What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Sway | the Root Reasons Behind It?

Guinea pigs swaying for many reasons. If you are thinking “What does it mean when guinea pigs sway”, it means they are in cold, happy, fearful, or painful conditions.

What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Sway

If they are in these conditions, there are different ways to reduce their swaying too.

In this article, you will learn the reasons behind guinea pigs swaying and how you can reduce them easily.

Reasons Behind Guinea Pigs Swaying

There are many reasons why your guinea pigs can sway. It can happen because of weakness, happiness, fear, or even anger too.

Reasons Behind Guinea Pigs Swaying

Swaying on Weakness

Guinea pigs can sway when they are weak. They will wobble when they walk. It can happen because of malnutrition.

Also, they can become weak when they are running around a lot. At that moment, they can sway too. 

It is totally a normal reason for your guinea pig to be swaying. But do not overlook if they are swaying over sickness. If you are wondering “Why is my guinea pig wobbly”, swaying can be a reason for that too.

Swaying on Cold

As warm-blooded animals, guinea pigs can sway when they find their surroundings cooler. They will be seen shivering out of the cold in one place. 

Normal room temperature is totally fine for guinea pigs. But if it goes more than that, then it can be a problem for them.

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Swaying on Pain

Guinea pigs swaying on the other conditions are fine. But if they are swaying because of pain, it can be something else. 

Normally, guinea pigs swaying because of pain is totally undetectable by humans as they can hide their pain very easily. But you can figure it out if you know what the symptoms are for their swaying.

Here are those symptoms that you may see in a guinea pigs body-

  • Hair losses.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Infection in the ear, eye, etc.
  • Coughing.
  • Wheezing.

Your guinea pigs may have these conditions when they suffer from pain. Now, why do these conditions occur?

There are different types of bacteria or parasites that can be the cause of these infections. If you are taking care of him, you need to check these symbols. By the way, are guinea pigs hard to take care of?

Swaying on Fear

There can be many reasons why your guinea pigs may be swaying out of fear. Here are some of the most common reasons-

  • Your guinea pigs are in an unfamiliar place. 
  • Sudden loud noises.
  • If they are held too high.
  • Environmental changes.

These are the major reasons why your guinea pigs may sway out of fear.

How to Reduce Guinea Pigs Swaying

There are some steps that you can take to reduce guinea pigs swaying. Normally, guinea pigs swaying because of cold, fear, or happiness are natural reasons and you can normally reduce their swaying by yourself.

But when they are swaying in pain, this is the showtime where you need to take extra care of them.

Check a Veterinarian

Visiting A Veterinarian When Guinea Pigs Sway

When you are seeing some symptoms of a parasitic attack, and see your guinea pig is suffering from it, it is time for you to take him to a veterinarian.

Health-related issues are most likely handled by veterinarians. Any of the above symptoms given above in pain can get a lot worse. So, it is important to take your guinea pig to the veterinarian when they are in pain.

Creating a Cozy Environment

Who does not like a comfortable and cozy environment? Like humans, guinea pigs also love this type of environment. Whenever you are seeing your guinea pigs shivering, or in fear, you can take them into the cozy environment.

This can reduce their swaying a lot. Along with the cozy environment, if you provide them with their favorite and nutritious foods, then they are the happiest of all.

Here is a link down below where you can learn all the fresh and likable food and fruit by guinea pigs-

Final Words

Guinea pigs are cute and comfortable mammals that we can watch the whole day and never get bored. Sometimes, it can be hard to understand “What does it mean when guinea pigs sway?”

But you can now easily understand the reasons behind their swaying and how you can reduce it easily. But if you face any major issues with your guinea pigs, you should check out a veterinarian fast.

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