How to Tell if a Squirrel Is Male or Female? | Know the Distinctions

Squirrels can be spotted in practically every community in the United States. Squirrels are rodents, even though they’re not treated in the same way that rats are. It’s difficult to imagine someone feeding popcorn to a rodent while resting on a park seat. 

Are you confused about how to tell if a squirrel is male or female? 

Male and female squirrels have several differences. The testicles of male squirrels become large and are visible in the breeding season.

How to Tell if a Squirrel Is Male or Female

And the genitals of female squirrels become noticeable. The male sexual organs stay near to stomach. But you will find the females’ ones to the anus.

Squirrels are charming and amusing, which surely adds to their popularity. Squirrels are the finest rodents on the planet. The male devotes significantly more time to cleaning than the female.

Male vs Female Squirrel Anatomy 

During the breeding season, male and female squirrels show distinct characteristics. The testicles of male squirrels enlarge and lowers, making them visible. The reproductive organs are retracted into the body during non-mating phases. 

Even during mating season, mature female squirrels’ genitals become more noticeable. The genitals of male and female squirrels are located differently. Male sexual organs are nearer to the stomach, whereas female reproductive organs are nearer to the anus.

Difference Between Male and Female Squirrels

Male squirrels are a pack of slobs who spend their days lazing around whereas the females perform the majority of the heavy lifting. There are also some more methods to distinguish yourself. These are the ones:

Child Rearing

When you observe a grownup squirrel with young squirrels, it’s a female squirrel. Male squirrels have little desire for babies and will not return to the family nest till the youngsters have left. 

Male vs female squirrels

Female squirrels are loving mothers that devote their time to guarding, nurturing, and entertaining their young. Whenever the children grow up and leave home, the female appears to be equally content to continue her strong bond with her partner.

The Sedentary Male

It’s a young male squirrel if you observe a squirrel in a badly made nest (or drey) up in a tree. A female drey is well-built and located near the trunk of a tree. The man builds a modest drey for himself up in the tree. 

The older male spends most of his recreational time in his drey only when the youngsters are little.


Late in the summer, the babies depart the house and begin their own families. The squirrel breeding ritual, which comprises a couple of squirrels dashing over the trees, can be seen from mid-summer- to fall.  The chaser is a male squirrel, and the pursued squirrel is a female.

How to Tell Squirrel’s Gender?

The average distance between the genital entrance and the anus may be used to establish the sex of squirrels: in males, the gap between the two openings is roughly 1centimeters (0.4 in. ), but in females, the two apertures are fairly close enough.

How to tell squirrels gender

Squirrels reach adulthood in a year. Previously, they were generally hidden from sight. The anatomical distinction between men and females can only be seen by flipping them over. 

If there isn’t anything visible, the rodent is a female. The genitalia of male squirrels resembles that of male dogs or cats.

Male and female forest squirrels, on the other hand, have different nesting practices. 

During the wintertime, males might be seen breeding together. Many female tree squirrels, including fox squirrels, do not usually nest jointly. An older squirrel seen bonding with a litter is most likely the litter’s mom. Male squirrels, regardless of species, do not take part in the raising process.

Female ground squirrels wake up a bit later than their male colleagues after hibernating. As a result, ground squirrels found the quickest after hibernating are more probably male. When contrasted to young females, young ground squirrel males show a lot more activity, curiosity, and fearlessness. 

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All male young ground squirrels depart the region where they are hatched by the moment, they are one year old, owing to their increasing migration and discovery. Female ground squirrels establish collectives with other similar females around the dens where they were raised.

Take note of the squirrel’s health. Male squirrels are typically larger than females. This is particularly noticeable in African pygmy squirrels. If there are multiple squirrels in a group, this method of identification gets easier.

Females have eight mammary glands, which are more apparent when she is nursing kittens. There is no sexual dimorphism in any species, therefore they cannot be accurately sexed by morphology alone unless the sexual organs or mammae are evident.

Wrapping Up

So, if I sum up the things, how to tell if a squirrel is male or female? There are many entities that are different both in male and female squirrels. 

Mainly the sexual organs are the main elements. On the other hand, female squirrels grow up with their kids, whereas the males are far from during the maternity period of the females. 

When attempting to discern a squirrel’s sex based on visible physical qualities, male and female squirrels are often the same height, form, and coloration in a long run.

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