Five Shocking Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You

Many different behavioral manifestations may be seen in Guinea Pigs, who are inherently gregarious. Having a deeper understanding of your pet’s behavior can help your bond with him grow.

They may, however, express their emotions via a wide range of noises and actions.

Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You
Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You

It is common for novice guinea pig owners to feel as though their pet dislikes them. The guinea pig may purr, fluff their hair, make a hissing sound, throw their heads up, and rattle their teeth. You may make a guinea pig detest you in many ways, and winning them back is difficult.

Let us have a look at some of the signs your guinea pig hates you.

Is Your Guinea Pig Hating You?

Adorable guinea pigs tend to form strong bonds with their human caregivers. They do not really despise their owners, but their reactions may be a little baffling at times. Their prey instinct might be mistaken for their dislike or displeasure, depending on how strong it is.

Is Your Guinea Pig Hating You?
Is Your Guinea Pig Hating You?

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5 Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You

Humans and guinea pigs exhibit a wide range of behavioral distinctions. The guinea pigs’ reactions and emotions are vastly diverse, as are their reactions to the events taking on around them.

Guinea Pigs Purr When Angry

When guinea pigs are outraged, they purr. This activity, like other guinea pig actions, has several meanings.

If your guinea pig is purring louder than normal, it may be upset. Too much irritation might make them angry. You can usually tell because they display symptoms of tension while they purr.

This conduct might imply several things, including interest in something. If they are not stressed out and their purring is deep, they are probably not upset, so do not worry.

When Angry, Guinea Pigs Fluff Their Hair

If your guinea pig is agitated, it may puff up its body hair. When angry, people do this to seem stronger and greater than what is making them angry.

Fluffing their hair might appear charming to us owners. For them, it is a menacing move that is making other guinea pigs upset.

This is a warning indication that they are furious when they are eating. This happens once a guinea pig steals food from another. When one guinea pig attempts to eat what the other one is eating, its hair will fluff.

Guinea Pigs Hiss When Mad

When the guinea pig gets furious, it may hiss. When agitated or angry, they hiss at cage mates and owners if they got too near.

If they suspect another guinea pig is attempting to steal something from them, they can hiss. This might start over a shared toy, food, or another object in their cage. They do that if their owner upsets them.

Mad Guinea Pigs Throw Their Heads Up

If your guinea pig tosses or throws its head, it is furious. This reaction might suggest they desire whatever is occurring to them to cease quickly.

When they fling their head up, they also may screech and expose their teeth.

If they are harassed by another guinea pig or you touch them, they will act out. A guinea pig may shake its head when petted.

5 Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You
5 Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You

Mad Guinea Pigs Rattle Their Teeth

If your guinea pig starts chattering its teeth, it is likely angry. Especially if you can see their teeth chattering.

Seeing their teeth while doing this might indicate that the animal is highly upset. Basically, they are attempting to put up a huge warning sign that tells everyone they need to stay away from them as fast as possible.

If your hand is near to them when they do this, pull back. If you are near while they are angry and clenching their teeth, they may bite you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Signs Of A Stressed Guinea Pig?

The following are some signs that a guinea pig is stressed or afraid:

  • Staying mostly hidden.
  • Aggression.
  • Chewing on the bars of their shackles.
  • Over-grooming

2. Why Does My Guinea Pig Hates Being Touched?

Guinea pigs are predatory animals, not domestic pets, and will take time to develop confidence in humans. There are certain pigs that do not like being snuggled. Some may put up with gentle handling, but they are not fond of protracted snuggle sessions.

3. What Are Guinea Pigs Most Afraid Of?

There are three primary indicators of a Pet’s propensity for worry and fear. It is possible for guinea pigs to generalize their learning, which means that they may become fearful in settings that evoke memories of past trauma or suffering. Toys, humans, and loud sounds are among the most prominent causes of anxiety in guinea pigs.

4. Can Your Guinea Pig Be Mad At You?

When your guinea pigs start acting like they are fighting, it is typically a sign that they are about to get into a real fight with one another. However, this is not something you will see on a regular basis.


So these are some signs your guinea pig hates you.

If they are furious and demonstrate these actions, do not worry. Usually, their rage does not last long, and they will be themselves again soon.

It is better to back off and allow your guinea pig some room to calm down if they are acting out of character. In most cases, your guinea pigs will settle disputes between themselves if one of them is angry with another.

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