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How do you know what your guinea pig’s pee should look like? Is guinea pig pee white?

Guinea pig pee is a good indicator of health. Despite this, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to urine analysis. On an everyday basis, you can see the shifts in the hues.

Is Guinea Pig Pee White?
Is Guinea Pig Pee White?

White-colored or clean pee indicates the guinea pig is having too much water. Excess calcium, on the other hand, is not a healthy indication. Urine that appears red or pinkish suggests the presence of blood. 

Color changes are not markers of good health. The urine’s consistency is critical, and one should pay attention to it. Healthy Guinea pigs pee easily and have vivid urine. However, there is still more to be discovered.

What Is the Normal Color of Guinea Pig Pee?

The guinea pigs’ pee can become cloudy if they eat a lot of calcium-rich food. The presence of murky urine is not something you should overlook. When you see black urine, it is time to make a dietary modification. If left alone, pee can get sludgy and chalky.

What Is the Normal Color of Guinea Pig Pee?
What Is the Normal Color of Guinea Pig Pee?

Urine may become red due to dietary changes, so there is no need to panic. In some instances, it is mistaken for blood. However, this is not always the case. Perhaps that is because their bladders are covered with pigment.

Guinea pig pee with a variety of colors is unusual. If it persists for a lengthy period, you should not dismiss it. Medical advice from a veterinarian may be obtained.

It is normal for the color of your urine to fluctuate often owing to dietary changes.

The Indications For Different Colors Of Guinea Pig Pee

This chart shows guinea pig urine colors and health conditions:

Bright Yellow

As shown by the color, your guinea pig is in good health. 

Pale yellow

Milky or black urine indicates calciuria. A calcium-rich diet helps. 


Red urine may be caused by dandelion, beet, red cabbage, or carrots. Bladder pigments may also cause it. Antibiotics produce red pigmentation. Long-term red urine is concerning.


Blood can cause pink urine. The hue indicates trace blood. Diluted blood is pink. Strawberries or cranberries may trigger it. Dietary calcium may also cause it.


It is from bladder pigments. Deep brown urine indicates red urine. Check diet and poop.  Young guinea pigs’ urine is browner.

Guinea Pig Pee Color and health conditions
Guinea Pig Pee Color and health conditions


Dehydrated guinea pigs pee orange. Dehydration causes orange-colored urination. Provide fresh water for your guinea. Pigmentation makes urine orange.


Clear white pee means your guinea pig drinks too much water. Extra water might cause renal issues in guinea pigs.

How To Know If Your Guinea Pig Has UTI?

Guinea pigs often get UTIs. If your guinea pig has trouble peeing, feels discomfort, squeaks, and you see blood remnants in dried urine, immediately go to the clinic as your pet likely has UTI.

Naturally, your veterinarian will take a urine sample, and if blood is present, he will check it for blood using a test. Like with people, the urine culture test helps figure out which antibiotic will work best here.

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Guinea Pigs take longer to recover from infections. If your pet bleeds after antibiotics, run to the doctor. To find out whether there are any stones in your pet’s x-ray, you should ask the vet to do so.

Keep your piggy dry to avoid UTIs. Keep long-haired cavies’ butt hairs short.

Additionally, you should do spot cleaning more regularly and switch up the bedding more frequently. Look for polyester fleece textiles that drain urine yet keep dry.

If your guinea pig has repeated UTIs, cranberry juice between infections may reduce the frequency of illnesses by 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Color Pee Should My Guinea Pig Have?

The urine of a guinea pig is often thick, murky, and white in appearance.

2. Is Guinea Pig Urine Harmful To Humans?

However clean and sanitary they seem, they may nonetheless infect individuals. Humans may get salmonellosis (produced by the salmonella bacteria) from infected guinea pigs via direct touch.

3. How Do You Get Rid Of The Smell Of Guinea Pig Pee?

One of the most effective methods for eliminating your pet’s pee scent is to run an air purifier across the room. The antidote you have been looking for may finally be at hand. A guinea pig cage is filled with stale air, which an air purifier removes and replaces with clean air.

4. Does Guinea Pig Pee Smells Like Ammonia?

Yes. Even though urine’s ammonia smells bad, inhaling it may harm guinea pigs’ nasal passages and create other health problems.


Is guinea pig pee white? Always inspect your Guinea pig’s urine to learn about his health.

Guinea pigs should have clean, light yellow urine. If it is hazy white, you should reduce their calcium intake. Orange or brown urine is also OK, but you should monitor your Cavy’s water intake to avoid dehydration.

Red pee that becomes brown as it dries might include blood. Dry pee might be powdered, but gritty indicates bladder stones.

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