5 Reasons Why Female Guinea Pig Suddenly Aggressive | How To Prevent It

Guinea pigs are gregarious and charming pets who are generally peaceful in most situations. Regardless of species or gender, conflict is inevitable. Frustration may strike any male or female animal, whether a cat, a rat, a bird, or any combination of the above.

Sometimes female guinea pigs are suddenly aggressive. Suddenly, they will start biting you. 

 Why Female Guinea Pig Suddenly Aggressive

This occurs as a result of the behavior of dominant female guinea pigs. Female guinea pigs exhibit dominant behavior much like their male counterparts. Also, sickness, boredom, small cage, and teenage trouble could be there. 

They frequently rumble and chatter, then dance or hold their heads. Let’s know more about it and how to prevent this occurrence.

Why Female Guinea Pig Suddenly Aggressive?

Guinea Pig Establishing Dominance

You can determine who the dominating guinea pig is by how they fight. The one who is the last to hold their ground tends to be the most powerful.

female guinea pigs establishing dominance

It is usual for guinea pig herds to engage in dominance struggles, and this behavior is OK so long as one of the guinea pigs backs down and behaves submissively toward the other. The real issue arises when neither piggie yields and the situation becomes hostile.

At this point, you must step in to break up the conflict between the guinea pigs.


If the guinea pigs have already been staying together and suddenly clash, one of them may be injured or sick. Guinea pigs are irritated when sick, much as people and other animals.

Check for injuries and sickness in guinea pigs. If nothing is evident, have your vet examine your pig. 

Your guinea pigs’ health depends on a clean cage. Spot-clean every day and refresh their bedding twice a week.

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Teenage Troubles

Guinea pigs reach puberty like humans. It begins at 8-10 months.

Oh god, piggies are more inclined to fight at this stage.

Once your piggies approach maturity, cage mates will likely have more squabbles.

Teenage pigs are full of testosterone, making them aggressive. Teenage piggies typically confront the dominant pig due to raging hormones. No matter if they had been friends since the adolescent pig was a baby.

Teenage piggie will challenge limits and impose power over other guinea pigs.

The reasons female guinea pigs get aggressive

Small Cage

Multiple pigs in a short place will have problems. With limited room, no one can escape. Too long together will cause them to argue. Animals fight, so this should not be a surprise.


When bored, guinea pigs become nervous and aggressive. This implies guinea pigs will fight more.

Keep them busy to prevent this. Ensure there is enough enjoyment to go around, whether it be hay or floor time.

What Is The Best Way To Stop Female Guinea Pig Suddenly Aggressive?

You must comprehend why your guinea pigs struggle to stop them. Typically, guinea pigs fight because their cage is too small, they have been improperly matched, one of them is ill or wounded, or they are bored.

Make sure your guinea pigs’ cage is large and filled with things to do to avoid fighting. Ensure the cabinet provides tunnels, hides, and toys for each guinea pig. Give them plenty of outdoor activity and check for injuries and illness.

Guinea pigs are loving and social. They like other guinea pigs and humans, although sometimes they fight. Understanding the cause of the conflict and taking measures to resolve it is the best approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Female Guinea Pigs Show Dominance?

Dominance behavior in female guinea pigs is similar to that in male guinea pigs. 

2. Why Is My Female Guinea Pig Rumblestrutting?

Aside from the fact that it is an act of mating and dominance, rumble-strutting guinea pigs are recognized for. And it is not limited to male-female pairings; it may occur with any two pigs placed together! Pigs raise their head, front legs, and fur to communicate.

3. How Do I Stop My Female Guinea Pigs From Fighting?

A large, well-stocked cage may help keep your pet guinea pigs from fighting, as long as there are enough distractions for them to play with. Make sure the cabinet has lots of tunnels and hiding places for the guinea pigs, as well as a toy for each one.

4. Is It Normal For Female Guinea Pigs To Fight?

Occasionally, female guinea pigs engage in a battle for supremacy. The duration of these interactions should be shortly after a hierarchy is formed. Always be on the lookout for them so that things do not get out of hand.

5. Why Do My Female Guinea Pigs Chase Each Other?

Typical bonding and dominance behaviors include chasing each other, raising their heads high, and engaging in behaviors like teeth chattering, rumbling, and mounting. 


You now have all the information about why female guinea pig suddenly aggressive.  When it comes down to it, you do not have to get involved in every guinea pig quarrel.

There is a good chance that the aggressiveness will be over before you think it would since most arguments start over nothing. 

By the way, keep a close eye on the guinea pigs’ behavior to prevent them from worsening.

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