Why Is My Guinea Pig Wobbly | Causes and Solutions

“Why is my guinea pig wobbly?” Many people have this question when they see their guinea pigs failing to keep balance and falling off.

There are many logical reasons behind wobbling. Guinea pigs can wobble when they get happy, nervous, scared, sick, freezing, or even when dominating too.

Why Is My Guinea Pig Wobbly

So, in this article, we will discuss the reasons elaborately for the guinea pigs wobbliness, and how to prevent this wobbliness. 

Why Is My Guinea Pig Off balance?

There are several reasons why your guinea pig can wobble. That can be either when they are happy, or when they are scared. 

Similarly, sickness or cold can also make your guinea pig off-balance. 


When a guinea pig is happy, it will jump up and down very quickly like “Popcorn”. Now, when they are in a happy state, for all these jumping up and down, they may get stressed.

At that time, they become very vulnerable and can be wobbly. Normally, they may wobble because of freezing or fear. Getting excited can also make them shaky a lot. This usually shows their contentment. 

Also, do guinea pigs like music? Because music can make them happy and wobbly at the same time.


A normal guinea pig can wobble when they get scared. This wobbliness can come because of sudden sound or any type of changes in the surroundings.

Also, if you have just adopted a guinea pig, they can be wobbling because of fear or not adapting to the new place.

 So, if the guinea pig is in a new place, you need to make them comfortable so that they can adapt to the environment. They get adapted to a new place eventually.

Guinea pigs can wobble a lot of times because of certain reasons. The reasons may go with fear, sudden noises, fireworks, etc. 

Now, if they wobble sometimes, then it is totally fine. But the wobbling is too much, which means they are having issues that need to be resolved.


It is a normal fact for a guinea pig to wobble when they are freezing. This nature of guinea pigs almost resembles humans

Guinea pigs will shake/wobble when the room temperature gets lower than usual. So, if you have kept the guinea pigs in a room with a low temperature and see them wobbling in the cold, then you may shift them to a new room with a warm temperature.


Guinea pigs can wobble sometimes because of sickness. You may have questioned yourself “Why does my guinea pig sound like he can’t breathe?” when you see them wobbling. Well, the reason behind their wobbling can be sickness. 

There are different parasites that attack guinea pigs and make them sick. For certain illnesses, guinea pigs can get shaky and wobble everywhere. Also, there are some parasites that make the guinea pigs wobble a lot. 

Now, is guinea pig offensive? Learn whether they will attack you out of fear and pain or not.

How To Reduce Guinea Pigs Wobbling

A guinea pig’s wobble can be normal or sometimes abnormal too. Sometimes they can wobble in sheer happiness, sometimes it can be because of fear or sickness. 

Diseases Behind Guinea Pigs Wobbling

Do you know what are the signs of a stroke in a guinea pig? It may happen because of a bad disease. Sometimes, they can wobble because of that bad disease too. So, keeping wobbling to a minimum is necessary for the good health of a guinea pig.

So, you can check out these methods of stopping guinea pigs to wobble.

Adding Hiding Places

When guinea pigs do not feel comfortable, they try to look for hiding places. If there is not any, they may be seen wobbling a lot. 

Creating Hiding Places For Guinea Pigs

So, making some hiding places can be a great way to make them less wobble and make them feel comfortable.

Help Guinea Pigs To Lower Stimulation

Learn your guinea pigs if they are stressing out too much. Because of the stress, they can face danger. Different types of noises may make guinea pigs wobble a lot. 

What you can do for them is, you can keep them in a much quieter place so that they can feel secure. This may reduce their wobbliness.

Contacting A Vet

One of the certain reasons for a guinea pig to wobble is sickness. You may not figure out a guinea pig’s sickness.

So, if a guinea pig is wobbling a lot, or stressing out a lot, then you should take it to the Vet and make a health check to make sure they are safe.

Final Words

This can be a great concern “Why is my guinea pig wobbly”.

When they wobble too much, it may be something alarming. To keep their health safe, you should have a check when they wobble too much. 

If there is a parasitic attack, taking them to the VET will be the best option. Whatever happens, guinea pigs will wobble. But too much wobbly is a concern surely.

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