Wild Hamsters Attack | How Aggressive They can Be?

Why do wild hamsters attack? There are many reasons behind them attacking other animals or themselves.

Wild Hamsters Attack

Wild hamsters may attack for surviving from other predators, when the mating period arrives, to save belongings from others, or to show dominance over others.

In this article, you will learn their attacking reasons elaborately, and how they can take this fight to another level.

Why are Wild Hamsters Aggressive?

There are many reasons why wild hamsters can be aggressive not only towards other species but also between themselves. 

Reasons Behind Wild Hamsters Attack

Here are some of the reasons why wild hamsters are aggressive-

  • To survive against other predators.
  • They want to mate with the female hamster.
  • These little rodents try to save their burrows, food, and other things that are dear to them.
  • To show dominance over other hamsters.

Normally, hamsters are not aggressive. They try to keep away from fights and that is why they create burrows. But when their back is against the wall, they will not back down in a fight.

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Surviving from Other Predators

Little mammals are peaceful creatures who do not even try to fight against other living animals. But when the wild hamsters are in the corner because of some other animal, they will become aggressive.

Wild Hamsters Attack To Survive From Other Predators

So, they try to defend themselves and that is why they attack other animals in front of them. Some cases may not be the same as the above judgment. Because wild hamsters can attack aggressively too because for no sheer reason.

Here is a link where you can see a wild hamster is attacking. Why do you think this little creature is attacking these Russian people?

When Mating Period Arrives

This is the only period of time when female hamsters are ready for mating and there are so many males in the wild. At that moment, male hamsters get into a fight to earn the right to go into the mating period with the female hamster.

This is the most common type of brawl seen in the wild and even between the caged hamsters too. If you are having some pet hamsters, you may have noticed they will go into a fight suddenly for no reason.

But after the mating period, female hamsters can become aggressive too. So, there can be fighting between the male and the female hamster later on too.

Trying to Save Their Belongings

Almost every rodent have this nature of getting into a fight to save their food or other belonging. Not only rodent animals but also other creatures have the same attitude when others try to barge in their belongings.

If a hamster is getting some food, it will take that food to its burrows and save them for its meal time. If any other rodent or hamster try to sneak into their burrow or try to grab their belonging, they will become aggressive towards them.

At that moment, the little rodent may attack the other animals too.

Showing Dominance Over Others

This is a basic theory where hamsters may fight to see who is superior. And the wild hamsters may do this almost all the time.

 Wild Hamsters Attack To Show Dominance Over Others

They try to show their dominance over others by getting on top of them. This goes on until the bottom hamster squeaks in submission. After the confirmation of domination, the upper one will release the bottom rodent hamster. 

This dominance may occur over and over again. They even try to do this domination checking during the mating period too.

But do hamsters remember abuse? If they fight once, they may or may not remember for a long time.

Hamsters Fighting Duration

You will not believe it, but a hamster may go for a death fight too. This means they will fight until one of them is dropped dead.

There are many wild hamsters who died in a fight like this. Sometimes, they try to fight with big guys where the odds are against them. 

Normally, these cute rodents will not fight against other animals, but if it is personal or sheer domination, they will fight to proclaim their rights.

So, if you see two hamsters fighting in the wild, make sure to check what their conditions are. After all, these animals can not defend well against other animals.


1. Do Wild Hamsters Still Exist?

Yes, wild hamsters can still be seen out in the wild. More than 18 species of hamsters are out there in the wild. 

You can find different hamsters living in different places in the world like China, Belgium, Syria, Romania, Greece, etc.

2. Do Wild Hamsters Fight?

Wild hamsters fight a lot. In fact, Syrian hamsters are known to attack one another. They also have the trait of fighting against siblings. 

Not only male but also female hamsters may fight with male hamsters too. But this occurs after the mating period.

Final Words

Hamsters are one of the cutest rodent animals that everyone likes to pet. But when it comes to wild hamsters attacking, people may get freaked out too.

But there may be reasons behind their attacking because they attack only to defend themselves from other animals. So, people should respect these cute rodents’ space along with other animals too.

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