9 Steps To Keep Mice Away From Your Bed!

Mice are unwanted guests in our houses. They only irritate the household with its activities. Sometimes, they cross their limit and jump into bed. 

So, how to keep mice away from your bed? You can keep mice away from your bed by blocking all the access points. You should not eat on the bed and should keep the room clean. Remove all the hiding places and use mice-proof smells. Besides, an easy way to get rid of mice is your pet cat. 

Finally, if the mouse is frequently getting into the bed, set a trap or call pest control. Now, to know all the information and get a proper guideline, stay with this article.

How To Keep Mice Away From Your Bed?

It is necessary to keep mice away from the bed because they can bite and it can lead to severe conditions. So, to keep the mice away from your bed, you should follow the following steps.

How To Keep Mice Away From Your Bed

Step 1: Block The Access Points

It is better to close all the ways mice can enter your room. Mice often enter through the little pathways. Also, if there are mice in your house, it is pretty sure that they can enter your room.

  • So, not only your room but also close all the access points of your house. 
  • If they enter through water pipes, try to keep the pipes usable. Or if you do not use that line, block their outside openings.
  • Mice can also enter by swapping under the little door space. In that case, you can use a door sweep to block the space. 

Step 2: Remove The Hiding Places

If your room is messy, the mice will be the happiest members in your house. They love to stay and hide under a pile of clothes. Also, if you are not removing the house garbage from your room, they will start living in that place.

So, remove all the hiding places and organize your room properly. If it can not find hiding places in your room, it will not come for the next time.

Remove Mice The Hiding Places

Step 3: Let Your Pet Rule In Your Room

Mice barely remain at the house where their predator stays. A cat will never allow a mouse in the house. So, if you have a cat, keep it in your room, especially at night. The mouse will not dare to climb on the bed.

Step 4: Clean The Bed And Room Regularly

Mice do not like clean environments. If your room is not clean, food grains remain here and there; they will love the place. Likewise, if you keep the food uncovered, the mice will mouth the uncovered food. Hence, always store or throw the leftover foods in the right place and try to clean your bed regularly. 

Step 5: Keep Your Bed in a Safe Place

If the mice get easy access to the bed, they will continue climbing on the bed. Sometimes, the bed is attached to the wall. It is easy for the mice to get into the bed through the wall. So, while setting the bed, keep it away or at least a minimum distance between the wall and the bed.

Also, never let the bed cover touch the ground. The mice can easily climb into the bed through the bed cover from the ground. There should be a gap between the bed cover and the floor.

Step 6: Stop Eating On The Bed

If you eat on the bed regularly, some food particles will remain on the bed. And the mice can find the foods through their strong sense of smell.

So, stop eating on the bed. If you occasionally do this, clean the bed after eating. The mice will be less interested in climbing in your bed if they do not get any smell.

Step 7: Apply Mouse Proof Smell

You can use aromatic substances to keep mice away from the room. Like eucalyptus, peppermint and spearmint are the odors mice hate. But these orders are not irritating for humans.

Rather, these substances spread a sweet smell in the room. You can use cotton balls. Soak the oils or extraction with cotton balls and keep them around your bed.

Another substance is ammonia, which can keep the mice away. Ammonia does not spread a pleasant smell. But use this smell if you are okay with it. Mice are also sensitive to cat litter.

Mice Away From Your Bed

Step 8: Set Traps

If nothing can stop the mice from getting into the bed, set traps for them. Different types of trapping substances are available in the market. Use them and catch the mouse. But in this process, your house will not be hundred percent mice-free.

Once it is trapped, you need not worry. Try to catch all the mice remaining in your house. After catching them, you can kill them or free them at a distal place.

Step 9: Pest Control

Lastly, if the trapping substance can not help you, call the pest control company. The experts will make your house mouse-free. Also, while removing mice, they drive out the other insects as well. Through this process, there will be zero chance of mice in your room.

You should take all these steps to keep the mice away from your bed.

How To Know If Mice Are Present In Your Room?

The mice can get into your bed in the absence of you. So, it is important to find out if any mice live in your room. You can get some signals if any mice are traveling in your room.

How To Know If Mice Are Present In Your Room

Presence Of Excreta In The Room Or Bed

If there are mice in your house, you can find their droppings. If any of the mice enter your room frequently, there is a high chance of excreta remaining. Take measures and steps for removing the mouse from the room.

Presence Of Odd Smell, Materials Of Nest, Or Sign Of Urination

You will find some of the usable things while living with another creature. You can find out the primary elements of the nest. Also, this little animal’s urine emits a scanty smell. If the mouse urinates in your clothes and other materials, you will find yellow spots with a bad odor.

Mice Are Present In Your Room

Chirping, Squeaking, Or Scratching Noise

Mice can produce different vocalizations. Like they chirp, squeak, and use ultrasonic vocalization. High-precision vocalization of mice is the most used vocalization for their interaction.

Mice mostly produce these sounds at night. So, while staying in your room at night, you can hear these sounds.

After ensuring your bed is a mouse-free zone, you might find yourself wondering about other behaviors of these creatures. Have you ever heard a sharp, high-pitched squeak in the night and wondered about its origin? Dive into our detailed article on why mice squeak to learn more about their vocalizations. Additionally, if you’re curious about their climbing capabilities, our guide on whether mice can climb walls will give you all the insights you need.


These are some commonly asked questions by people about keeping the mice away.

Q: Why do mice go to bed?

Mice go on the bed if they see or smell food particles on the bed. Also, they are always curious that there could be food in the bed.

Q: Will mice crawl on the bed while you are present?

Mice will not crawl on the bed while you are present. Mice are afraid of people. If they can sense that there is anyone in the bed, they will not dare to do this.

Q: Will keeping the light on can keep mice away from the bed?

Yes, keeping the light on can keep mice away from the bed. They mainly climb at night. But while you turn on the light, the mice will hide themselves.


If there are no mice in your room, they can not get into the bed. So you should first keep them away from your room. Then, maintain proper hygiene and remove all the chaos and hiding places from the room.

Also, if there is a pet cat, mice will not enter your room. However, never practice eating on the bed regularly. And use different oils to which mice are sensitive. Also, you can make traps to catch mice to eliminate them!

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