How Do You Transport a Hamster From a Pet Store? 3 Ways to Carry Your Hamster

Whether you are taking your rodent on a vacation road trip or to the doctor for a checkup, make sure it is secure and relaxed. Also, take precautions when it is a pet store too.

How do you transport a hamster from a pet store? 

How Do You Transport A Hamster From A Pet Store

Traveling with a hamster is different from traveling with a dog or cat, so take precautions to avoid stressing or harming your rodent. You can take your hamster with you in a caged portable hamster carrier.

The Best Way to Move a Hamster

You may need a sitter when relocating. After settling in, you may bring your hamster. Your hamster may be the last thing you move since you do not want to leave it alone for more than a few days at a time.

Here are some alternatives and advice for traveling with your pet hamster by car, or aircraft. Consider getting a sitter if you can, since it is safer for your hamster to remain home than travel about, particularly if it is a short trip.

Tips for Transporting Hamsters on Short Car Trips

Hamsters like short car tours. The vet or a friend’s home to watch your hamster are not great adventures.

Putting Your Hamster In A Travel Container Can Make It Feel Like Home

Putting your hamster in a tiny travel container with some cage bedding can make it feel more at home and protected. You may also plug a tunnel from the hamster’s cage for travel.

For a short journey, your hamster will not require food or drink, although a tiny carrot, cucumber, or melon may aid with hydration. You should also give your hamster a chew stick.

If you do not have someone to carry the carrier, put it between the rear and front seats.

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Tips for Transporting Hamsters on Long Car Trips

Wire cages are preferable since they allow for air circulation, but you will need to place cardboard between the cage and the seat to prevent chewing. Plastic cages keep chairs from being eaten, yet in bright sunshine, they may become as hot as an oven.

You will need food, chew sticks, and bedding for the cage. Do not leave the water bottle in the cage as it might spill when your hamster is drinking; you may hit a bump hurting your hamster.  

When traveling, bring the hamster to a hotel. Even if you carry a cage inside the hotel, you will not have to worry about finding a pet-friendly place to stay.

You may have to sleep with the cage in a bathroom, but never put your hamster in the car overnight.

Tips for Flying With a Hamster

If you are going on a true vacation, you will want to do all you can to make the flight as stress-free as possible. Take your hamster on the aircraft since you can not transport him.

Use Carry-on Luggage For Airplane Trip With Your Hamster

You should bring your hamster in your carry-on luggage. You will need a pet-approved carrier and a medical certificate to fly with your hamster. Before bringing your hamster to the airport, contact the airline for details.

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How Do You Transport a Hamster?

Your Hamster’s New Home

You should not immediately handle a new hamster. Your hamster may be scared of its new home. Allow your hamster a few days to adapt.

Picking Up Your Hamster

Grab your hamster with two hands. Make sure one hand is below it. So it does not fall, the other should softly encircle it. Before lifting the hamster, face it towards you. This will prevent the hamster from fleeing.

Use a Carrier 

Long-distance hamster travel requires a transparent, plastic pet carrier. You may relocate your hamster to a carrier if you are bringing it to the vet or cleaning its cage. You should fill the container with cage bedding.

Three Ways Transport A Hamster

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Safely Transport a Hamster?

Transporting hamsters is stressful, so only do it if necessary. Securely cage your pet. Hamsters eat free edges to escape. Keep them caged.

2. How Do You Transport a New Hamster?

Cup your hand over the hamster’s back to lift it up. Start lifting up your hamster over your lap or a soft surface in case it falls or leaps.

3. Can You Transport a Hamster In a Cardboard Box?

Do not keep your hamster in cardboard or wood. It can bite through this to escape. Deluxe rigid plastic constructions with tubes and chambers are hard to clean.

4. Can You Keep a Hamster In a Cardboard Box?

A thick cardboard container is excellent for transporting a hamster, but a tougher, unchewable material may be better if you do it often. Clean cardboard should be used for hamsters.

Final Words

It is everything here how do you transport a hamster from a pet store. Barking, flashing lights, cellphones, banging doors, and other disturbances can stress your rodents.

Make sure your sitter has a set routine so your hamster is not stressed. Consider feeding, exercise, and cage-cleaning schedules.

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