How to Make Diapers for Guinea Pigs? [4 Steps]

If you’ve ever considered adding a guinea pig to your family, you may be wondering how to make diapers for guinea pigs so that they do not poop everywhere. 

To make diapers, there are some easy steps that you can follow like cutting diaper parts, putting panty liners, making holes for guinea pigs’ heads, etc.

Diapers for Guinea Pigs

So, you need to make it precisely so that your guinea pig does not suffer from wearing a diaper. 

In this article, we’ll share some tips on whether the diapers are good enough for guinea pigs, how to make diapers for guinea pigs, how to put diapers on your guinea pig, and so on.

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Diapers?

Guinea pigs can wear diapers. But it should not always be. These little rodents love to be free. Diapers make them feel condemned in a cage. 

Normally, guinea pigs are clean animals and also they are potty trained. So, it should not be a major concern. You can take American guinea pigs as an example. At the very beginning, you can make them wear diapers for an hour or so maximum. 

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Diapers

But later on, try to train them to potty in a certain place. People may not find it good enough to potty train them and not make them wear diapers. 

There is not that much harm if you do not make them wear diapers. In fact, they will be more than happy not wearing diapers.

If there is an occasion or you are going outside with your guinea pig, you can make them wear diapers. 

Are Diapers Good for Guinea Pigs?

Understanding how your guinea pig feels after making them wear diapers is essential. Sometimes, they may feel anxious or irritated after wearing diapers. 

So, being observant is one of the most crucial things when you make your guinea pigs wear diapers. 

Some guinea pigs may like diapers; some may not. Depending on their behavior, you can tell whether you can provide them with diapers or not. It can be hard sometimes to take care of guinea pigs, but not always. 

Are Diapers Good for Guinea Pigs

By wearing diapers, you can reduce guinea pigs’ poop everywhere in the house. But at the same time, they may face issues if you do not choose the right diapers for them. 

They may get allergies or rashes that lead to breathing restrictions. It may reduce the lifespan of your guinea pig too.

Because of breathing restrictions, your guinea pig may sway. So, you should be more careful about that.

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Steps to Make Diapers for Guinea Pigs

Steps to Make Diapers for Guinea Pigs

There are some easy steps to make diapers for guinea pigs. By following them precisely, you can create your own guinea pigs too.

If you follow these steps below, you can easily make diapers for guinea pigs.

Step 1 – Making a Precise Shape of the Diaper

To create a diaper, take a baby diaper and try to cut it into the size of a guinea pig’s backside. Size is one of the biggest factors when you try to make one because your guinea pig will feel relieved depending on how good the diaper is.
If the diaper is too long, your guinea pig will feel uncomfortable. So, make sure you are making the diaper in the right size.

Step 2 – Cutting Hole for Guinea Pig’s Head

Make sure to cut the hole in your guinea pig’s head. It will help your little rodent pet to pass through with ease.

Steps to Make Diapers for Guinea Pigs

Step 3 – Sticking Panty Liner

Another thing that you need to check and do is stick the panty liner on the diaper to the place where you will pass your guinea pig’s head.
Depending on the pad you are using, you can do it. Take the smallest size or cut it to size to fit the diaper.

Step 4 – Make Your Guinea Pig Wear the Diaper

After you stick the panty liner, you are done. Now you can make your guinea pig wear the diaper.

How To Put a Diaper on a Guinea Pig?

How to Put a Diaper on Your Guinea Pig

It is really easy to put diapers on guinea pigs. Here are some easy steps that you can follow to put diapers on your guinea pig-

  • Take your guinea pig to the place where you put the diaper. First, gently pass her head through the hole. 
  • Later on, gradually put your hands and legs properly. 
  • Close the velcro straps around your pig’s back so the diaper is secured around her body.
  • Also, remember to check the diaper frequently. They may need a change.

Concerns to Check When Providing Diapers to Guinea Pigs

In order to provide your guinea pigs with good diapers, you need to first understand how the diapers differ from each other.

Concerns to Check When Providing Diapers to Guinea Pigs

To buy a diaper for your guinea pig, you need to keep some key points in mind-

  • The materials are well made and have no side effects like allergic reactions.
  • The diapers should fit in, not be oversized.
  • The diapers do not create rashes or cause itching problems.

If you find even one key point from above in the diapers, then they are not good for your guinea pig.


How Do You Potty Train a Guinea Pig?

To potty train a guinea pig-

  • Find out where your pet rodent likes to urinate. Guinea Pigs will typically urinate in the same spot most of the time.
  • One way to potty train a Guinea Pig is to place them in a small pen with a litter box and give them a treat when they go in the litter box. Repeat the process until they go into the litter box on their own.

Can Guinea Pigs Control Their Poop?

By teaching them, you can easily control your guinea pigs’ pooping. Train them to the point so that they do not poop everywhere.

Sometimes, in the beginning, they would like to poop wherever they feel good enough. But gradually after the training, they will control their poop and will do it where these little rodents are trained to do.

Final Words

We don’t think you’ll mind the diapers for guinea pigs. These are made of a specially made, thick, absorbent cloth that is designed to last up to a 3-day period.

Being a guinea pig owner sounds like fun but expensive responsibility. While guinea pigs themselves love to chew on your furniture (if you don’t know babyproof your home), poop is another issue.

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