What is the Color of a Pet Mouse? Choose your Favorite Color

Mice are cute little rodent animals that everyone likes to make their pets. But sometimes, people may get confused about which color to buy, as there are so many variations.

What is the Color of a Pet Mouse

Now, what is the color of a pet mouse? A pet mouse has varieties of colors. The most common colors are brown, white, and gray.

In this article, we will let you know how many colors pet mice have and their varieties. 

How Many Colors do Mice Have?

There are different colored mice available all around the world. People take any color mouse that they like. 

How Many Colors do Mice Have

Here are some of the mice that live in the house as pets-

  • Agouti mice
  • Self mice
  • Tan mice
  • Patchwork colored mice
  • Marked mice

These mice can have different color combinations or single colors in their fur, eyes, and other parts of the body. 

Agouti Mice

Agouti Mice Variances

If you have seen natural wild mice, you can compare them with the pet Agouti mice. They have almost the same type of color in their furs. 

Their furs are mainly filled with brown colors. But with the brown color, there are black, gray, brown, and orange colors ticked with it. Also, their eyes are black.

Agouti Mice

Now, there can be variance between different Agouti mice. Among them. Here are some of them.

  • Cinnamon Agouti– Cinnamon Agouti mice have coppery brown fur. You can say they are the most normal and common agouti mice found in different places.
  • Blue Agouti– These mice have slate blue color fur, and that fur has black ticking. Also, blue Agouti mice have black eyes.
  • Argente– These pet Agouti mice have modified genes for pink eyes. This is the reason why the darker parts of the hair get soft yellowish tones.  

Agouti mice may sometimes be seen drinking less water than normal mice. You should take care of them properly if this happens.

Self Mice

Unlike Agouti mice, self mice do not have a tick in their fur. If you are looking for solid-color mice, these are the ones that you are actually looking for.

Self Mice

Self varieties mice have some varieties between themselves. They are – 

  • Black– These mice are totally black shaded with black eyes. They are also known as gothic mice for this reason.
  • Chocolate– The mice with milk chocolate color furs. They usually have the exact shade of chocolate. But it may vary from other mice too. They have black eyes.
  • Blue– Among the self mice, blue is a bit uncommon. Most people would like to call the color of their fur gray. Blue mice have a warm dark slate color. 

Sometimes, these mice keep dying for no reason. You should learn why and also how to prevent it from happening.

Tan Mice

Tan Mouse Looks From Outside

Tan mice have the upper body fur color like Agouti colors. But when it comes to the lower part of the fur, the actual difference occurs. 

The tummy side of the tan, the mice are almost orange. If you compare with dark-colored mice (eg. black tan), you may find differences between them. 

Also, for the marked tan mice, the orange part only covers the non-white area of the tummy. 

🐹 This color combination sometimes gets mixed with hamsters too. Hamsters and mice are almost relatable.

Patchwork Colored Mice

There are varieties between patchwork colored mice too. Here are some of them given below-

  • Brindle– Have you ever seen a brindle dog? These patchwork colored mice follow the same principle as them. They can have any color in their fur. 
  • Splashed This type of music has colorful blotches of two shades on a washed-out background fur color. 

Marked Mice

White colored mice are very popular all around the globe. They have almost a full body with a white coating. Also, they can occur on top of any color variety. 

Marked Mice Color Combination

There are some markings over the white body that is protracted above the white body of the mice. Here are some of the common markings-

  • Dutch – Blob color around the eye, ear, etc. with colored shorts.
  • Rump White Most of the body is colored, white from hips down.
  • Banded – White belt-colored mouse.


Which Variety of Pet Mice is the Best?

You can not decide which mice are the best and which are the worst. There are variations between every mouse. And for every variety, there are good and bad mixes.

But you should always check whether they have health problems before adopting them. This is good practice.

How Many Colors do Mice Have?

Mice can have a variety of colors in different sizes. Here are some of the common colors that you will see anywhere:

  • White
  • Brown, and 
  • Gray.
How Many Colors do Mice Have

Final Words

Mice are cute rodent animals that need proper care to be healthy. 

If you are confused about which mouse to buy to make your pet rodent and ask “What is the color of a pet mouse?” then you should check one of them mentioned above.

Check them out, you will definitely like all of them.

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