Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each Other Bums| Is It Concerning?

Small pets like guinea pigs are popular with children and adults alike. Despite their size, guinea pigs are kind and caring companions.

However, guinea pigs have been known to nibble or bite on occasion. They bite each other’s bums. This may be a concern, particularly for children who do not comprehend why their loving pet might bite them.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each Others Bums

By the way, this adorable animal can bite for several reasons. Hunger, stress, tearing teeth, sickness, pain, or hormones may the reasons behind their biting, on bums (!) or wherever. 

To avoid or stop a guinea pig’s bite, it is very helpful to understand why they bite and how to prevent it. This information may help you and your kid have a better connection with their pet and avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each Other’s Bums?

Rational Reasons Guinea Pig Bite For

Guinea pigs love company. They create several sounds to communicate and express feelings. Guinea pigs bite in reaction to their emotions or surroundings. Why would your guinea pig bite each other bum?

Feeling Hungry

Guinea pigs have preferred meals. They may bite at another guinea pig if they are hungry or competing over food. This is normal for hungry animals, but it may be prevented.

Feeling Stressed

Various things may stress out a guinea pig. Too-small cages, no room to sleep, persistent competition for a partner or food, and an unpleasant cage floor may stress your guinea pig. This makes it more prone to bite.

Tearing Its Teeth Apart

If your guinea pig bites you or its cage, it may be attempting to wear down its teeth. Guinea pigs’ teeth keep growing throughout their lives, thus, they must chew.

Feeling Sick

Unwell guinea pigs may bite. If you are handling them or forcing them to eat, they may bite to tell you to leave them alone. A bite from your guinea pig, especially if it has never been nipped before, may be an indicator that it is unwell.

Causes For Guinea Pig Bite

Feeling Pain

When ill, your guinea pig may hurt. Biting may also be caused by pain. Biting is more probable if you or your kid squeeze your guinea pig too firmly, its leg is jammed in the cage, it is hurt, or it is in agony. If your guinea pig bites, make sure it is not in pain.


Males reach puberty at 2 to 3 months, and if kept together, they may bite one other or you because of high testosterone levels. Fighting between male guinea pigs should be avoided at all costs. In addition to being less gregarious, female guinea pigs have been demonstrated to be less patient with other guinea pigs and handled while they are in heat.

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How to Stop Guinea Pigs From Biting Each Others Bums

Doing these steps will help keep your guinea pig from biting each other bum. A guinea pig’s cage should not be too tiny. Make sure there are lots of places to hide and enough food to eat.

Do not disturb your guinea pig when it is resting, and make sure it has lots of chew toys to keep it occupied while you are away.

Avoid handling your guinea pig more than necessary if you fear it is ill or in discomfort. There are times when you will have to put an end to the relationship between your guinea pigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each Others Ears?

Guinea pigs do not simply bite each other’s ears out of hostility. Hierarchy could matter. Senior guinea pigs with high social status may bite the ears of lower-ranking pigs. Some guinea pigs bite ears to determine dominance. Fur-biting may indicate guinea pig dominance conflicts.

2. Do Guinea Pigs Bite Draw Blood?

A guinea pig’s bite is not powerful enough to break the skin and draw blood, but it may display symptoms of aggressiveness in self-defense when it feels threatened and afraid.

3. What To Do If Your Guinea Pig Bites You And It Bleeds?

Make use of a clean bandage or cloth to put pressure on the bite or scrape to stop the blood from coming out. Wash the wound for at least five minutes under running water from a faucet. The tissue may be bruised if you scrape. Apply a sterile dressing to the wound and pat it dry.

4. How Serious Is A Guinea Pig Bite?

Fever and redness surrounding the site are signals of an infection, so be on the lookout for these symptoms in bites that do not heal on their own. See a doctor right away if you have any suspicions that the wound is infected. The mother and newborn guinea pigs are shown.


I hope this clarifies any lingering questions you may have about why do guinea pigs bite each other bums. When guinea pigs are having fun in their cages, they may bite at their bums.

You might consider separating them if they are biting aggressively, chasing each other, or engaging in full-blown physical battles.

It is important that they be housed in an area that is large enough for them to roam about, as well as stocked with a variety of food and water.

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