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Whether you are unsure if the Merino guinea pig is the right pet for you, you can tell once you hold it, you will not want to put it down. Guinea pigs are inherently apprehensive but will be your best friend once they get to know you.

Merino Guinea Pig

The Merino guinea pig looks a lot like the Coronet, except it has curly hair instead of straight hair. Because of its long and curly hair, this guinea pig must be brushed frequently. 

There are some Merinos with long, curly hair that resemble little lambs! Although their origin is unknown, guinea pigs are generally friendly and curious creatures. 

If they are not routinely combed, their curly coat will get matted and clogged with dirt. Trim the hair around their bottoms so they do not become dirty.

This rodent’s Merino variety is one of the most obscure ones. This guinea pig has a lot to tell you.


Merino Guinea Pig Has Long Curly Hair

The Merino guinea pig has long curly hair like a Coronet and is interested, outgoing, and relaxed. Compared to the Coronet, it displays a remarkable likeness in appearance and attitude.

The origins of this breed are still a mystery, however.

In most cases, Merino is thought to be a hybrid between the Coronet and Rex breeds. Merino guinea pigs are not recognized as a unique breed by any significant guinea pig group, severely damaging their reputation.

Facts On Merino Guinea Pig

Even though merinos are an extremely uncommon breed, their adorableness and excellent temperament have made them a massive hit with guinea pig lovers.

If you are new to guinea pigs, a short-haired American, Rex, or other breeds would be a better option.

Merino Guinea Pig

The Merino is a breed to avoid if you can not commit to daily brushing, monthly cutting, and occasional bathing. Make no mistake about it: grooming a pig takes a lot of effort, especially for new piggy parents and small children.

Here are some facts regarding Merino Guinea Pig.

Scientific nameCavia porcellus
FurLong, dense, curly
Lifespan4 – 6 years
Suitable forExperienced owners

Merino Guinea Pig History

Unknown is the origin of Merinos, commonly referred to as English Merino or Merino Peruvian.

They were probably initially produced in the UK from a Coronet and a Rex cross. According to cavy geneticists, the Merino’s distinctive coat pattern can be traced back to a Coronet that has received a double dose of the Rex coat gene.

“Coronet + Rex” = “Merino”

The Merino may be compared to a Coronet with curly hair!

Merino Guinea Pig History

Merino’s lack of professional organization accreditation has not prevented it from acquiring fans. However, you will have a hard time finding one!

Characteristics of the Merino Guinea Pig

Short forehead crest and long, curly coat are two of the most prominent features of the Merino sheep. There are some with regular coats and others with coats so full they resemble miniature lambs.

Merino Guinea Pig Is Sometimes Mistaken for the Texel

Between 4 to 11 inches in height, the Merino is one of the minor kinds. Despite this fact, men are often more significant than females.

Curly-haired merino guinea pig! While it may seem like it has long, curling hair, it is soft and springy when you touch it. Even on the belly, it is gorgeous and curly, thick and woolly. 

The Merino has just one whorl (or rosette) on its forehead, and its fur is only a few inches long at the head. Because of its long coat and crest, it may be referred to as a curly-haired Coronet.

Because of its lovely curls, the Merino is sometimes mistaken for the Texel.

There is a crest on the Merino but none on the Texel. Texels and Merinos have distinct markings on their coats that might be difficult to see in photographs.

Merino guinea pigs are an extremely uncommon breed. Fur color may be whatever you want it to be.


Pellets, vegetables, fruits, and grains are all acceptable options for a Merino pig’s diet.

When these animals eat something that is not part of their usual diet in the wild, they risk developing gastrointestinal illnesses.

Merino Guinea Pig Diet

These meals are heavy in fat and sugar, so guinea pig owners oppose feeding their pets manufactured foods. When you feel like it, you may offer them a tiny piece of food as a reward. The piggy’s diet may include no more than 5% goodies, according to the guideline.

Merino Guinea Pig Health Issues

As a result, Merinos are vulnerable to vitamin C shortage since they cannot synthesize the vitamin themselves. As a result of a vitamin C shortage in dogs, the symptoms include lethargy and exhaustion, as well as a rough coat. Even internal bleeding may occur in guinea pigs.

Merinos Can Not Synthesis Vitamin C

As a result, adding vitamin C tablets to your Merino diet will help to keep them healthy. Avoid feeding the piggy a lot of fruits and vegetables since they might make the pig ill.

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Merino Guinea Pig Care

For this reason, we only suggest Merinos to owners with grooming expertise who know the time commitment involved.

The Merino's Stunning Coat Needs Daily Brushing to Maintain It Looking Its Best

The Merino’s stunning coat needs daily brushing to maintain it looking its best.

To keep their coat, skin, and nails in excellent shape, “they need thorough daily brushing with a stainless comb, in addition to frequent, professional grooming.”

Spending time with your Merino is a great way to connect and snuggle with it, so do not be afraid!

Combs like Gnawrishing’s Flea Comb Combo are among our all-time favorite combs. Gnawrishing’s set provides the tight gaps required for effective grooming, as veterinarians and grooming specialists recommend.

However, use caution and go slowly and gently. l! Some pet owners prefer using baby brushes for regular brushing since they do not want to damage their guinea pig.

Basic hygiene is also an issue. All that hair tends to take up whatever it comes into touch with, including urine, excrement, filthy bedding, and food residue. Despite their aversion to it, Merinos need frequent bathing at a rate of around once a month.

To make bath time more bearable for Guinea pigs, you must give them snacks and bribe them with praise. When washing their hair, guinea pigs do not like to be submerged in water, so PetMwho knows the sink sprayer to remove the shampoo. The Merino, a long-haired breed, requires this.

Vets suggest you use liquid Dawn or Ivory soap, and you should thoroughly clean your pet to eliminate the suds. When your companion is warm and dry, use a towel or a hairdryer on low flame to finish the drying process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Do Merino Guinea Pigs Live?

Generally speaking, the life expectancy of Merino Guinea pigs is between four and eight years. The health of these lovable, friendly, and cuddly companions varies greatly, as does their lifespan.

2. What Is the Most Expensive Breed of Guinea Pig?

Alpaca guinea pigs are very hard to come by, making them a valuable collectible.

Alpaca Guinea Pigs are tough to come by, and they command a hefty premium when they do. The long, wavy hair and scant rosettes of Alpaca guinea pigs make them a popular choice as a pet for animal lovers.

3. Are Merino Guinea Pigs Rare?

Pigs of the Merino breed are pretty uncommon. However, if you decide to have a dog, be prepared for a caring and adorable companion. However, this breed is not for everyone because of its high-maintenance nature. Grooming a Merino daily is essential to its well-being.

Final Words

Merino guinea pigs are a very uncommon breed. However, if you decide to have a dog, be ready for a caring and adorable companion.

The downside to this breed is that it requires a lot of time and effort to keep healthy and happy. Grooming a Merino daily is essential to its well-being.

Merino Cavies are ideal pets for families that recognize that adults must be responsible for their care.

Even if you can not track down a Merino guinea pig, it is an appealing alternative for guinea pig owners who have some familiarity with the breed. If you do not mind the grooming requirements, they are one of the friendlier breeds.

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