Why Is My Hamster Shaking- Is It Bad? 

Shaking is not quite normal in anyone, not even in animals. It is definitely a matter of concern if the hamster keeps on shaking. Rather looking for a solution is a must.

But why is my hamster shaking? Hamsters can shake because of multiple reasons. They are not necessarily ill. They might be having a cold, stress, or fear. Moreover, when they are in hibernation, shaking is a common sign. It can also be a sign of disease. 

Now, how to stop the hamster from shaking? How to treat them? You can get all the answers to the possible questions regarding hamster shaking in this article. Do not stress out and follow the below. 

Why Is My Hamster Shaking?

Hamsters do commonly shake but not often. If they are continuously shaking, you must know the reason behind it. After that, proceed to the next to help your little friend. 

Why Is My Hamster Shaking

The following reasons are commonly known as the cause of hamster shaking. 


Stress can lead to shaking of the body in hamsters. Well, it’s similar to humans. When they are stressed out or hit by anxiety, they start shaking their legs mainly. It is a psychological problem that almost every animal faces. 

There are several reasons which are known to cause stress in the hamster. Firstly, it can be because the hamster is newly brought. It needs time to know the environment. A new environment would definitely make them nervous.

Why Is My Hamster Shaking

Moreover, new people and faces can easily make the hamsters stressed out. They can also overcome this over time.

Furthermore, their own psychological condition and even socializing can be stressful for them. With time, they can surely cope with it. 


Fear is also a variable in leading the hamster to shake. Well, fear of people, fear of the environment, fear of getting privacy invaded, and even fear of getting ill are on the list. All these can also occur in hamsters which can result in hamsters shaking continuously. 

Hamster Shaking

It is quite hard to know what the hamster is fearing. Sometimes, they think of humans or anything as a threat and later get stressed out. Fear can be solved by being friendly with them.


Research has shown extreme stress can lead to diabetes in hamsters. While shaking can signify extremely stressful conditions, blood glucose can rise in extreme conditions and later cause disease.

Why Is My Hamster Shaking

Also, hamsters can catch a cold or have other respiratory infections, where shaking can be a sign. Even heart failure, strokes, and other diseases can show shaking as a sign. 


Hibernation condition is like a protection for the hamsters. They would protect themselves from the extreme cold. In this stage, they might appear timid and ill. Well, nothing to worry about.

Hamster Hibernation

Even though they are shaking because of the cold, they can fight it back. Generally, it occurs in winter. Keep them warm at that time of the year.

Temperature change

Sudden temperature changes can also lead to the shaking of the hamsters. When the animals encounter cold temperatures, they are more likely to shiver. The shaking can continue till the temperature of the body becomes normal

You can learn more about hamster shaking and the importance of taking care of them by following the below youtube video.

What To Do If Hamster Is Shaking

Shaking can occur for various reasons. That’s why the after-treatment also depends on the condition of the hamster. No one should conclude without observing the hamster.

What To Do If Hamster Is Shaking
  • Firstly, if the hamster is recently moved to a new place, they need security. Treat them warmly. Though they might appear a bit aggressive due to fear, a warm welcome can be a good initiative.
  • Secondly, observe the temperature and also watch if the hamster is in hibernation. They would need some warmth at that time. Change the place and transfer them to a warm place. 
  • Lastly, notice if the hamster shows any symptoms of other diseases. If other signs follow the shaking, it might indicate illness in the hamster. Treat them after consulting the vet.

Do Hamsters Shiver During Hibernation?

Yes, hamsters can shiver during hibernation. Well, it does not always happen. During hibernation, the hamsters can shiver a bit to protect themselves from the extreme cold. But the shivering would not last long.

Do Hamsters Shiver During Hibernation

Once you put the hamsters in a warm place, the shaking can be prevented. Cold temperatures can cause sudden shivering in the body of hamsters. It is nothing more than bodily protection.

How To Know If The Hamsters Is Ill?

It is easier to detect any abnormality in the hamster by observing them. You would notice some changes in their behavior and even in activity. Though the changes can occur due to the environment, these can also be caused by illness.

In case of illness, certain signs are observed in hamsters. They might become inactive with time and mostly spend their time alone. Their energy becomes low, and also their appetite. 

How To Know If The Hamsters Is Ill

They can have diarrhea and catch colds. Even shake and blink non-stop. Sometimes it can become imbalanced and has no sense of direction. All these are primary symptoms. 

Disease Related To Shaking

Already, it has been known that shaking can indicate multiple diseases. Well, some of the diseases that are reflected by shaking are given below, with other signs.

Disease Symptoms 
  Diabetes Shaking
Weight loss.
Drinking and urinating too much
Sugar in urine
  Stroke Low in energy
Lost in direction
  Cold Shaking
Nose running
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A number of questions might appear related to the shaking of the hamster. Well, some of the frequently asked questions are added below to give you a clear view.

Do hamsters shiver when cold?

Yes, hamsters can shiver when they catch a cold or feel cold. When winter is approaching, they are more likely to shiver. Even cool air can lead them to illness and shivering can be a sign.

Do hamsters normally shiver? 

No, exactly, unless their body feels shocked. The shock of sudden temperature change can cause shivering in hamsters. Shivering is only the result of the shock. 

Why is my dwarf hamster wobbly?

Dwarf hamsters can become wobbly in their daily lives because of infection. Especially ear infections can make them unstable. Moreover, if there is any neurological problem, it can also lead to the hamster becoming wobbly. 

Final Note

So, why is my hamster shaking- is followed by several reasons. It mainly occurs when the temperature change affects the hamster. It is not a big deal if the hamster is only shaking.

If the shaking is associated with other symptoms, it can lead to disease. The most common cause of shaking is stress which can lead to several health problems.

Even though, at first sight, the shaking does not seem to be abnormal yet better to be cautious. Do not let it affect the health of the hamster and take it lightly. 

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