5 Reasons Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily?| How to Prevent Sudden Death

Hamsters are typical “starter” pets for younger children owing to their tiny size, simple maintenance, and general availability. But, why do hamsters die so easily?

Many hamsters die “for no cause” or suddenly. Two hamsters confined together may die quickly or simultaneously. This is widespread and generally not the owner’s fault. 

Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily

Let us analyze hamster facts to understand why they die suddenly.

Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily? 

It is unfortunate that hamsters have a lifetime of just a few years. If not properly cared for, hamsters are delicate creatures prone to a variety of diseases.

Hamsters may die from a variety of health issues other than old age. That explains why hamsters die so suddenly and mysteriously.

What Is the Average Age of the Hamsters? 

Hamsters are cute and cuddly pets that need little attention. Compared to other animals, they have a relatively short lifespan.

In general, hamsters live two to three years. However, if all of their requirements are met, they might survive far into their years.

Hamsters live two to three years

What Are The Reasons Due to Which Hamsters Die So Easily?

Saying goodbye to a pet is the most difficult aspect of owning one. Even while hamsters are wonderful pets, their short lifespans make them a potential liability.

As simple as the hamsters’ criteria may seem, it is crucial to follow through on each one. Providing children with nutritious food and enough attention is essential.

Most of the time, there is no indication that a hamster is unwell or injured before it suddenly dies. Hamsters die at an alarming rate of a variety of causes, the most common of which are:

Old-Age and Stress

Hamsters die most often from old age and stress. Stress may impair the immune system, resulting in infections and diseases that can lead to mortality, even as we age.

Heart Diseases

Hamsters of all ages are susceptible to heart disease, regardless of their age. These include congestive heart failure, arrhythmogenic right ventricular heart failure, and other cardiomyopathic diseases.

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Wet Tail Disease

The term “et tail” refers to a hamster’s diarrhea, loss of fluids, and decreased appetite. This disease is 90 percent lethal during the first 24-48 hours. A wet tail may manifest itself in a number of ways, including extreme fatigue, rapid weight loss, thinning hair, or a hunched posture.

5 Reasons Why Hamsters Die So Easily


Pneumonia, a lung illness, may also kill hamsters so fast because it affects the lungs. A hamster may not display any symptoms, therefore it is crucial to keep an eye out for any alterations in their behavior.

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Other Infections and Injuries

There are several illnesses that may kill hamsters, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. It is also possible for injuries to get infected, which may lead to a host of health issues and even an early death.

An adorable and lovely hamster is dying:

Is There a Way to Prevent a Hamster from Dying So Quickly?

Hamsters are neat and well-groomed. Diseases still affect their health.

The hamster may not display crucial signs of most illnesses. Best techniques to keep hamsters from dying early:

  • 3-6-month vet visits
  • Clean and sanitize
  • Properly nourished
  • Reducing loud sounds reduces stress.
  • Keep them entertained by playing with them.

How Can Pet Owners Improve Hamsters’ Health and Lives?

You can help hamsters live longer and healthier lives as a pet owner. To begin, provide them with a suitable living space, appropriate toys, food, and clothing, as well as enough time.

Make them feel at ease and keep an eye on their vital signs. If you notice any changes in your hamster’s health, do not hesitate to call the vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Hamsters Die From Being Scared?

It is possible for them to die from a heart attack, just like a human being. To escape or return to its cage, a terrified hamster may attack you with its claws or bite its neck. You may prevent frightening your hamster by communicating with it, analyzing its body language, and establishing a low-stress environment.

2. How Do Hamsters Die of Old Age?

Thin hair, reduced activity, lack of appetite, and visual difficulties indicate an aging pocket pet.

  • Low activity.
  • Changes in hair/skin.
  • Appetite and weight decrease.
  • Changed vision.
  • Arthritis.
  • Dental Problems.

3. How Long Does It Take for a Hamster to Die?

Hamsters die young. Once they are 2 years old, they are considered elderly and slow down. Their little bodies can not sustain their biological processes, hence they perish within 1-2 years.


Now you know why do hamsters die so easily and how to prevent them from dying so young. These are several illnesses and circumstances that may kill hamsters quickly.

Remember that hamsters may die in different ways, and examine each case carefully.

Do not worry about not being able to come to a solid conclusion about what occurred since it is quite frequent. If you buy another hamster, care for it well, paying attention to feeding, enrichment, and habitat design to reduce stress.

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