Can Hamsters Survive Out in the Wild? Know the Reality

Hamsters are cute rodents who are lovely to look and people love to keep them as pets. Sometimes, people may leave them in the wild for certain reasons.

Can Hamsters Survive Out In The Wild

Now, can hamsters survive out in the wild? It may depend on the difficulties they may face like temperature, predators, and diseases. Because of these criteria, they may not live for a long time. 

In this article, we will discuss all hamsters’ survival in the wild, how long they can survive, and whether this is a good thing to do or not.

Can Hamsters Survive in the Wild?

There are some difficulties a hamster may face while surviving in the wild. If they can beat these environmental issues, then they can survive in the wild easily. 

Dificulties a Hamster may Face While Surviving Outdoor

Some of the criteria that these little fuzzy mammals may face are-

  • Temperature changes
  • Safety from other predator animals
  • Diseases

Changing Temperatures

A hamster can survive in the wild for a long time if the temperature is around 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. But will the temperature be stable like this forever? 

As we know, in winter, the temperature drops way down than the average temperature. Now, if a hamster starts living in the wild when the temperature is warm, it can survive for a while. 

But in extremely cold temperatures or rainy temperatures, they will face severe health conditions. It may also drag them to death.

This is one of the reasons why hamsters are defenseless when living outside.

Predator Animals

One of the difficulties these cute little hamsters may face while living in the wild is that bigger predators may attack them. This is a normal theory of Charles Darwin, the smaller prey will fail to live in this vast environment. 

Hamsters Hiding From Predator Animals

Because of the lack of strength and knowledge, these cute hamsters will become the food for bigger predators. There can be many of them-

  • Cats
  • Coyotes
  • Snakes

This will be a hide-and-seek type of game for hamsters to live outdoor. The hamsters will always in the lookout for these predators. Now, this is a matter of fact that no one wants a life of stress and hiding. That is why hamsters can not live like this outside in the forest. 

Also, can an abscess kill a hamster? Maybe in the wild, they dominate the hamsters too.


This is one of the biggest concerns for a hamster while living in the wild. Do you think a hamster can survive while having diseases? 

Hamsters Outdoors Suffering From Diseases

A hamster is a delicate rodent animal. Simple too simple things can make them tired or they can die too. And talking about diseases, they will not survive for a second with diseases in their body. 

There are several diseases a hamster may suffer from while living outdoor. These are-

  • Ringworm attack
  • Mites attack
  • Ear infection
  • High fever

What do you think are the chances of hamsters having these diseases in the wild? It is 100 percent. Hence, hammies living in the wild is not possible at all.

Besides these diseases, can a hamster survive with a tumor? You should learn before letting them out in the wild.

How Long can Hamsters Survive in the Wild?

If a hamster is released into the wild, it will most probably not survive. They are delicate in body and mind. Along with that, they can get diseased quickly.

For a long time, hamsters are known as domestic pets, not wild animals. If you let them in wild for good, they will survive a month or so highest. 

But the more important part of them surviving every day will be painful. They will have a slow and painful death. 

Leaving these aside, think about their nutrition. As their size is so small, all they will eat are parasites, from which they have zero natural resistance. 

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Where Do Hamsters Live out in the Wild?

According to the first hamster discovered in Syria, they live in warm, dry areas. Hamsters can not survive in cold areas. They will face diseases if they try to live in cold areas.

Along with dry areas, if there are steppes, sand dunes, and deserts, hamsters would love to live there.

Will my Hamster Come Back?

Some hamsters may come back by smelling the scent of their owners or the cage they live in. But most of them lose their ways and can not be found later on. 

For this sole reason, you may have to wait for a long time for them to come back.

Final Words

Hamsters are cute rodent animals whom you should not leave outside. If you ever have a question like “Can hamsters survive out in the wild?” you should remember that this is illegal. 

Animal cruelty laws protect pets from such treatment. So, take care of your pets properly rather than leaving them in the wild. They want your care too.

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