Where Do Chipmunks Live? -The Territory of Chipmunks

Chipmunks are petite and beautiful but they are not good for the house and garden. The term “chipmunk” is very common in the North where it is almost unknown to the people of the South. If you have never seen a chipmunk, where do chipmunks live! Let’s learn about it!

The Habitation of Chipmunks

While most of us know about mice, some of us don’t know about chipmunks at all. Some might think mice and chipmunks don’t do well together.

In that case, you must know that they are from the same rodent family. Do Chipmunks eat mice- what do you think? Check it out here! However, skipping the mice part, you should learn about the habitation of chipmunks too!

  • If we talk about the species of the chipmunks, first of all, we need to deal with the Eastern chipmunks- the most popular and commonly seen one. These live in the North American forests. So, does Canada have chipmunks? Yes, it’s full of the Eastern ones!  These are also found in the Northeastern United States.
  • On the other hand, the name of the Siberian chipmunks already tells you about their location. In Asia, you won’t find any other chipmunk other than the Siberian ones. You will find them in Northern Japan and South China. Also, from the White Sea to Siberia, they are seen frequently.
  • The Hopi chipmunks are usually found in the Southwest of America. Search for them in the buttes and canyonlands, you will get them. Most of the species other than the Eastern ones are slowly reduced at a severe rate. Click here to know how long do chipmunks live!
  • The Least chipmunks are found in several places like Ontario, Canada. Are there chipmunks in Florida or not? Yes, the Least chipmunks are available with the Eastern ones in Florida! From Western states to Western Canada, these are always there.
  • On the contrary to the Eastern chipmunks, Palmer’s chipmunks are almost gone from the world. They are threatened by extinction as they are only found in the mountains of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Though there are a lot of eastern chipmunks alive in this world, they are not social creatures. Check out if they live together or not and how many Chipmunks live together here.

  • Yellow-pine chipmunks are found in the Western states. Specially, you can get them in western North America. They are the inhabitants of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. You can also get them in Nevada and Utah. The same goes for the red-tailed chipmunks.
  • In the southwestern corner of British Columbia, you can find Townsend’s chipmunks. In the first of Pacific Northwest, these are available. You can also find them in Oregon and Washington.
  • We have talked about other species, but where do chipmunks live in California and what species are they? Yes, you can find these rodents in California; they are called Californian Chipmunks or Chaparral chipmunks. You can get them in Baja California and Mexico along with southern California.

Why do Chipmunks live almost everywhere?

Chipmunks don’t live everywhere. If you think about chipmunks to be a specific creature of any specific place, you are going wrong. In the North, they are almost everywhere. In terms of rodents, they are versatile and they live in several locations of the world.

Now, you might ask what helps them in living in so many different environments. Well, the reason behind this is their adaptive capability. As we have already said, they are versatile and so, it’s easy for them to adapt to the forests along with the deserts at times of need too!

How many Chipmunks are there in the World?

In total, there are more than 25 species of chipmunks in this world. And none of them other than Siberian ones lives out of North America. So, how many chipmunks are in California, and how many in the United States? In California, you can find more or less 13 species of these mammals. And you will find more or less 24 species in the United States.

Why are there no Chipmunks in the South?

We have already told you that all the chipmunks live in North America. Only the Siberian ones live in Asia and they are now expanding their species in Europe.

These animals are only capable of adapting to the environment and weather of the North. They are hibernating animals and in the South, there’s no need for hibernation. The climate of the North is comfortable for them. 

Wrap Up

Not all chipmunks live everywhere. And this is why if you talk to a friend from the South, they might not know what animal you are talking about! That’s completely alright, tell them about where chipmunks live- we have mentioned it all!

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