Can You Have A Chipmunk As A Pet? | Facts To Consider

Can you have a chipmunk as a pet? Keeping a chipmunk as a pet is fraught with ethical dilemmas since they need extensive care.

If you pet a chipmunk, you must ensure the proper housing, feeding, accessories, flooring, and the right placement of the cage of the chipmunk. For a pet chipmunk, a considerable enclosure is required; a little one from the pet shop will not be enough

Can You Have A Chipmunk As A Pet

We will talk about all there is to know about keeping pet chipmunks by. Let us get started.

Factors You Should Care About Before Keeping Chipmunk As A Pet

If you live in a region where chipmunks are not allowed as pets, you may want to reconsider. Many states in the United States and the U.K. prohibit the ownership of chipmunks as pets. Then, how to get a chipmunk for a pet?

You do not need permission to keep chipmunks in certain states in the United States. Before bringing home a family of chipmunks, be sure you know the rules in your area. Animal control may remove your chipmunks if you do not pay your penalties or risk going to prison.

Last but not least, you and the chipmunk may get emotionally connected and find it difficult to split ways.


Chipmunks need a much larger cage than you would expect for such a little animal, but this is not always true. These energetic rodents, in contrast to hamsters, need a lot of space.

Chipmunks Need Large space for housing

Chipmunks are gregarious creatures that despite being cooped up for lengthy periods of time. As a species, they have a voracious need for movement and exploration.


Omnivorous chipmunks. They should eat 75% seeds and grains. Pet retailers sell hamsters and rodent blocks.

Ensure proper nutrition for your pet chipmunk

Chop broccoli, carrots, lettuce, and turnip greens for 20% of their diet. You should properly gain knowledge about chipmunks’ food they eat for a living. 


To store food and other necessities, chipmunks must dig their burrows. Small holes cut into the plastic bale of moss peat will help keep them from destroying the bottom of the cage. This will fulfill a chipmunk’s need to dig and burrow.


Ensure that the cage is not placed in the center of the room For the chipmunks to feel safe and protected, they should have at least one side of their cage against a wall.


Filling the cage is now complete. You must have a wooden nesting box. Adult chipmunks need a separate box if there are more than two of them. In terms of dimensions, a 6-inch x 8-inch x 6-inch nest box is ideal, with a 2.5-inch-diameter entry hole located halfway up one side. Add shredded paper, hay, or dry leaves to the container.

Things need for petting a chipmunk

Letting the Chipmunk Out

You do not want to bore your pet chipmunk by keeping it in its cage. Open the cage, but first check to see whether the area where it is held is “chipmunk-proof,” meaning it has lots of open space and miniature furniture.

Make sure you have covered every possible hiding spot a chipmunk may use; these creatures tend to be inquisitive and rapidly go out, making it tough to capture them.

Keep valuables out of the room since chipmunks are prone to destroying things. Disconnect all of the electrical cables, etc. They may ponder it. So, don’t do such acts so that your chipmunk could be destructive, and start to hate you

By keeping these considerations, you will know how to make a chipmunk your pet.

Pet Chipmunks could be jealous of other chipmunks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Ok To Touch A Chipmunk?

Keep squirrels, chipmunks, and other wild rodents away from your home by not giving them any food. Do not touch ill, injured, or dead rats in any way. Stay away from animal burrows whether camping, sleeping, or relaxing. Look out for and obey the warning signs that have been put up.

2. Do Chipmunk Like Peanut Butter?

Chipmunks are peanut butter enthusiasts, in case you didn’t know. There are times when they will savor a sliver of cheese. Nuts like prunes and unroasted nuts work well as chipmunk bait. You may also use maize and sunflower seeds as an alternative chipmunk food source.

3. How To Make A Chipmunk Your Friend?

Wait a few hours and repeat, but stand a few feet closer. Repeat for a few days until you can reach out. As you feed the chipmunk, it will start eating off your hand.

Final Words

If you want to know “Can you have a chipmunk as a pet”, Check with your local or state laws before getting a chipmunk as a pet, as you should with any animal. Local or state authorities may demand that you get the necessary permits.

Having a chipmunk as a pet may be fun, but only if you have the time to care for them properly. When you have a chipmunk as a pet, it is more common to become a friendly climbing frame than an active owner.

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