Walkthrough Different Syrian Hamster Colors

One of the most interesting aspects of Syrian hamsters is the variety of colors that they come in. These fascinating little creatures have captured the hearts of people all around the world with their unique personalities and fluffy appearance. 

So how many Syrian hamster color variants are seen? There are around 15 different colors of Syrian hamsters that we see usually. But black, white, cream, chocolate, and golden variants are, arguably the most popular breeds.

This page will tell you about the most common color varieties of Syrian hamsters. Other unpopular but accessible color options, as well as their characteristics, will be addressed below. So, hang tight till the very end!

Syrian Hamster Colors

As mentioned before there are so many colors of Syrian Hamsters are seen. Some of them are: 

Syrian Hamster Colors
  • Black
  • Golden
  • White
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Blonde
  • Grey
  • Dove

Additionally, some Syrian hamsters have distinctive markings like stripes or dots. Here, we’ll concentrate exclusively on black, golden, white, cream, and chocolate variant.

Black Hamsters Known as Genuine Breed

The Black Bear hamster is being acknowledged by the hamster community as a “genuine breed.” A common pet species of hamster that is native to northern Syria is the Syrian Black Hamster, sometimes referred to as the Teddy Bear Hamster.

Some features of Black Bear Hamsters are as follows:

  • The typical lifespan is 3 – 6 years
  • Consumes seed mix, fruits, and vegetable
  • They are social animals
  • Can be kept as solitary pets
  • Their coat is glossy, smooth, and uniform in color
  • Some Syrian Black Hamsters may have white markings on their feet or belly, but these are relatively rare
  • They are easy to handle compared to other breeds
  • Less likely to bite or attack humans
  • They required more exercise than other hamster types to stay healthy
  • Syrian Black Hamsters seem to have a good temperament

After all, we can say that Syrian Black Hamsters are famous among all other hamsters. Although they are reported to be a bit weaker compared to the other breeds, they are still fascinating.

White Hamsters are Playful

White hamsters are enormously popular among pet owners. To help them get used to interacting with people, it’s crucial to handle them frequently. Some features of white Hamsters are as follows:

White Hamsters are Playful
  • The average lifespan can be up to 4 years 
  • They are very active and love to play with toys
  • These are also solitary animals
  • They may become aggressive with each other
  • They required a comfortable cage that has plenty of room 
  • A diet should consist of mixed nuts, grains, and seeds
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are also good

It’s very important to provide them with fresh water all the time and also keep their bowls neat and clean.

White Syrian Hamsters are great for those who want to have a hamster with low maintenance. They have a distinctive appearance, are playful, and require little maintenance.

Chocolate Hamsters have a Unique Appearance

The mixed colors of rust and black give the Syrian hamster its chocolate color. These Hamsters are also calm and easy to pet. 

Chocolate Hamsters have a Unique Appearance

Here is some characteristic of the Syrian Chocolate Hamster:

  • The typical lifespan is 2 years, but most likely to live more in captivity
  • Curious personalities and appealing looks
  • Plump body shape and soft, thick fur
  • Chocolate-colored cloak with chocolate-colored ears
  • Especially active at night
  • Should be housed in separate cages
  • Diet should be consisted with typical hamster food such as seeds, fruits and vegetable

If you want an energetic, amusing, and cooperative pet, you may like to have one chocolaty variant of the Syrian Hamster. They are easily manageable and wonderful pets.

Cream Hamsters are Quiet and Calm

It is also known as the Golden Hamster. The cream Syrian hamster is merely a “regular” Syrian hamster with a particularly attractive coat color.

Cream Hamsters are Quiet and Calm

Here is some additional information about this type of Hamster:

  • A hamster’s parents must both be cream for him to have that hue of fur
  • They are always just one color
  • They are generally quiet
  • Do not require a lot of exercises
  • Cream hamsters can live approximately 2-3 years
  • It loves the sand bath
  • They are not good swimmers
  • They are very calm and quiet
  • They ought to keep their distance from one another

The Syrian chocolate hamster is a wonderful pet and requires little upkeep, just like other hamsters. If you want to pet a hamster that looks distinctive and appealing, you may have one. They make good friends as well.

Other Different Hues of Syrian Hamsters

Apart from the conventional Syrian hamsters, several other variants boast different colors such as grey, beige, blonde, etc. 

Other Different Hues of Syrian Hamsters

Although their physical features, body structure, and behavior are quite similar, there may be slight variations in their temperament. In general, these hamsters grow anywhere between 4.2 to 6.2 inches and can weigh up to 5.3 ounces

They are an ideal choice for petting due to their calm and manageable nature. However, it is recommended to accommodate these hamsters in separate cages to avoid any clash.

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You still have something to know? Keep your eyes here.

Q: Can Syrian hamsters live with other animals? 

No. Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and should not be housed with other animals, including other hamsters, as they may become aggressive toward one another.

Can Syrian hamsters live with other animals

Q: What color of Syrian hamsters are the best pets?

Syrian Hamsters, usually are friendly co operative with the owner, and adorable. So it is tough to say any particular color to take. But Black and chocolate color variants have all the quality to be taken, as well as a beautiful appearance.

What color of Syrian hamsters are the best pets

Q: How often do Syrian hamsters need to be exercised? 

Syrian hamsters need exercise to stay healthy and happy. But it should be on a timely basis. It can be every day, or it can be at least once every two days.


And there you have it, folks! A full run-down of the different Syrian hamster colors and what makes them so special. Black colors are called the genuine breed, but white hamsters are popular for their cooperation. Also, chocolate or cream color variants are popular for their beautiful appearance.

But don’t forget about the other colors, like grey, beige, and blonde. They are charming and make great pets too. Syrian hamsters are solitary creatures, so it’s best to keep them in separate cages. 

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