamster if it is doing well or not. Do a routine check-up in case it is sick. 


Hamsters tend to get annoyed easily. They do not like to roam around much and not even are quite social. Moreover, pampering them is okay unless you are doing it excessively. 

In addition, do not disturb them when they are getting recharged. They might need some isolating time or sleep time. Better to not invade their privacy, which would make them annoyed.

How To Stop The Hamster From Biting

Stopping hamsters from biting is quite difficult. As you have to observe the situation first and take action accordingly. Still, there is a very low chance that the hamsters would not bite you. So, better be safe. 

How To Stop The Hamster From Biting

Tame The Hamsters

As some breeds naturally are aggressive, you need to tame them first. Otherwise, they would only think of you as a threat and constantly would attack you to keep themselves safe. 

Play with them but mark yourself safe. Perhaps, you can treat them with delicious snacks to build trust. You can follow the below youtube video to tame your hamster

Wear Hand Gloves

To prevent the hamsters from attacking, wear gloves while playing with them. Even handle them gently. 

Do Not Annoy Them

Make sure their solitary moments are not invaded at all. Let them have time to cope with the new place. Also, put them in a cage if necessary. 

Treat Them

Generally, illness can cause the hamster to act differently. Biting can also be a sign of ill health. Do check on them and consult a vet if necessary. 

Remember Being Nice To The Hamsters Is The Way To Tame Them.

Getting bitten by your pet hamster can be painful and concerning, especially if the bite draws blood. If you’re wondering about the care needs of hairless hamsters or why your hamster has a bulging eye, we have the answers for you. Our article on hairless hamsters provides insights into these unique pets and their special care needs. Meanwhile, our article on hamsters with bulging eyes explores the possible causes behind this condition and what you can do to address it. By reading these articles, you’ll be better equipped to take care of your pet hamster and learn more about these fascinating creatures. So, go ahead and check them out!


Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions regarding the hamsters biting. 

Q: Should we take an injection if the hamster bites?

No. It’s not necessary, yet there are rare cases of getting rabies due to the bite of a hamster. Consult a vet before it gets too late.

Q: Can a hamster bite make you sick?

Yes, a hamster bite can make you sick, but it depends. Minor bites do not have much impact, yet infection can also occur. Well, bacterial diseases, rabies (bite), dermatosis, and flu can also occur in humans, even if you come in contact with a hamster. 

Q: Can my hamster give me rabies?

Hamsters can give rabies, but it rarely occurs. Mainly if the hamster carries the virus, it is more likely to occur in humans through the bite. 

Bottom Line

Overall, what to do if your hamster bites you and draws blood highly depends on the condition of the wound. Minor bites can be painful yet can be handled. On the other hand, if the bleeding leads to infection, treatment is required. 

Generally, you can think of the hamster’s bite as safe unless infection develops. To prevent this, check on the wound properly and go to the vet for further treatment. Do not waste time while panicking. Rather calmly treat the wound and find out why the little pet is having trouble.

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