What Does A Chipmunk Eat For Living? | Do They Get Proper Nutrition?

From adorable nut hoarder, to tireless tunnel builder to ferocious snake killer, Chipmunks, the neurotic multitasking rodent, has all these jobs, and they excel at all of them.

They are also known as the cheekiest cutie in the world. But what does a chipmunk eat?If you have a chipmunk as a pet or want one, this is a significant concern about their nutrition.

What Does A Chipmunk Eat

By the way, nuts, seeds, nuts, worms, small birds, fruits, fungi, insects, etc., are on the list of chipmunk’s diet.
However, things are needed to be explained more for different types of chipmunks including baby, pet, and wild. Let’s see what remains.

What Is Chipmunks Favorite Food?

It looks adorable when you see a chipmunk putting a couple of nuts in their cheeks and puffing up. But nuts are not the only thing that they eat. Chipmunks are omnivores, which means they can eat plants and vegetables.

What Does A Chipmunk Eat
What Does A Chipmunk Eat

Generally, What do chipmunks eat? There are many likable foods out there that chipmunks love to eat. Among them, 

  • Nuts.
  • Worms.
  • Small birds.
  • Fruits.
  • Seeds.
  • Fungi.
  • Insects. 

Now, what do Chipmunks like to eat the most? Depending on the chipmunk’s inhabitation, the food taste and eating practice differs significantly. 

Like, a baby chipmunk will not likely eat nuts at the beginning. And if they are pet chipmunks, then small birds or fungi are not their likable food.

What Does A Baby Chipmunk Eat

As babies, nurturing is very important. So, when they are newborn babies, you need to know how often a chipmunk eats a day to grow well.

If they have a mother, they will rely on their mother’s milk in the beginning to survive. Then after a couple of weeks, they learn to eat on their own, whether they live in the wild or as pets. 

What Does a baby chipmunk eat

If you keep a baby chipmunk as a pet, you can use a milk replacer. They help provide proper nutrition to the baby.

When they become a bit old, give them a few solid foods to learn to chew and eat.

They also get nutrition from eating fruits. The more they will grow, their taste buds will change eventually. So, you can start giving them fruits like berries or apples, etc.

What Does A Pet Chipmunk Eat

People love to keep chipmunks as pets because they are cute. But to maintain its health to 100%, what to feed a chipmunk to provide it diet nutrition.

Did you ever have a concern like, “What can I feed a chipmunk?”

You can provide every type of grain, fruit, or vegetable adequately. Also, provide them with a mixture of grain, fruits, nuts, and water.

Pet Chipmunks Food Chart
Pet Chipmunks Food Chart

If you provide them the nutrition individually, you can find grains like oats, corn, barley, wheat, etc. There are different nuts like hazelnuts, pine nuts, acorns, pecans, etc., that they love to eat.

Also, to be healthy, they need a few fruits to eat. Provide them with fresh fruits like apples, berries, bananas, or pears. 

If you are not providing fruits, you can keep an optional vegetable section where you can feed them carrots, bean sprouts, and leafy greens.

The main thing to keep in mind is that if you are starting to make a pet chipmunk, you need to take care of its nutrition.

Do The Wild Chipmunk Eat the Same Nutrition As A Pet Chipmunk?

A wild chipmunk does not get the same care as a pet chipmunk. They eat anything edible in the forest. 

How often does a chipmunk eat a day? A pet chipmunk differs from a while chipmunk over here.

The owner of a pet chipmunk needs to find the proper nutrition chart and feeds them different nutritious food every day. At the same time, a wild-born chipmunk has to hunt its food to survive.

As they are omnivores, they will eat vegetables and animal proteins. In the vegetable section, they mostly eat seeds of the vegetables, nuts, grains, mushrooms, etc. 

If they are too hungry, they start eating grasses and roots. Their main motive of them is struggling to survive.

Some of the chipmunks also hunt for centipedes and millipedes sometimes. But this is rare be seen.

But the pet chipmunks do not need to worry that much. They come to their owner and look adorably, and their owner will provide them with good, fresh, and nutritious foods. So, they can get pumped up anytime.

Final Words

I hope, now you know what does a chipmunk eat. Chipmunks can eat anything that has vegetables or proteins. They are not popular among pets, but the more time goes on, the more people get attention. 

Chipmunks are not that much picky, you can provide them with the above foods if you are taking on home.

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