Guinea Pig Teeth Chattering At Each Other | The Logical Reasons Behind Them

Why are guinea pig teeth chattering at each other? There can be many reasons behind their teeth chattering.

They can do it when they are aggressive, guarding their territory, and even in fear and pain too. But can these be tremendous and wound them?

Guinea pig teeth chattering at each other

In this article, you will learn elaborately about the reasons for their teeth chattering against each other and how to stop it.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Chatter Their Teeth At Each Other?

Guinea pigs teeth chattering at each other is a normal thing or can be abnormal too. How does the sound happen? 

The sound comes when they click their teeth rapidly and fast. The sound seems like a whining noise. 

Now, here are the reasons why your guinea pigs chatter at each other.


A normal guinea pig nature. When a new guinea pig enters in the territory of another existing guinea pigs realm, the old-living guinea pigs will chatter at the newcomer. 

 Reasons Behind Guinea Pig Teeth Chattering At Each Other

It is an indication of fighting or disliking. This type of moodiness can be especially seen in male guinea pigs. 

If this happens, you should be careful with a while and make a barrier between them until they get friendly.

Look at the link down below. They are almost ready for a fight while chattering at each other!

Guarding One’s Territory And Resources

As you are guarding your guinea pigs against others, guinea pigs also guard their precious valuables against other guinea pigs. But those precious valuables are food, water, and many other edible resources.

 Guinea Pig Guarding Their Food From Others

Now, if other guinea pigs try to take some resources from that guardian guinea pig, it will matter chattering noises against the other one. This may break into a fight too.

Now the question is, is guinea pig offensive?

Normally, they are not. But when someone or another guinea pig tries to steal its valuables, they can be. 

Sickness And Fear

Guinea pigs can sometimes chatter at each other because of pain or illness. Like they had a fight and they are tired, their body will be in pain but still, they will chatter at each other to keep one down. 

This can also be the reason for fear. They can squeak and create chattering sounds in fear too. The problem arises when you can not find the reason for their chattering noises. 

It is very hard to find why they are chattering so badly at each other or at you. They want you to understand they are in pain.

Guinea pigs just do not chatter their teeth at each other. They can do the same against humans too. There are five shocking signs your guinea pig hates you, you should check them out.

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How To Stop Guinea Pig Teeth Chattering

Guinea pigs chatter the most when they are ready for a fight. That means they only do the chattering things when they are with other guinea pigs.

Now, there are several ways to stop their teeth chattering against each other. Here are the tips on how-

  • When you see a new guinea pig is getting cornered and the old one is chattering at the new one, make a barrier. This will make them stop chattering and also can create friendship later on.
  • Do not give food extra to one guinea pig and less to others. If one guinea pig has already finished eating, then try keeping the little eater away from the other one who is still eating.
  • Make each one of your guinea pigs value different things. This will not make them chatter about each other.
  • If you are seeing your guinea pigs chattering for no reason, make sure you are giving them a health check. Then you can understand the pain it is going through and can take it to a veterinarian. 
  • Make hiding options, this will keep your guinea pigs stop fighting and chattering at each other.


1. Why Do Guinea Pigs Chatter Their Teeth On Humans?

Guinea pig teeth chattering at humans can have many reasons. It can be either because of –

  • Your pet is freezing.
  • Agitation signals.
  • Upset on something.
  • Angry at you.

2. Why Do Guinea Pigs Chatter Their Teeth?

Guinea pigs teeth chattering is like a warning. If any other animal try to do something that the guinea pig does not like, they will try to scare those animals by their chattering noises.

That is how guinea pigs fight against each other.

Final Words

Guinea pig teeth chattering against each other can turn into a fight scene. Or it can be the start of a new friendship with other guinea pigs as well.

Chattering is totally normal for guinea pigs. So, you do not need to worry about the teeth-chattering of your pets. Just be careful that they are not fighting badly.

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