Sheltie Guinea Pig । Attractive Facts and Lifestyle

Did you know that sheltie guinea pigs are also called silkies? Well, rightfully so. They have long silky hair, and you will find them to be one of the most adorable creatures on the planet.

Sheltie guinea pigs are rodents. They are among the smallest rodents and very much suitable for being pets. They have a simple diet, and they are of calm nature, although taking care of them is not easy-peasy lemon squeezy at all. 

Sheltie Guinea Pig

Regardless, they are also not that hard to handle. Knowing more about their characteristics, food habits, and other facts will help people understand them better.

So let’s learn more about sheltie guinea pig. This may help you better care of these guinea pigs if ever the need arrives. 

Sheltie Guinea Pig

Sheltie Guinea Pigs Are Half Peruvian And Half Self-Black
Sheltie Guinea Pig Facts
OriginGenus Cavia of Caviidae family.
AppearanceSoft and silky long hair. Doesn’t have any whirls.
PersonalityVery calm and shy. 
LifespanLive up to 4-6 years.

Among all other guinea pigs, shelties are most likely the most desired ones as pets. It is due to their calm nature, adorable little body, and astonishing looks. 

Sheltie Guinea Pig

They usually grow from 7 to 10 inches (ca. 25 cm). People often ask about sheltie guinea pig prices. You can buy them for around 40 dollars in the USA. They have a smooth coat and very long hair. 

These guinea pigs were bred in the 1970s. They are half Peruvian and half self-black. Their hair typically falls on their neck, which is a good way of identifying these animals.

In this video you can get an idea about these cute little animals, Sheltie Guinea Pigs:

Sheltie Guinea Pig Personality

Sheltie or Silkie Guinea pigs are shy creatures. These animals are rodents, and as the reputation of rodents goes, people who don’t know shelties might take them as wild ones. But they are very calm and sweet.

Shelties have soft nature. They usually go quieter around humans. They like to get patted. So handling them is not going to be that hard, especially for children. 

Sheltie Guinea Pig Personality

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Features And Characteristics

Sheltie guinea pigs are furry animals. They have long, soft, straight, and silky hair. They are also used on TV shows for their looks. Unlike their related Peruvians, silkie’s hair doesn’t fall on their faces, rather it falls on their neck.

Sheltie Guinea Pig Looks Like A Teardrop From Top

They have small legs and cute bunny-like faces. They are social animals. As a result, it will be better to have two or more silkies rather than just one. 

They also need a lot of space. As a result, having an enormous cage is not enough. You have to make sure that they get to stay out in the open for a considerable amount of time. 

Taking Care Of Sheltie Guinea Pig

Taking Care Of Sheltie Guinea Pig


The first thing to mention in case of any pet animal is food. What do sheltie guinea pigs eat? Taking care of these guinea pigs is actually easy.

Like most other rodents, guinea pigs are herbivores. They like to eat grass, weeds, fruits, and vegetables. They drink fresh water. 

But you must ensure they don’t eat too much starch and sugar, as it’s bad for them. And also make sure that they get enough vitamin C from food, as they do not produce it on their own.

You can also feed them special artificial food made for guinea pigs and pallets. Without a proper and balanced diet, they will have teeth, muscles, and even pregnancy issues. So you better watch out for what they’re eating. 

Some food can cause these animals to even die. Onions, garlic, rhubarb, chocolate, tomato, avocado, meat, etc. are not suitable for these animals. 

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Shelties are social animals. They need enough space to roam around freely for as long as they like. So you have to ensure that their cage is big and, at the same time, they get enough time outside their cage out into the open.

Sheltie Guinea Pig

They may even die if they don’t get enough space. And by enough space, it definitely didn’t mean your living room or something. They really need to go out there. 

But if you let them out at the house, make sure that the place is secured, and they won’t get injured. 

Combing And Tending

Their hair is probably better than yours. There’s no way you can deny that. And these world-class hair need that level of tending. 

You can use a big-toothed comb to straighten their hair out first. Later, you can use a denser comb to comb them. If you keep them outside untended, their hair will get dirty and messy. 

When it comes to bedding, you can use soft wooden shreds, tissue paper, or papers. But make sure that the paper doesn’t have ink, as it harms guinea pigs.

Guinea pig

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are sheltie guinea pigs for sale?

Yes, you can buy them from any nearby pet store in the US. They are usually the most liked guinea pigs for pets and can be bought for around 40 dollars

2. How long is a sheltie guinea pig’s lifespan?

Sheltie guinea pigs usually live for around 4 to 6 years. It was reported that one guinea pig lived for 14 years. But generally speaking, shelties don’t really get to live for a long time. 

3. What is the Abyssinian teddy guinea pig?

These are a type of guinea pig. They typically live up to 8 years and have swirls of hair. They are very friendly animals and ideal as pets. 

Closing Facts of Sheltie Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are, albeit one of the most desired pets in the US. sheltie guinea pig steals the market especially because of their log smooth, silky hair and likable personality.

They only eat herbs and veggies, and many food items can cause them serious harm. They are also very particular about their surroundings and living environment. But then again, almost every type of pet needs some type of tending.

With proper care, these pets can stay and spread their cuteness in your house for as long as they live. So learning about their traits and understanding them is the best way to start your journey in handling them.

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