Why Do Hamster Fights And What To Do To Stop Them?

Fighting hamsters with each other could be annoying to you. But sometimes it’s confusing whether they are fighting or playing. Whatever it’s, you need to identify the reason for that behavior and take action accordingly before something severe happens. 

So, why do Hamster fights and what to do to stop them? The reasons behind Hamster fighting with each other are because they are territorial, they feel threatened when different gender lives in one cage or they are dominant. Additionally, Hamsters may be seen fighting when they are new to each other.

Well, this article will discuss why Hamster fights, what to do to stop them, how to prevent hamster fights, how to know if they are playing or fighting and many more about it in intricate detail. So, let’s start the article right away! 

Why Do Hamsters Fight?

The fighting mode in Hamsters may arrive due to several reasons. These are the following reasons behind Hamster fights.

Why Do Hamsters Fight

They are territorial

Syrian hamsters can get territorial when any other Hamster invades their place or zone. They don’t want to share their space with any other hamster. 

On the other hand, dwarf Hamsters are less likely so territorial as Syrian Hamsters are. They can still live with each other.

Given that, Hamsters that are not so usual with sharing space or any other thing from childhood won’t share things when they are adults too. 

They are new to each other

When Hamsters are new to each other, it can lead both Hamsters to fight with each other. But the dwarf hamsters can get comfy once they are recognizable to each other.

They feel threatened

Often Hamsters fight with each other because they feel they are threatened. When any other Hamster tries to take away their space, they feel the other hamster is taking away their ownership from a certain place. So, to claim the area, they might often fight with each other.

Aggressive behavior displayed by a hamster

Different gender lives in one cage

A Syrian male and female gender should not be kept in one place. Reportedly, when a male and female gender pairs up, the female gender always tries to show dominance over the male gender. This thing can often lead the male gender and female gender to have conflicts and fight with each other.

They  are dominant

Hamsters might often fight with each other because they are dominant over the other Hamster. They try to get all the good things, which can lead to conflicts. Especially the Chinese Hamster can fight with each other because they are too much dominant over the other one.

What To Do To Stop Hamsters Fight?

When you are tired of seeing your Hamsters fighting continuously, it’s high time to put an end to this problem. Check out the steps to know what to do to stop Hamster’s fight –

What To Do To Stop Hamsters Fight

Separate cages

You may have to separate their cages when the Hamsters are fighting continuously. Thus, you have to make sure, you don’t place the new Hamster in the same cage as an old Hamster. 

The old Hamster and new Hamster can fight with each other for being uncomfortable. So separating them and putting them in different cages can work. 

When they seem to be okay with each other after a few days, consider putting them in the same cages. But if they do not get familiarised, putting them in different cages permanently would be wise.

Buy a big cage

You have to always have a big cage if you want to put two hamsters together in a cage. Hamsters often fight because of insufficient space to them. As they are territorial, lack of space will lead to fights. So make sure the cage you are buying is not insufficient for the Hamsters to stay. 

Two hamsters fighting for foods

Put same-gender Syrian hamsters apart 

Same-gender Syrian hamsters are not meant to keep together in a cage. They fight with each other unstoppably. Sometimes, their fights can go to the extent that they will physically wound each other.

Put different-gender dwarf hamsters apart

The different gender dwarf hamsters will often fight because of their dominant behavior. So, always consider putting them in different cages.

Always clean cage

Hamsters are clean pets. They do not like uncleaned cages. Since they are territorial, a dirty cage will make it insufficient for them to move and make a lack of space. It can lead the Hamsters to fight eventually. So, you have to always keep the cage clean.

Have a look at this video that describes why do hamsters fight with each other –

How To Know If Hamsters Are Fighting?

Hamsters often fight with each other, which can be felt as if they are playing. You can consider a few signs below that will point out if they are fighting. Have a look –

How To Know If Hamsters Are Fighting
  • They will wrestle
  • They will chase each other
  • They will bite off each other 
  • They will wound the other hamster and not let them eat food or sleep

Sometimes you may see them sniffing or squealing, this is a normal dominant behavior of them. Well, unless they are not physically wounding each other, it’s okay for them to do so.

Hamsters are adorable pets, but they can be prone to fighting, which can be worrying for their owners. If you’re wondering whether hamster bites hurt or what to do if your hamster bites you and draws blood, we have the answers for you. Our article on whether hamster bites hurt provides insights into the pain level associated with these bites and how to prevent them. Meanwhile, our article on what to do if your hamster bites you and draws blood offers valuable information about how to care for your wound and prevent any further infection. By reading these articles, you’ll be better equipped to take care of your pet hamster and yourself. So, go ahead and check them out!


Some of the most asked questions regarding Hamsters fight are answered in this section. Have a look below –

Q. Do Hamsters Despise Each Other?

Hamsters may despise each other if they are new to each other. Or because of territorial and dominance issues.

Q. Does Hamster Fights When They Are Put In the Same Cage?

Yes. Hamsters can fight if they are put in the same cage. But only if male and female dwarf hamsters are kept in one cage or Syrian same-gender hamsters are placed in one cage. 

Q. Is It Normal For Hamsters To Fight?

Yes. It is normal for hamsters to fight, but it is not okay. Sometimes, the fight can lead to the extent that they might even kill the other.


Hamsters are territorial animals. Also, they are often dominant over the other one. Additionally, when they are new to each other, they feel threatened, or Syrian males and females living together can lead to fights. 

You have to separate their cages, buy a large cage, or put same-gender Syrian hamsters apart. This article discussed why hamsters fight and how to stop them. Also, you get to know about which hamsters can stay together, how to prevent Hamster fights and much more. 

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