How To Keep Mice And Chipmunks Out Of Your House?

We know, we know, rodents are cute and all. But rodents like chipmunks and mice not only destroy the plants in your yard, they ruin the house! You won’t like them when they are in, trust us! This is why you must know how to keep mice and chipmunks out of your house, don’t you?

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House Naturally:

We have come up with a list of ways to keep them away from the house and the yard. Take them out and never let them in again!

· Do a Clean Up

As we all know, chipmunks and mice eat fruits and grains. Along with this, seeds are their main food. If you see that chipmunks are increasing in your house, you have to stop it! Check out are chipmunks destructive for the house and the garden here!

The first thing you can do is to do a cleanup of the trees and bushes around your house. If you have a yard and there are rood-touching trees there, it’s time to trim them. If the limbs and shrubberies are touching the house, it’s easy for them to climb on top of your house!

Mostly, that’s how they get in. It’s not only the upper layer, check out the bottom layer of the shrubs too. Trimming them frequently and keeping them clean will reduce their hiding place. As a result, they won’t be burrowing underneath the trees too!

When they will feel they don’t have places to hide, they will leave! The cleaner you keep your yard, the less the number of mice and chipmunks will be there. This also works for the inner part of the house. Keep the countertop and floor as clean as you can.

· Pet Food Sealing

You leave the cat or dog food on their bowls because you love it. But do you know it attracts chipmunks and mice? Yes, the dry pet food you feed your cat or dog is the ultimate love for the rodents. They can smell it and sneak around your house! The best thing you can do is only feed the cats and dogs when they are hungry.

After they are done, you have to keep the food sealed. Go for airtight containers for this. If it is in tightly sealed containers, the rodents will not be attracted. That’s about what they eat and like, let’s knowwhere do chipmunks live!” 

· Rock and Wood Piles Removal

When you plan to get rid of the chipmunks, you have to search for the places they hide. Well, in this case, rock piles do the job for them. They can easily hide here feeling that they are safe. If they are feeling safe in your house or around your house, you can’t make them leave.

Nobody leaves a safe place, right? The same thing goes for the woodpiles too. If you have kept the woodpiles for no reason in your yard, make sure you remove them as soon as you can. If the rodents are unable to take cover, they will leave your house.

· Dry Food Sealing

We have talked about sealing the cat and dog food. But do you know some specific food that you eat that can also attract the mice and chipmunks? For the mice especially, sugar and flour are the apples from heaven!

Some specific dry foods that are kept in bags or papers attract them a lot. Not only the rodents but the bugs also get attracted by these dry foods. You should seal your food. Go for a metal container or a tightly sealed plastic bag.

Store them on the higher shelves that the rodents cannot reach. Let them not smell any food. As a result, they will leave eventually.

· Bird Feeder Removal

Another thing that can attract these rodents is the bird feeder. As we have discussed before, they feed on nuts, fruits, and seeds. Here, birdseed can be the reason why they are sneaking inside your house more often these days.

Check your lawn properly and search for bird feeders. They love bird seeds and removing what they like will help you. Get your hands on the bird feeders and take them away. When they won’t get their favorite food, why would they stay?

While talking about food, people often get confused about if chipmunk eats meat such as mice or not. Do chipmunks eat mice- check it out here! Well, it can eat mice but mostly, it won’t. Unless it is running out of food and is in extreme condition, it won’t eat mice!

· Think about Flowers

Some people think chipmunks and mice are friends. That’s sad but they are not friends! Let’s have a look at do chipmunks keep mice away or it’s just a myth! But they don’t live together too! When you are dealing with mice, chipmunks, or any other rodents, first, you have to know their preferences.

Yes, they are not attracted to every flower they see in your garden. They love corn and sunflowers. Also, grass seed and kernels are their hot favorite! On the other hand, if they see alliums or scilla in your garden, they will stay away.

The same thing happens for daffodils, Muscari, camassia, or Galanthus! So, you can still plant amazing flowers and keep away the rodents from them. All you need is to be a little wise while planting flowers.

· Fence around House

You might be thinking that the door of your house is mostly locked, and then what are we talking about? We are talking about some extra protection. Footer can be incredible to safeguard your house. Keep an L-shaped one close to your home.

This will keep the rodents away from digging the soil. And eventually, your property will be safe. If you have a large lawn or garden, make sure you are using an L-shaped fence around the yard.

As a result, the wire meshed fence will keep the house and yard safe! You can add it on the ground or you can install it underneath the ground. You can also create your L-shaped footer fence!

· Plant Bulbs

No matter you are tired of the mice and chipmunk in your yard or the house planting bulbs can save you! They enter the house through the yard, right? All you need is plant bulbs inside the planting cubes. Also, you can plant them inside wire cages too.

As a result, they won’t be able to eat the bulbs! And finally, they won’t enter the yard and your house. If a chipmunk is in your house, how long will they stay here? Check out how long do chipmunks live and know when to throw them away!

· Traps and Baits

For tapping the mice and chipmunks without any harm, go for traps or baits. When the rodents are so many, you have to save the house, don’t you? This is when you need a few live traps planned. Go for bait station indoors and outdoors both.

Go for live traps because this one is a harmless and humane way to trap the chipmunks and mice. For the inside of the house, we recommend you settle for the chamber-type traps. These are spring-loaded and will be locked once the mice or chipmunk are inside them.

On the other hand, you can plan on killing the mice and chipmunks. However, in that case, make sure the state law allows you to do that. Go for traditional spring traps. The killing process is quick here. Also, there’s not much pain in this killing.

In the case of bait stations, however, the process of killing is painful. For the poison baits, make sure you use them indoor because there is a chance of pets eating them and dying unnatural death. Also, keep the poison away from your kids.

·       Call an Animal Predator

Well more than calling an animal predator, it will be amazing if we tell you to adopt an animal predator. Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about the pet that will love to hunt the rodents. How about settling for an owl that’s in your yard?

Yes, it can keep away the chipmunks and mice. Go for a young and aggressive cat. It will keep away all the problems you have got away from the house. Also, rodents don’t really like to stay inside if your cat is present!

· Use Repellants

When you are done with the mice and chipmunks and you can’t deal with them anymore, the last option you have is using repellants. Store-bough repellants will do the job for you. The holistic repellents can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Go for peppermint oil. This one will irritate the nasal passage of the rodents. They won’t be able to get along with the odor. Plant peppermint leaves around your house. Spray essential oils of peppermint. This is an amazing way to deter the entry of rodents.

Wrap Up

No matter you have a yard full of plants or not, chipmunks and mice are not good for both the outdoor and indoor of your house. As soon as you can, get rid of them. Follow the methods we’ve discussed and you will surely be stress-free!

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