Guinea Pig Rumble Strutting Female | Learn Why And How They Do It

Guinea pig rumble strutting female is a normal fact. They can rumble strut for different reasons like under excitement or anxiety, dominating over other guinea pigs, or even when they are in their mating time.

Guinea Pig Rumble Strutting Female

So, do not be worried, there are various ways to stop their rumble strutting. In this article, you will learn why the female guinea pigs’ rumble strut and how to stop their rumble strutting. You need to follow some instructions to reduce their rumble strutting. 

Why Are My Female Guinea Pigs Rumble Strutting?

A female guinea pig can rumble struts for several reasons. They can strut as a sign of dominance, or can be out of excitement. 

Here are all the reasons for a female guinea pig to rumble strut.

Excitement or Anxiety

Female guinea pigs can rumble strut when they get scared or anxious. It creates too much tension in their chest muscles. Also, the sound feels like they are breathing through their nose.

But they do not only rumble strut when the female guinea pigs are anxious. When they are happy, they can also do rumble strutting. It feels almost like they are asking for attention or they are hungry.

Also, do guinea pigs like music? Because sometimes you will see that they are vibing and rumble strutting by hearing the music too.

Dominating Sign

When a new guinea pig is introduced into the cage, other female guinea pigs start dominating the new one. They normally will create a rumbling sound to show their bossy features around the new pig.

Guinea Pigs Rumble Strutting While Dominating

This can create a ruckus among the guinea pigs and a collision can be created. They will at first start rumble-strutting and will try to sort out who is in charge.

The smaller the cage, the more rumble strutting you can hear from the female guinea pigs.

Now, why are male guinea pigs fighting drawing blood, do you know the reason? There is a preventive measure for their offensiveness too.

Look at the link down below how they are rumble strutting while dominating each other-


When the mating period starts, female guinea pigs will rumble strudel to attract male ones. This is actually their time. Female guinea pigs will not stop rumble strutting till the very end of the season.

Female Guinea Pig Rumble Strutting Reasons

On the other hand, male guinea pigs grunt at each other during mating season. If at least two males meet each other, they will attack each other to find out who wins and get the female guinea pig.

So, do not worry about a guinea pig rumbling and popcorning, because that pig is making babies with male guinea pigs. You can check them to ensure no one is hurt.

How To Stop Rumble Strutting Of A Female Guinea Pig

Why are my guinea pigs making a rumbling noise?” If you are concerned about this, then you should not. Because it is a natural part of female guinea pigs. You may see a female guinea pig rumbling and walking slowly too.

If so, then do not worry about that. Because they may be looking for their mating partner. But if you do not want them to rumble strutting, then you can calm them down. You can do the below stuff to make guinea pigs calm-

  • Stroke their ears and neck area.
  • Put her in a silent room a couple of times. It can ease their mind.
  • To ease their boredom, you can throw a small amount of dried forage to keep them busy.

Final Words

There are many reasons that we discussed above Why guinea pig rumble strutting females? Also, a certain thing needs to be remembered: not all female guinea pigs do rumble strutting. They make the noise only under certain circumstances.

Guinea pigs’ rumble strutting is not always easy to hear. But if you try to listen closely, you will hear them doing it. So, do not get nervous, they can make this sound often.

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