What Does Chipmunk Poop Look Like? | Learn To Be Safe From Diseases

Whenever Chipmunks poop somewhere, they think of that place as their residual position. If they do not feel unsecured, they will poop at that place every day.

But, do you know what does Chipmunk poop look like? This can be a concern because you might have noticed the poops before but did not recognize them as the poops of a Chipmunk.

What Does Chipmunk Poop Look Like

Chipmunks’ poop is small in size, looks like pellets, with 2 to 3 pellets in a place, and could be black and brown in color. 

So, in this guide, you will get the whole idea of what a chipmunk poop looks like, how they differ from other animals, and the diseases they can spread. So, without any further ado, let’s keep going.

What Does A Chipmunk Poop Look Like?

Chipmunk poops almost resemble other animals’ poops. So, it is essential to learn the looks of Chipmunk poops. 

Here are some of the particular parts that will describe Squirrel Chipmunk poop


A normal Chipmunk poop is small in scale, almost 0.3 to 0.5 inches. Also, they form a pile of poops rather than scattering. 

So, whenever you see a pile of poops that has tiny in size, beware that is a Chipmunk poop.


The poop of a Chipmunk can almost be compared to pellets. You will see the ending part of the poop is long and thin.

In fact, for every poop of a Chipmunk. They all will be long and pointy.

Chipmunk Poop Look Like Pellet, smaller in size


As chipmunk poops are look-alike many different animals, sometimes you need to understand the poop of a chipmunk by learning the quantity.

A Chipmunk can poop almost 2 to 3 pellets at a time. But they can vary depending on how much they eat. 


The color of the chipmunk poops also depends on what they eat. Comparably two colors can be seen the most. They are brown and black. 

But the colors can change too. Sometimes, they can be light brown, pale red, etc. too.

Difference Between Chipmunk Poops From Other Animals

If Chipmunk poops and mouse poops are on two sides, you will find it difficult to tell which one is. Because they almost look alike. 

But there are some critical differences between chipmunk poops and other animal poops. The most similar to Chipmunk’s poop is mouse poop. They both are small and a bit hard to guess.

Difference Between Chipmunk Poop Vs Mouse Poop

To understand the comparison between Chipmunk poop vs mouse poop, you need to look closely at the poops. The poop color of a Chipmunk is paler than a mouse. Also, the poop a mouse produces is more significant than a Chipmunk’s poop.

Can Chipmunk Poop Spread Diseases?

Are Chipmunk poops dangerous, and can they spread diseases? Of course, they can. A squirrel eats a lot of things as they are omnivore creatures. Sometimes, they scavenge for food. So, they may eat many different things containing viruses and bacteria. 

Now, humans do not know which virus can spread what disease. Here are some of the Chipmunk poop diseases that you may encounter when you are closer-

  • Hantavirus – A very contagious type of virus. It can spread through the saliva, urine, or even Chimpmunk poop.
  • Leptospirosis – It is a bacterial disease that spreads through airborne dust.
  • Salmonellosis is a typical virus that may make you sick, have a fever, diarrhea, nausea, etc., and stay for a week.

As the poop of chipmunks and mice is harmful, you should  Keep Mice And Chipmunks Out Of Your House.

How To Remove Chipmunk Poop Safely

After a Chipmunk poops, you should clean it properly. Or you may get viruses from those droppings. 

There are some easy steps that you can follow and remove the chipmunk poops at a glance. They are given below-

  • Wearing gloves and a respirator is a must before learning how to clean up Chipmunk poops.
  • Check whether the poops are dry or not. If not, sprinkle those poops with some water.
  • Take the poops from that place to somewhere else where no one can reach or go.
  • After removing them from that place, you must use disinfectants on where you have found the poops. This procedure is a must because viruses or bacteria can spread diseases without doing this.

Final Words

What does Chipmunk poop look like? Can you tell it after reading this article? It is essential to learn about Chipmunk poops because they can harm your surroundings. 

If you are not fond of Chipmunks, then scare them away, or they will think of your place as their home.

So, learn what Chipmunk poops look like and take preemptive measures before facing any hardships.

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